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Toddler & Baby Beach Vacation Packing List – The Ultimate Guide


Beach vacations are always fun and relaxing until babies and toddlers come into the picture. If you also dream about having those fun picnics at the beach you saw in movies, then let me tell you about reality. 

Beach with babies and toddlers is not going to be easy at all. You will have to feed them, play with them, and make sure that they enjoy their trip, and amidst all this, you forget that you were here to relax. A toddler beach vacation packing list is a must for all the right reasons. 

All problems you face at the beach with babies and toddlers are exhausting. Sometimes babies get irritated due to heat, or some are very inclined towards eating sand, or you forgot swim diapers, and now your baby’s diaper is all wet. 

On these occasions, you wish you didn’t come to the beach. But don’t worry because you can avoid these disasters if you plan. 

Planning and keeping everything for the worst possible situation can keep things under control and let you relax and have a good time at the beach.

For your conform and ease, we have combined a list of the baby beach packing list. It has everything you may need for your next beach day with a baby or toddler. It is a very inclusive and detailed list of every small and big thing. 

Just consider and check that you have everything needed so you and your baby enjoy this beautiful beach vacation and make it a memorable trip. This beach checklist for toddlers is here to stay. 

Today’s Points Of Discussion

Baby Beach Packing List

For babies, extra items must be added for the beach day. We have gathered those items below.

1. For 1 or 2 days

  • Baby Float

What’s the purpose of taking your baby to the beach if they can’t enjoy the water? So if you are also planning on taking your baby to the beach, buy and pack a baby float. Baby floats help to give your baby the first safe experience of water. Most babies are delighted in water so that they will have a great day at the beach.

  • Sand Toys

Babies get bored quickly, so you should be prepared to keep them entertained and busy at the beach. For this purpose, sand toys are great. As babies explore in their beginning years, sand toys help them learn with enjoyment. 

Sand toys help them to learn about different shapes and colors and explore and feel the sand.

  • Mini Pool

A mini pool is a must-have item for a baby beach visit. Firstly, babies under 6 to 8 months are not recommended to go to ocean water. So how can babies enjoy the water at the beach? 

The answer is a mini pool, as it lets babies enjoy the water at the beach. Secondly, it is very helpful on hot summer days, as water helps to keep babies cool. 

And lastly, they will have a great time passing the activity. So don’t forget the mini pool in your go-to-beach items.

2. For 1 Week or Longer

  • Spare Clothes

Water, sand, and babies are equal to muddy clothes. Babies don’t let go of any chance to make their clothes dirty. 

At the beach, they forget about keeping their hands off the sand. So be prepared in advance and keep extra clothes. You can change them into tidy clothes.

  • Swim Diapers

They are ultimately important for a beach baby day. Normal diapers won’t work as they will get full of water and cause baby discomfort and rashes. 

Also, Swim diapers are preferred to regular diapers because they help to avoid bacterial infection. So now you can make your baby sit in the pool and let him enjoy the water without worrying about bacteria and rashes. Also, do not forget about swim shoes for toddlers

  • Ipad and Baby Books

You must gather as many entertaining items as possible because babies get bored with one constant toy. So take your Ipad and download your baby’s favorite rhymes and cartoons. Also, take baby books as they are a great time pass. 

  • Sippy Cups

Keeping the baby hydrated is very important, especially on the beach. The hot sun causes a lot of sweat and drains water out of our bodies. Sippy cups are a great option to keep babies hydrated and have fun. 

Babies find them attractive, and you won’t have to beg them for drinking water. So take sippy cups with you and make your life easy. Make sure you have these beach necessities for the baby before stepping out. 

Beach Checklist For Toddlers

The packing list for a beach vacation with a toddler always changes. Their needs and interests change as babies grow up and learn to walk. 

The curiosity level increases, so the following items may help at the beach with your toddler.

1. For 1 or 2 Days

  • Sun Hat and Sunglasses 

Beach days are fun, and you may tolerate the sun’s blazing heat, but toddlers are sensitive and need extra protection from the sun. 

So always consider taking a hat and sunglasses. They help to protect little ones from direct sunlight and allow them to have a great day.

