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Silversea Cruise Reviews of Top 10 Cruises


Silversea cruise is considered one of the best cruise companies in the entire world. But today, I am going to review Silversea cruises to find out what the truth is. If you are looking for the silversea cruise reviews, you are in the right place.

From Silversea Galapagos reviews to Silversea Alaska cruise reviews, we are going to review each cruise separately. But before that, let’s know a little:

About Silversea Cruises

Silversea Cruises is a luxury cruise line that is owned by Royal Caribbean Group and it is headquartered in Monaco. It is a family-owned business which has long been realizing the travel dreams of its customers.

9 ship strong fleet visits 7 continents over 900 destinations making Silversea the most travel cruise line in the world. Typically, the ships are small, yet intimate, holding somewhere between a hundred to 600 passengers Silversea’s classic range of ships offer outstanding luxury and visits some of the most popular destinations where larger ships would struggle to dock.

They were the first cruise company to introduce all-inclusive cruising at sea. They are currently the only cruise company that’s allowed to cruise out of tower bridge in temps, in the heart of London.

They have also introduced the first ever true world cruise that touches on all seven continents. When doing the Silversea Cruises reviews, we will talk about that.

In post, you are going to learn:

Are Silversea Cruises All Inclusive?

One of the things I came to know when doing Silversea cruise reviews is that they are all-inclusive. I love the fact that you can just keep a bag and relax onboard and you don’t have to worry about the bill at the end of the cruise.

You get everything on board when on a Silversea cruise ship. The company operates a classless society so it’s a 24-hour butler service to every guest. They are all-suite products so it’s a hundred percent ocean view. Over 85% of the suites have outside space in the form of a veranda.

You get your oversized bathroom with a separate bathtub. The price you pay includes all your tips and gratuities all over your accommodation. It also includes food and beverages.

Silversea Cruises Review - How The Ship Welcomes You?

Talking about getting on board the ship, what is it like embarking on a Silversea cruise. You embark on the ship and you are met by your butler. He or she hands you a glass of champagne or prosecco and then you get straight to your suite.

When in a suite, they show you how everything works. You will be offered a choice of different toiletries to choose from. You will get a choice of choosing your pillow from over 9 different types of pillows. So it’s all about that personalization but also making every person, who boards the ship, to make them feel special.

Types of Cruises in Silversea Cruises Fleet

Another big bonus of Silversea is its fleet itself. It’s been very well designed to give you small intimate ships. The reviews of Silversea cruises show how much people love these small ships.

As we have mentioned before about the places where other ships can’t sail because of their sheer size. Here are some of the most prominent ships of the company as per the Silversea Cruise reviews:

  • Silver Muse
  • Silver Shadow
  • Silver Whisper
  • Silver Spirit
  • Silver Moon
  • Silver Cloud
  • Silver Wind
  • Silver Explorer
  • Silver Origin

What To Do When You Are On-Board?

When cruising with Silverseas, never miss out on some of the most exuberant activities that are held throughout the journey. Some of these activities are more full of energy while others are just relaxing and rejuvenating.

If you are lucky to get nice weather, make sure to spend some relaxing time on the pool deck and freshen up yourself with the refreshing sea breezes. Let’s learn more about the Silversea cruise review for its activities.

  • Enrichment

When sailing, there are several enrichment classes available for you on a Silversea cruise. So you can polish your dance skills while cruising. As per the Silversea reviews, the ships sometimes also feature an experienced guest speaker or two to have a seminar while cruising.

  • Sports and Games

Besides cooking, there are a lot of sports options as well. When going through the reviews of Silversea Cruises, we found more customers talking about playing a round of bingo and participating in exercise classes in the fitness center. Some luxury cruise ships even have a shuffleboard area, golf putting, and table tennis. You can also play a game of water volleyball in the pool.

  • Afternoon Tea

There is nothing better than having a cup of tea in your hand and sitting on a cruise in the middle of the sea. The feeling is inexplicable. That’s exactly what you can experience on a Silversea cruise ship. Enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon while enjoying the ocean breeze.

