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14 Best Kids Beach Towels – From Cheap to Expensive


When going to the beach with your kids, make sure your beach bag is prepared and contains everything they will require for fun in the sun. A beautiful swimsuit, sunscreen, beach toys, flip-flops, munchies, your sunglass case, and of course, the ideal beach towel are at the top of the list. 

A good beach towel is a must-have for a relaxing day at the beach with your family to dry off after a swim. A good beach towel is an absolute necessity especially when you have kids with you. The cuter the towel, of course, the better. 

You want something that will be gentle on your baby’s skin as well as your own while still possessing all of the greatest kids’ towels’ properties to absorb moisture. And let’s face it, kids’ beach towels must be sufficiently large to serve as a blanket for the beach or pool if you haven’t packed one. 

Hence, we’ve chosen the 14 Best kids’ beach towels for you. Let’s check them out.

Best Beach Towel for Toddlers

1. Land Of The Wee - Kid Towels With Hood Toddlers To Little Girls

Land Of The Wee - Kid Towels With Hood Toddlers To Little GirlsPros

  • This exquisite, incredibly soft towel is made from bamboo that has been farmed organically.
  • It is non-irritating and hypoallergenic for children with sensitive skin conditions like eczema or dry skin.
  • It is white with a contrasting hemline and a hood with two color/pattern options. Your child will feel warm and safe inside the roomy, plush hood.
  • It is the ideal size for children between the ages of 3 and 7, and potentially older depending on their size and height. 
  • A wet/dry bag is also included with your order.


  • This beach towel is smaller in size so it won’t be a good option for older kids. 

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2. Bavik Kids Hooded Bath Beach Towel

Bavik Kids Hooded Bath Beach TowelPros

  • There are several cute prints available for this towel, leaving it for the kid to select the one he adores.  
  • It has a hood, which keeps your youngster warm and covered when they exit the water. Even the top corners have snaps to keep them closed. 
  • It is made up of 100% cotton, which is incredibly soft and absorbent. It has a UPF rating of 50+ and employs eco-friendly dyes. 
  • It is the ideal size for younger children, ages 3 to 10.


  • A little long for shorter toddlers. 

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Best Beach Towel for kids

1. Franco Kids Bath and Beach Soft Cotton Terry Hooded Towel Wrap

Franco Kids Bath and Beach Soft Cotton Terry Hooded Towel WrapPros

  • Best for younger kids who love Baby shark and hooded towels.
  • Can be easily used for kids up to 7 years.
  • It features a hood, which keeps your child’s head warm and makes it simpler for them to keep it on. 
  • Your children can put their hands in the corner pockets to keep warm, and they also make it easier for them to hold the towel that is being wrapped around them. 
  • It is constructed of silky, absorbent 100 percent cotton terry. You can even splurge and buy two of these towels as they are the least expensive on the list.


  • Not suitable for younger kids. 

2. Artsadd Personalized Beach Towels for Kids Toddlers

  • This 56″ x 30″ bath towel might even be used as a blanket for your kids while they take naps.
  • This beach towel is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The microfiber material is soft, cozy, and skin-friendly, protecting the soft skin of your baby. The bath towel also provides the convenience of quick drying. Sand is kept away from the beach towel due to its sturdy fabric.Artsadd Personalized Beach Towels for Kids ToddlersJust throw a beach towel into a cold, gentle cycle of the washing machine and it will be well cleansed. 
  • The fabric and craftsmanship have been improved. The bottom of the towel has double stitching, ensuring multiple uses without stitching.

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Best Beach Towel for Baby Girls

1. Touchat Beach Towel Oversized, Thick Microfiber Beach Towel

Touchat Beach Towel Oversized, Thick Microfiber Beach TowelPros

  • Best for teenage girls who want a fun beach experience.
  • This beach towel is made of warm, silky microfibre. Because it is thick and incredibly absorbent. 
  • it is a great option for girls and teens who need a bigger space to dry off. Additionally, for added convenience, it dries quickly. 
  • For easy portability, it comes with a small matching carry bag and is a generous size for kids of all ages. 
  • There are several patterns available, all of which are vivid and won’t fade when cleaned.


  • Not suitable for toddlers or young kids, as it is big in size. 

Best Beach Towel for Baby Boys

1. Turkish Cabana Thick Stripe Pool Beach Towels 4-Pack

Turkish Cabana Thick Stripe Pool Beach Towels 4-PackFeatures

  • Extremely gentle, smooth, and COMFORTABLE for Your Skin.
  • Turkish cotton, which is 100 percent genuine and exceptionally soft, absorbent, and warm, is used to make this fantastic pool and beach towels. Professional double stitching is used on the hems to increase durability and provide long-lasting user satisfaction.
  • Turkish Cotton used to make this pool beach towel Set Is 100% Natural and eco-friendly.
  • It does not include any harmful chemicals, harmful dyes, and synthetics, which makes it extremely safe for use. 
  • The towels can be washed in a machine. It is advised to wash before using. Please wash your clothes on cold, tumble dry on low, and avoid using fabric softener because the chemicals will only make the material less supple. With each wash, the towels should inevitably become softer and fluffier.

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Best Beach Towel Under $20

1. Round Microfibre Beach Towel by Bee Magnificient

Suitable for: Kids above 4 years


  • It has bright and colorful designs.
  • Most importantly it dries out quickly.
  • It is lightweight, compact, and absorbent.
  • Lastly, it is durable which is very important to look for while buying a beach towel.