  • Water Shoes Or Flip Flops

Never think about taking babies to the beach in regular shoes. They will hate them. Water shoes protect your toddler’s feet from stones and other sharp objects. 

Also, they won’t slip in slippery places. So to keep the baby safe and comfortable, take water shoes with you. These are as important for babies as the best shoes sandals for ladies. 

  • Life Jackets

As babies grow and start walking, they suddenly become interested in anything harmful to them. And at the beach, nothing can stop them from going near the water. 

But parents’ worst dream is their babies getting near the water. It’s just intolerable for a parent. 

But with a life jacket, you can give them a wonderful water experience and keep them safe. So don’t forget them on your checklist. Life Jackets are of most importance. 

  • Kites

It’s natural to feel exhausted after playing and entertaining your toddler the whole day. But what if I told you that there are sports that you and your baby can enjoy together? 

Kites are one of them. It’s a great sport for you, and toddlers love anything colorful. So take kites on your next beach visit. The baby vacation packing list is incomplete without kites. 

  • Snacks and Juices

Along with the fun, you also have to arrange snacks and juices for the beach. Babies can’t resist hunger and will ask for snacks during the visit. So save yourself some money and get snacks and juices for the beach.

2. For 1 Week or Longer

  • Balls 

Balls are a perfect fit for toddlers as they are colorful,  large, and safe to play with. After giving your little one a ball, you can take a few minutes breaks and enjoy the beach day yourself.

  • A Water Cooler Or Water Bottles

It is highly recommended to take enough water with you. On hot summer days, our bodies need an extra supply of water. 

So to keep the toddler hydrated, take a small travel water cooler or large water bottles with you. You can also use water to wash the hands, feet, and faces of toddlers after they are done playing.

Beach Checklist for Infants

Packing for the beach with toddlers can be fun. Infants and newborn babies are more sensitive and require extra care, especially during outdoor trips such as the beach. 

So to provide extra care, you will have to take extra items. But don’t get anxious because we will help you with a checklist for infants.

1. For 1 or 2 Days

  • Waterproof Mat

If you are going to the beach with a newborn, don’t think about going without a beach blanket. The sand is very hot on hot summer days, and you should have something to relax and sit on. 

There are special water-resistant and sand-proof blankets available commercially for the beach. Buy one for your next beach trip. Relaxing and keeping yourself and your baby from the hot sand will be helpful. 

  • Pacifier 

If you are tired of your newborn crying as background music during outdoor visits, you need to buy a pacifier. Pacifiers keep infants and newborns busy and get something to suck on. It also helps them sleep and relax. 

So keep a pacifier ready for a beach vacation.

  • Wipes and tissues

Without wipes, you should not go out, let alone to the beach. They will be helpful during diaper changing. Moreover, you can use them to clean the spit-up milk from your clothes. 

2. For a Week or Longer

  • Regular Diapers

Always take 2 or 3 extra diapers. Beach visits take a lot of time. So keep changing diapers after 3 or 4 hours to keep the baby away from rashes and redness.

  • Anti Rash cCeam

New-borns skin is sensitive and more exposed to getting rash. So if you have anti-rash cream packed with you, you can apply it on the baby whenever changing the diaper. 

  • Stroller Fan

Babies get irritated and start crying on a hot day at the beach. You have to do everything to keep them safe from rising temperatures. 

Stroller fans are a great help in this regard. It will keep your infant safe during the heatwave.

  • Music Toys

Infants also need their dose of entertainment. Take music-playing toys with you to the beach to keep them happy and busy. In this way, your baby will also have a great beach picnic.

Baby Beach Essentials Checklist

In the below list, you will find items that are an absolute must for the beach with babies. So ‘never’ forget them before leaving for a beach day.

1. For 1 or 2 Days

  • Umbrella

Umbrella is a must-have item for the beach, especially with an infant. They can’t tolerate direct sunlight, and we must provide extra protection from the sun. So always take an umbrella with you if you plan to go to the beach with an infant. 

  • Sunscreen

Just like you apply sunscreen for sun resistance, so do babies. But wait, normal sunscreens are not safe for babies. Sunscreen contains strong chemicals that can harm a baby’s sensitive skin as adults. 