  • Internet Café

Whether on vacations or what, we can never imagine living without the internet. Silverseas knows this fact. That’s why there is an internet Café on the cruise for you to stay connected to everyone. The cruise has a lot of state-of-the-art cameras in its Café. You can also log in to your account, check your email, post a message to your family and friends.

  • Culinary Pursuits

One of the most favorite activities of people on board are cooking demonstrations and wine tastings. If you also want to munch on some scrumptious cuisines, then get some cooking classes as well. This unique activity is what separates this cruise from others.

  • Books and Movies

If you’re a book lover, you will surely love the ship. It’s because we also have found a lot of book readers when going through the Silversea cruise reviews. Every cruise ship of the company has a very well-stocked library with books of different genres where you can leaf pages of any great novel you want.

  • Shopping

In some Silversea cruise line reviews, we have seen people calling the cruise a minicity. It’s because of the variety of things it contains. You can also go shopping where you can find beautiful jewelry and clothes. Not only this but you can also get travel essentials from here.

Let us now have a look at the Silversea Cruise Reviews of some of the 10 best cruise ships of Silversea.

1) Silversea Galapagos Reviews

Galapagos is one of the most popular cruises of the Silversea. The Silversea Galapagos cruise reviews show a blend of positive and negative reviews. Mostly, there are positive reviews. The average rating is 4.3/5 which is very good. Let’s have a look at this Silversea review.

Silversea Galapagos Reviews

Review 1

“My husband and I have just returned from our March 7 – 15th Galapagos Islands Cruise and we cannot wipe the smile off our faces. Our hundreds of photos are a beautiful reminder of what we experienced and learned. Silver Seas has mastered the Art of cruising, in making their guests feel like no one is more important than them. The staff is not only helpful but always pleasant and most resourceful! The naturalists are phenomenal…always taking good care in all circumstances..including getting on and off and “up and Down” the Zodiacs..:) and providing the best information to us.

Our cabin person Leo could not have been more available to our needs and the dining room staff…headed by Christian, made every meal a dining experience…….

……Thanks to the Silver Seas staff and organization for an unforgettable week with you.”

Rating By Category

Not all customers were happy with the cruise experience (like the one below). Let’s have a look at the Silversea Galapagos review to know why the customer was not happy with the review.

Misadvertising, Fraud, and not 6 Star cruise. The worst of the Worst

“I wish I had read the Cruise Citic Reviews for this ship before I booked. I would not have gone ahead. Many of the reviews do not have nice things to say about this ship and they are accurate. Silversea claim that this is a 6 star ship. I have done several Cruises and it is1 -1.5 stars at best. So in summary I paid a six star price for a 1 star ship. Everything on board is the cheapest of the Cheap. Even the bottled water in the cheapest they could buy. No Evian here – cheap water from somewhere in China. Cabins are rusted, no AC working, crew is not allowed to speak any other language then English and they are Latin Americans.

The quality of the meals is the worst ever I have, the lowest quality and charged as a 6 Stars…..”

Silversea Galapagos Reviews

2) Silver Muse Reviews

This one is the largest ship in the Silver Sea to date, the Silver Muse is the newest ship in the series (launched in April 2017). Muse has a crew-to-guest ratio of almost 1: 1 and can accommodate 411 crew and 596 passengers.

All cabins offer butler service, flatbeds, marble bathrooms with Bulgari toiletries, windows, or balconies. All passengers receive free internet access for one hour a day, but passengers staying in the Upgrade Suite gain access to a balcony, multiple flat-screen TVs, and an interactive media library. The average rating in Silversea Muse reviews is 4.6 out of 5.

Let’s have a look at some of the Silversea Silver Muse reviews.

Silver Muse Reviews

Fabulous Anniversary Cruise

“We enjoyed our cruise. Silversea is a luxury line & it shows, they are a little too luxury for our taste. There were 3 formal nights, about 8 informal nights & the rest casual. My husband didn’t like the fact this meant he was wearing a jacket to dinner almost every night. We prefer cruising a little more casual. There is not much to do on the ship other than the casino & evening shows, but we got off in every port so it wasn’t a big issue. The land tour across the south island was our favorite part of the trip. All of the staff were top notch and service was great. We truly celebrated our 40th anniversary in style.”