  • Cannot be used for small kids.

Best Beach Towel under $30

1. Franco kids Baby Shark Beach Towel

What better place to sing along to the upbeat tune than on the beach? Baby Shark is still popular among young children. The warm terrycloth fabric used to make this hooded beach towel makes it exceptionally comfy and silky.

Franco kids Baby Shark Beach Towel

2. Jeramie Scuba Diver 100% Cotton Beach Towel

This cotton beach towel is incredibly soft and has a fun scuba design on it. Ideal for igniting young minds at the beach.

Jeramie Scuba Diver 100% Cotton Beach Towel

Best Beach Towel under $40

1. Disney Princess Ariel Kid Beach Towel

Kids will enjoy relaxing on the sand with Ariel and Flounder. The towel offers UPF 50+ protection in addition to its lovely design.

Disney Princess Ariel Kid Beach Towel

2. Classic Stripe Personalized Beach Towel

There is no one who doesn’t like customized stuff. Having a beach towel with your name is an amazing idea. Your child’s name is boldly printed on this towel across the front of this towel, making it clear who it belongs to.

Classic Stripe Personalized Beach Towel

Best Beach Towel Under $50

1. Cornelia 100% Cotton Beach Towel Set

Other Specs 4 towels (62 x 31inches)

Beach towels for children don’t have to feature large color blocks or striking prints. They can be understated, even fashionable. These are exactly those towels. White terry’s delicate stripe screams for your pool deck. It is made all the more enticing by the cotton, which is soft, absorbent, and simple to clean.

Cornelia 100% Cotton Beach Towel Set 

2. Turkish Bath and Beach Towels

Other Specs 6 towels ( 39x 70 inches)

You need a good amount of beach towels if you’re anything like us. One for each member of the family, or just a few extras in case some get snagged in the enormous pile of laundry and aren’t recovered in time. With room to spare, you can wrap your infant like a burrito in these towels because they are nearly 6 feet long and over 3 feet wide.

Turkish Bath and Beach Towels

How To Take Care of Your Kid's Beach Towel?

Every third or fourth day after using it, it is very important that you clean your bath towels properly following the right steps. 

1. Don’t Share It With Anyone

All the bacteria on our bodies are transmitted to the towels from our bodies when we lie on them or use them to clean our hands. They are a breeding habitat for microorganisms due to their dampness and water absorption, which makes them a source of bacteria. It is advised against sharing towels in order to prevent various infections and disorders. 

2. Dry & Bleach the Towel

It has been suggested that you fully dry the towel before reusing it. The easiest approach to clean beach towels is to first bleach them, followed by a hot water soak. If you clean the beach towel properly it will always give you a refreshing vibe, every time you will use it.

3. Use Conditioners and Fabric Softeners

To keep the colors of the towels true and brilliant, conditioners and fabric softeners can occasionally be used. Softeners make the wholesale beach towels incredibly soft, and the towel’s texture lasts a long time. You can select the scent you want in your favorite towel because conditioners leave a pleasant scent on the towels.

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Mostly Asked Questions

1. Is There Any Difference Between A Beach Towel And A Bath Towel?

A beach towel is often larger and more absorbent than a bath towel. Additionally, they frequently have colorful designs and prints and are softer. Children’s beach towels frequently include hoods to keep them particularly warm. At the beach, beach towels are frequently used as a blanket to create a barrier against the sand. A typical bath towel, on the other hand, would gather sand.

2. What’s The Appropriate Size Of Beach Towel For Kids?

There are several sizes available for children’s beach towels, and typically an age or height suggestion is included. However, it’s entirely acceptable to use an oversized towel if you’re using a conventional beach towel (one without a hood). 

You might prefer to use a larger towel, provided it doesn’t drag on the floor when it’s wrapped around your youngster. When your child is all wrapped up, this will not only keep them extra toasty, but it will also provide you more space to sit when you’re on the beach.

3. What Material Of Beach Towel Should I Choose For My Kids?

When it comes to selecting the best material for towels, there are some technical considerations. Each one of them has unique materials chosen for particular uses. Different fabrics are used for bath towels, gym towels, and yoga towels.

Beach towels shouldn’t be very thick and fluffy because doing so makes drying them rapidly much more difficult. Kids are frequently in and out of the water at the beach, thus the towel needs to be very absorbent while also having a quick drying ability. For this reason, they ought to be composed of cotton, microfiber, or other incredibly absorbent fabrics, and should be soft and on the thinner side.

4. How Often Can We Wash A Beach Towel?

You can wash your beach towel after every third use, this is the best way of keeping it clean and sustainable. There is no need to wash your beach towel after every use. To help kill any bacteria it may have picked up, wash your beach towel in a hot wash (between 40 and 60 degrees) followed by a cold rinse unless otherwise instructed. Make use of high-quality detergents, such as Persil.

5. Can You Wash Beach Towels With Clothes?

We can always wash our beach towels with other clothing items but there are certain things that we should keep in mind. First of all, it is advised to remove as much san as possible, from your beach towel to make the process more convenient. 

Secondly, always shake your towel well before leaving the beach, and lastly hang them up before washing. This will also help in removing excessive sand and it will be properly clean after washing. 


You are going to the beach to have fun, therefore it’s important to take all the important things with you for yourself and your kid to make the beach experience fun, comfortable and amazing. A Beach towel is different from a regular towel, hence you cannot replace them. 

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