So you must buy sunscreens that are specially manufactured for babies. In this way, babies can be safe from redness and sunburn.

  • Beach Bag With Cooler

With babies, you have to carry tons of stuff. For carrying all those items, you must have a good beach bag. We don’t mean good looks but space by the good bag. So buy a bag that can fit all things your baby needs for the beach.

  • Baby Towels

You should take baby towels with you to the beach. With its help, you can dry your baby after they are done playing in the water. So keep them ready in your bag for the beach.

2. For 1 Week Or Longer

  • Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are very useful for beach visits. You can use them to carry wet clothes home. Also, you can put used diapers in before throwing them to dispose of them properly.

  •  Beach Chairs

Do you also don’t like sand sticking to your hair at the beach? Then take a beach chair with you. They let relax and enjoy the natural view with comfort. So now, while your babies play with sand, you can rest in a comfy chair.

  • Breast Milk Carrier

Babies have small stomachs and need milk every 2 or 3 hours. And if you are a breastfeeding mother, you know that feeding at a beach might not be very convenient. 

So you should take breast milk to the beach. For this purpose breast, milk carriers are a great option. 

Health and Safety Checklist for Beach

What to bring to the beach with a toddler? The following things must be in your bag for health and safety purposes.

1. For 1 or 2 days

  • Bug Repellent 

Mosquitos and other insects at the beach can ruin your perfect beach day. Especially with babies and infants, extra care is required. So take a bug repellent with you if you are going to the beach with little ones.

  • Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are a must for the beach because babies will surely get their hands dirty with sand. So before eating, cleaning their hands with sanitizer is recommended. Hence do add hand sanitizer to your beach list.

  • Anti-itch Cream

Anti-itch cream should be on your list for the beach with babies. There are a lot of bugs, insects, and mosquitos at the beach, so always carry an anti-itch cream with you. It helps relieve itching after sunburns and mosquito bites.

  • First Aid Kit

With the baby, wherever you go, take your first aid kit. Babies are in a constant struggle to get hurt. You must keep them safe and yet be prepared for the worst. So in case, they get themselves injured, somehow, you have a first aid kit.

2. For A Week Or Longer

  • Baby Powder

Baby powders are really helpful in removing the sand from the hands. Babies love to get their hands dirty with sand. So to get the sand off their hand, apply baby powder, which will come off easily.

  • SwimSuit

You should take a swimsuit for your baby with you to the beach. So if the baby gets near water at the beach, a swimsuit will keep him safe.

  • Baby Beach Tent

Keeping the baby safe from the sun is essential for the baby’s health. To do so, a baby’s beach tent is a must. You can put some toys, baby books, and snacks in the tent, and they will enjoy themselves and be safe from the sun’s heat. Also, do not forget about the best beach drinks for yourself. 

Taking a baby or toddler to the beach takes a lot of effort. There are several items to pack, transport, and keep track of.

Use the beach packing list for babies and toddlers in the section below to save time and maintain your sanity when organizing a trip to the beach with your little one. 

Baby Vacation Packing List For Meal Time

This is a hand-picked list of delicious meals and snacks for a day on the beach with a baby. 

Each recipe includes directions for making the suggested dish, which would make a beautiful beach picnic.

1. For a Day or 2

  • Tofu Strips

Tofu should only be pan-fried for one to two minutes on each side before cooling and being packaged in a travel container. We love using Soyganic smoked tofu because it is organic, non-GMO, and doesn’t require cooking. Slice it, pack it, and leave. Baby-friendly texture, no crumbly mess, and is high in calcium and protein! Baby love to eat tofu Strips on a beach vacation.

  • Toast Strips

If you want to travel without making a mess, avoid items like nut butter, etc. unless you can wash your dishes someplace! Sliced bread that has been toasted. Apply a little layer of butter to soften them. Make toast strips for your baby when you go on a beach vacation.

  • Thawed Peas

Don’t worry about cooking these! place some frozen peas in a jar and let them defrost for a few hours before eating! Additionally, the cold peas keep the rest of your luggage cold! It’s fast food at its best. Thawed Peas are the best meal for the baby on beach vacations.