Mostly, the Silversea Muse Alaska reviews are positive and people are happy with its performance (as can be seen in the review above).

3) Silversea Silver Spirit Reviews

With one of the highest cabin and guest rates in the industry and 8 superb restaurants. Silver Spirit offers one of the most varied cruising opportunities. The spacious terrace has plenty of room to relax, but in the cozy niches, everyone will find something to their liking. Meet like-minded friends. Enjoy first-class food and relax in the best location between sea and sky. You should also check the Silversea Spirit Cruise reviews.

As per the Silversea Spirit reviews, it has a rating of around 4.5 out of 5 which is very good especially when compared with the other cruises like the American cruise lines reviews.

Let’s have a look at some of the Silversea Silver Spirit cruise reviews to know how happy or unsatisfied the customers are with its performance.

Silversea Silver Spirit Reviews

Almost A Private Cruise Ship!

“Booked on the Spirit flying out to Manila and cruising Vietnam, Bangkok, etc. This was just at the start of the Corona Virus!!!. The ship was only a third full meaning there was 200 passengers. Fantastic we were looked after amazing the attention was as always on Silver Seas outstanding. But for this cruise it was amazing, I think it would be impossible to replicate this it was amazing. As always food top marks, staff up beat and doing there best to keep up a pro service. Full 5 stars for the effort and the quality.”

Review By Category
Silversea Silver Spirit Reviews

However, not everyone was happy with the cruising experience like this Silversea Spirit review calls it the:

Worst Trip Ever!

“I usually spend my vacations in Mexico (Excellence Playa Mujeres) but I had a cruise consultant tell me this would be the ultimate experience, NOT! The ship was not at the port and the schedule was changed, Waited in a hospitality suite for hours, Took another hour to board waiting in line.

The cabin was not a five star at all! Most tours were booked and I was stuck on the ship with little to do. Very limited entertainment and activities. Two days in my room due to all speed ahead into the waves that were thrashing up to my balcony.……..

…………If someone by the name of jorge tells you it’s the ultimate trip of a lifetime…Go South and not on the Silverwind!”

4) Silversea Alaska Cruise Reviews

It’s no exaggeration to say that Alaska is amazing. The journey allows you to cross borders. Whether you are taking an expedition cruise or visiting explorers on a classic route, Silversea Alaska reviews always call it a great journey.

The Silversea fleet of small cruises is very convenient for the adventurous traveler. With one of the highest crew-to-guest ratios in the industry, a plethora of dining options, expert guides, and a guaranteed authentic getaway, nothing is more rewarding than an Alberta, Alaska cruise.

Also, read about Disney Alaska Cruise Reviews

Let’s now talk about the Silversea Alaska cruise review.

Overall, it has a rating of around 4/5.


“Our cabin was spacious and very comfortable. The maid managed to put all to rights whilst we had breakfast every day, and Putu, our very own butler was a complete star ⭐️. We were lucky with beautiful weather, and were amongst the few who got in really close to the Hubbard glacier. Every day was an adventure. No queues for shore trips as we parked up within walking distance of sites. A faultless holiday.“

Review By Category
Breath Taking

Excursions A Rip-Off

“Whilst the ship, cabin service etc were first class, it was not followed through with the onshore excursions. We went on four 2 were really good but the other two were dreadful at a total coat of £516 for the two they were what can only be described as a rip-off. Silversea would not refund me any of the cost but offered me credit on future sailings, great if you were going to use them again. Poor response from a brand of this calibre”.

Silversea Alaska Cruise Reviews

5) Silversea Silver Shadow Reviews

Silversea Silver Shadow gives you the freedom and space to plan your day. Slightly larger than the ships of the Silver Cloud and Silver Wind, the Silver Shadow retains the essence of the Silver Sea. It has spacious suites, with a capacity of only 388 people, combining a lively cosmopolitan atmosphere with first-class amenities and excellent service.

Ride the Silver Shadow and refresh your body and mind with free Pilates and yoga in the large gym. Fine wines and French cuisine can be enjoyed at La Dame, authentic Italian cuisine at La Terrazza, and the Grill with endless ocean views. Seafood has never been better, let alone locally inspired restaurants.