  • Roasted Veggies

Prepare these in advance. Moms usually have these in a fridge. Also, you can prepare a large batch a few times weekly and use it as needed. Nothing is more straightforward than just placing these in a container and giving them to the infant at any time of the day.

2. For a Week or Longer

  • Baby (3 ingredients) pancakes

Two eggs, 1 1/2 tablespoons of coconut oil, and one ripe Banana were fried in a skillet over low to medium heat. Feed baby wherever while keeping in a container! a fantastic source of fat and protein. Cool, place in a jar, and provide strips to the infant! The baby will eat it wholeheartedly.

  • Homemade Muffin

Select a recipe that only uses fruit as the source of sugar and excludes honey. Even muffins are freezer-safe, so you can quickly freeze them whenever you need them. 

Adds a quality protein and fat supply. Most babies’ favorites, generally. This homemade muffin is best for babies.

  • Pasta Salad

Diced tomato, bell peppers, zucchini, shredded carrots, and whole wheat pasta should all be combined. You should include vinegar and peanut oil. You should season with salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese. This recipe will taste better if you make it the night before.

Toys list for toddlers on the beach

Toys are a must among things to take to the beach with a baby

1. For a Day or Longer

  • Shovel

One of the essential beach toys is a shovel. A toddler will enjoy digging in the sand with it. Therefore, it’s fantastic. 

A young child can scoop sand for a sandcastle with a shovel. The perfect toy for a toddler who likes to play in the sand and water at the beach, garden, or playground.

  • Sand Sifter

For sensory play, a sand sifter works well. Sand can be added to the sifter by children, who can then watch it fall through the holes. 

A sifter will exclude rocks and branches from your sandcastle-building material— resulting in a solid, smooth sandcastle. Sand sifter is the perfect toy for a toddler who likes to play on a beach vacation.

  • Foldable Buckets

Beach buckets are necessary for every enjoyable beach day, but they are cumbersome to carry and store. 

Fortunately, with their foldable construction, the Top Race Foldable Pail Buckets address this issue. Because of their inflexible nature, these toys are fantastic for playing at the beach and making sand castles.

  • Water Gun

A list of water toys would be lacking if water cannons weren’t included. Water guns come in a variety of designs, from very basic plastic models with a trigger and a plug to complicated ones that need to be pumped. It’s a terrific method to cool off if you become warm out on the sand. 

Water Gun is the perfect toy for a toddler who likes to play on a beach vacation. 

2. For a Week or Longer

  • Wavy Wagon Beach Play Set

This wagon set can effortlessly transport your child’s favorite beach toys. The wagon can easily be transported from the automobile to the shore while accommodating all 11 molds and accessories supplied. 

Kids will adore it because it gives them a sense of independence to carry their toys. Also, do not forget about the best rash guards

  • Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Sand Baking Set

The Melissa & Doug Sunny Sand Baking Set could encourage your kids to use their imaginations. Toys made of sand-like baking utensils allow kids to create hilarious fake meals as they relax on the beach vacation. 

Your little ones will love the glass jars in the shape of shells, the crab whisk, the turtles sift, the crab mixing spoon, and the mixing bowl. The baby packing list for a beach vacation is incomplete without it. 

  • Click N’ Play 18 Piece Beach Toy Set

This choice from Click N’ Play includes 18 things that are ideal for the beach vacation and will keep kids of all ages occupied for hours if you’re looking for an inexpensive, varied assortment of sand toys for your children.

Baby Beach Checklist for Clothes

1. For 1 or 2 Days

  • Beach Towel

In essence, a baby hooded towel is a little beach towel with a hood attached. The idea is to keep a baby’s head warm and dry in the moments following a beach dip and before dressing them.

  • Swim Suits

We recommend bringing at least two swimsuits per person if you want to spend a week at the beach. 

If you do this, you will always have a dry one to change into. For myself, I adore adorable coverups, and my infant and toddler adore rash guards. (In essence, these are short- or long-sleeved swimsuits.) Also, don’t forget about the best swim shorts

  • Sun Hat

Sun hats are excellent for providing shade for small faces and ears. Look for a hat and an under strap if your children are anything like mine; they will constantly try to take off their hats and hurl them into the beach.