Now, it’s time to delve into the Silversea Shadow reviews to know what the customers are talking about their experience on the cruise.

Silver Shadow cruise ship reviews show an average rating of 3.7 out of 5.

Reviews by Traveler Type

  • Couples (71.4%)
  • Singles/Friends (10.7%)
  • Families with older children (7.1%)
  • Families with young children (0%)

Silversea Silver Shadow Reviews

The Best Of The Best

“Having visited New Zealand upteen times , this was a little different because the ship is so much smaller , especially compared to Majestic Princess , with the ability of venturing that much further into Milford Sound also visiting Stewart Is. . Much prefer this size of ship with only 386 passengers & nearly the same number of crew & surprisingly quite stable for such a small ship at 28,000 tonne displacement , however affordability will for now be a consideration. We do have another cruise in March 2020 on the Silver Muse .”

This Silver Shadow Silversea review shows how happy the customers are. There is hardly any silversea shadow review that was showing a negative experience so we skipped it.

6) Silversea Antarctica Reviews

Why not take the beautiful Antarctic journey across the Silver Sea? It’s an adventure of a lifetime in the least visited places. With more than 240 guests on the cruise, this small cruise ship experience lets you enjoy small group adventures by day while sharing experiences with friends by night.

Silversea Antarctica Reviews

Now, it’s time to delve into Silversea Antarctica Cruise reviews. The average rating for the Silversea Antarctica cruise is 3.9 out of 5.

Rating By Category

Silversea Antarctica Reviews Rating By Category

Amazing cruise to AntarcticSilversea!

“Our cruise onboard the SilverSeas Explorer was spectacular from start to finish. The ship, crew, food, Captain and Expedition staff were all first rate. It is very hard to describe the feeling you get when visiting Antarctica. I was just in awe of the beauty and power of nature.

We arrived independently so I can not speak to the travel arrangements made by SilverSeas. The port of Ushuaia is a working port and does not allow taxis, which we were unaware of but we did make it to the ship!

The ship was beautifully maintained……..”

But some were calling their itinerary the worst experience of their lives. Like the Silversea Antarctica review.

Worst experience of our lives

“This was to be a “cruise of a lifetime.” I hope it is because I never want to experience something so bad again, ever.

The cruise was to be Nome to Nome, up to Wrangell Island, and along the Russian Arctic coast. 19 days of “nobody else gets here” cruising. The itinerary was changed a few days before we …..”

7) Silversea Silver Cloud Reviews

Silver Cloud is the largest and most comfortable ice-class container at the intersection along with exploration. The size suite, the aim, and the service are very special. Four guest options can include taste buds and can contain 80% suite.

Polar waters, the number of limited guests is one of the rooms for guest relations on the best team and cross research for guests for Cloud Silver. Despite all these activities, you must decide after going through the Silversea Cloud reviews.

Overall, Silversea Silver Cloud Expedition reviews have a rating of 4 out of 5.

Silversea Silver Cloud Reviews


“This was our first Silversea cruise, although we have done many cruises on other lines, including an expedition cruise to Antarctica on Ponant. We had originally booked another Ponant cruise, however it was cancelled in December due to chartering of the ship, so we booked this after getting a great deal that included business class airfares from Australia……”

Very Disappointing

“This was our first Silversea cruise and unfortunately it will also be our last. We recently took their 17 day cruise to Greenland, which turned out to be very disappointing. The scenery was nice at first, but very monotonous after a few days. If it weren’t for the interesting shapes of the icebergs, there would have been little to photograph. The villages on both the Canadian and Greenland side ……”

8) Silversea Silver Wind Reviews

With a major upgrade in December 2018, SilverWind is better than ever. The second remodeling in November 2021 will be equipped with a modernized ice hull, making it one of the most adaptable ships in the fleet.

Timeless elegance and incredible relaxation make it easy to fly from the world’s polar regions to the famous Mediterranean ports of great variety. Whether you’re approaching Antarctica with penguins or sitting on the golden sands of the Caribbean, the traditional comfort of the silvery waters will prepare you for a variety of travel destinations.

Let’s now have a look at the Silversea Silver Wind Cruise reviews.

Silversea Silver Wind Reviews

Luxurious Small Ship Cruising

“This was my 18th cruise with Silversea since the first ship was introduced in 1994 in the ultra-luxury area of small ship cruising and my 4th cruise on Silver Wind which lived up top expectations.I…”

Not all the Silversea Wind reviews are positive. Some were not satisfied with their performance like the one below.

Warning for Silverwind’s Royal Suite

We stayed in The Royal Suite Capri for a 10 days Med cruise and paid 16.000. The Silver Wind is a bit tired, and the Royal Suite shows wear and tear. The DVD was not working due to a missing…

9) Silversea Silver Whisper Reviews

Aboard the Millennium-class Silver Sea Silver Whisper and its sister ship Silver Shadow, you will find world-class accommodations in the Silver Sea, onboard comfort, warm and personal service, and enhanced space and amenities.

Indulge in pampering treatments in its spacious wellness spa, shop for the latest trends from top designers in our onboard boutiques, or enjoy dynamic large-scale productions in our multi-story showrooms. Beautifully crafted solid Silver Whisper.

It’s time to check the Silver Whisper reviews.

When it comes to this cruise line, Silversea Whisper has a very good rating of around 4.5 out of 5.

Silversea Silver Whisper Reviews

Very Nice Iberian Cruise!

“My wife and I like small ships rather than the large cruise ships because they are more intimate and feature the ports of call as the selling point versus the large floating hotel concept. We also focus on which ports the cruise will call on rather than the time of year or size of the boat. This cruise was the second time on Silver Whisper, a Baltic Sea cruise being the first time…..”

There were also some bad Silversea Whisper reviews but they are not showing the awful experience. So let’s have a look at one of them here.

Some pleasant times, some disappointments

“We have sailed with Silversea three times now. This time, we joined Silver Whisper in Lisbon and headed north. Our cabin was comfortable and well-positioned. Generally, the food was good, though we found La Dame unexciting. The wait staff, bar staff, butlers, and stateroom staff were lovely and helpful. The talks were interesting, the entertainment varied, and a little patchy. Loved the jazz group. Good, though small, fitness area. Shore tours are not exciting. We didn’t get to Porto in the end, but I wouldn’t have bothered with any of the ship’s tours….”

Silversea Silver Whisper Reviews

10) Silversea Explorer Reviews

The luxury cruiser Silversea Silver Explorer is specially designed to navigate the most remote locations in the world, including the two polar regions. The redesigned Lloyd’s Register (1A) ice-class hull for passenger ships allows the Silver Explorer expedition to navigate the ice in comfort and safety.

Consisting of 12 zodiac ships, Silver Sea Expedition guests can visit the most remote areas, while a dedicated expedition team will provide information and insight into the Silver Explorer’s unforgettable luxury sea adventures. Let us now have a look at the Silver Explorer reviews.

The Silversea Cruise reviews show an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Silversea Explorer Reviews

A Great Ship for Antarctica

“It is not the newest of ships by any means. Yet it is very comfortable and the crew is outstanding. We did an 18 day Antarctica cruise, going to the Falklands, South Georgia, and the Antarctic Peninsula. ……..

…..You do not pay anything more than the cost of the cruise. All excursions, tips, gratuities, drinks whether at the bar or with your meal are included. If I ever cruise again, Silver Seas will be the company I go with.”

There was only one Silversea Silver Explorer review but that should be mentioned here.

Unresponsive And Irresponsible

“When selecting an expedition cruise, it is important to find the interesting itinerary and a responsible vendor. Our experience on an Indonesian cruise with Silversea expeditions showed how important it is to find a responsible vendor. Silversea has utterly failed to meet its responsibility to its customers……

… I write this letter to caution potential customers of Silversea about their lack of responsiveness to their customers.”

Final Words

We have done Silversea reviews of its top 10 cruises. From positive to negative, we have highlighted every Silversea Cruise review that gives you an idea of which cruise ship you should choose. It also provides you with a transparent picture of every cruise ship we reviewed in our post. So go cruising and have some amazing vacation days with your family, friends, or girlfriend.


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