2. For a Week or Longer

  • Floaties

We enjoy using these in one of three different ways on the beach vacation. You must still supervise or hold your children while they are in the water with any of these three options. 

However, they give our daughters a little more self-assurance and independence, which is why we appreciate them. And floating is kind of entertaining. Having insulated beach cups for yourself can make it all a Lil more fun. 

  • Buoyancy Jacket

To assist them in keeping the proper position in the water as they learn to swim, babies can wear a swim vest or float jacket over their regular swimwear on the beach. Also, do not forget about life jackets

  • A Change Of Clothes For The Baby

Babies can develop rashes if their damp bathing suits are left on for too long. Changing your baby into dry clothes before allowing them to nap in a shaded area on the beach is a good idea. Take along beach blankets as well. 

  • Beach Shoes

Every year, we forget how painful it is to walk barefoot on the scorching sand. Therefore, if you anticipate that your toddler will be doing any walking, be sure to have some shoes on hand for both of them. Water shoes are helpful since they can be worn continuously.

Baby Toiletries for Beach

1. For a Day or 2

  • Diapers

Swim diapers are one of the items you need to bring with you. These swim diapers are designed to be used at the beach or in the water to stop excrement from floating. 

Swim diapers are handy on a beach vacation for toddlers.

  • Baby Bath Tub

Get a Baby Bath Tub if you don’t already have one so you can bathe the baby on the beach. The baby bathtub is very useful on beach vacations. So, you can keep diaper rash cream on beach vacations.

  • Towel

In essence, a baby hooded towel is a little beach towel with a hood attached. The idea is to keep a baby’s head warm and dry in the moments following a beach dip and before dressing them. Also, don’t forget about baby beach strollers. 

  • Diaper Rash Cream

Also, remember to use diaper rash cream. Rashes can appear in babies relatively fast, especially when teething begins. So, you can keep diaper rash cream on beach vacations. Diaper Rash Cream is necessary when you go on a beach vacation.

2. For a Week or Longer

  • Baby Wipes

These should also be included in your checklist, regardless of whether you use disposable or cloth wipes. You’ll also require a lot of baby wipes! I usually use disposable wipes and cloth wipes at home when I’m away on a beach vacation. I soak the washcloths and put them in a Tupperware jar using cloth wipes.

  • Baby Body Wash

Without a doubt, body wash belongs on the list of necessary baby infant toiletries. However, much like with baby wipes, you should exercise caution when using other perfumes because they can make sensitive skin excessively dry and irritated.

  • Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoo has been added to the list of first-time baby toiletries However, you might not require this until much later based on how much hair your kid has at birth and whether you purchase a 2-in-1 body wash and conditioner like the one indicated above. So Don’t Forget to bring baby shampoo with other toiletries on summer vacations.

Other Toddler Packing List Items

1. For a Day or 2

  • Sunscreen

Apply the cream on your baby before you leave for the beach vacation, leaving one bottle in your room. Bring a second one with you to the beach and reapply as necessary. Sunscreen is beneficial for your baby on the beach.

  • Insect Repellant

Depending on where you enjoy taking vacations, this. Although I’ve never needed it, I am aware that some beaches have mosquitoes or biting flies; so, if you are going somewhere where you will need it, pack this. So please bring it with you when you go on a beach vacation.

  • Share

You should carry something that will provide shade so your children can take a break from the intense sunlight. The details of our top choices are as follows:

Beach umbrellas are lightweight and straightforward to erect. They produce only a modest amount of shade. (Except if you purchase a vast umbrella. You can do that.) Do not forget about the best beach wagons as well. 

Beach tents typically provide a wider shade area, but they take up about the same space as an umbrella when folded up.

2. For a Week Or Longer

  • Something To Sit On

Just in case your baby or toddler provides you with a brief respite, and you have a chance to relax. Here are the top choices for beach sitting:

A large blanket can fit your entire family and is simple to transport.

Beach chairs are useful if you wish to sit with your kid on your lap, partially submerged in the ocean. (My preferred method of enjoying the ocean!)

They also produce lovely beach chairs for toddlers. They are perhaps a little unnecessary. But so adorable! Also, do not forget about pool toys

  • Pacifier

Make sure to carry your baby’s pacifier to the beach if they use one. Pacifier saved our lives when Kate started trying to eat the sand, rocks, bugs, and dead crabs.

  • A Way To Carry All Your Stuff

A beach bag is a wise choice. An excellent idea is a beach wagon. All of the stuff simply won’t fit in one beach bag. I have tried. The beach wagon changes the game. Beach carts are another option; although I’ve never used one, they seem to accomplish the same task of allowing you to move all your equipment across the sand without killing yourself.

  • Drinks

On a beach vacation, I always remember to pack a cup or water bottle for each individual. The Miracle 360 sippy cups have a lot of appeal to me. Drinks are the ones that both my baby and toddler utilize.

Juice pouches are also a good idea. Keeping your kids refreshed on a hot, sunny day and some tasty juice (especially if your kids don’t typically get juice!) will help you achieve that objective.

Things You Cannot Take To A Beach For Your Toddler Or A Baby

It might be enjoyable and give you a well-earned respite to take a baby to the beach. Additionally, these outings can assist the infant in learning about and exploring the world outside of their house. 

To ensure that your beach trip is fun and memorable, it is crucial to take all necessary safety precautions. Meanwhile, there are several things that you cannot take to a beach for your toddler or baby. So, here we go:

Noisy Toys Or Inflatable

Toys that make noise are not needed. Some toys are intended to be fun and interactive, but they often become annoying when played with by small children. 

Don’t bother lugging all the inflatable or a gazillion sand toys, i.e., the water wheel, the dump truck, and the sand toys that make shapes should not be included. 

Since sand toys are not only dangerous for your kid’s feet. They can be hard to clean up and put away when they’re done! You don’t need to take them along. 

Also, avoid toys that are too loud for their age group (unless you have an older sibling who will help them). 

Bring some buckets and sturdy shovels instead of wasting your time. Remain with what remains. Inflatable blow away and many are even prohibited at open-air beaches. 

Flashing Lights

Remembering that your child has a short attention span, it’s best to avoid anything with flashing lights or sounds that will keep them from focusing on other activities. 

Also, they can be dangerous for your child and cause a lot of damage to their eyes. The best thing you can do is ensure that your child wears sunglasses whenever they are outside.


A beach is not a place to play tackle football, and that’s not what everyone wants to do at the beach. You can take a frisbee along, but it’s also great for kids to throw in the water and watch it float away without worrying about it being smashed by other people playing catch. 

A football could be dangerous if it gets kicked into the ocean and someone gets hurt.

Sandcastle Building Kits

Sandcastle building kits are not necessary for toddlers or babies to enjoy a beach trip. They do not need to be taught how to make sandcastles because they can be played alone. A sandcastle kit can also be too big and heavy for a baby or toddler to carry around, especially if they are still learning to walk.

Many toddlers may have trouble standing up for long periods, but this does not mean their parents should stop letting them play at the beach. Parents can help their children stay physically active by playing games and walking around on the beach with them.

A Spade

Beaches are great for all ages, and a playground is a must-have for little ones. But if you’re bringing along a toddler or baby, you should keep a spade off the list as they may look cute, but they’re not going to help clean up after your toddler has destroyed their sandcastle.

Baby Powder

Baby powder is unnecessary if you want to take your baby to the beach. It will only add to their unnecessary amount of sweat, which can be uncomfortable for them. 

If their body sweats because it is hot and humid, adding more baby powder will only worsen things. 

Baby powder is generally composed of talc, cornstarch, and magnesium stearate, which can harm babies in large amounts. 

Babies have thin skin and quickly absorb the particles that makeup baby powder into their bloodstreams. This can lead to several problems, including an allergic reaction to the talc and cornstarch, constipation, and an increased risk of developing asthma in later life.

Instead, you should let your baby’s skin breathe by letting them cool off in a shady spot where there is little breeze.


So there you have it; we hope this little guide has helped you understand what you shouldn’t take to the beach for your toddler or a baby.

We know that every parent will have their preferences, and listening to your parenting instincts is essential. 

But if you’re still unsure what to pack or want some general advice on what’s safe and what isn’t, this little piece of information has helped you make informed choices.

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