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7 Best Ski for Intermediate Skiers Along with Buying Guide


Are you an intermediate skier but your performance is being compromised? The problem could be in your skis. Previously, we shared with you a list of the 10 best skis for beginners. But if you are an intermediate skier, that list isn’t for you. 

Hence, we’ve got the 7 best skis for intermediates. But don’t worry, they are not gonna put a strain on your pocket as we have got some of the most affordable ones as well. From the best freestyle skis to regular, let’s explore some of the best skis for intermediate skiers

Best Ski Boards for Intermediate Skiers

Best Skis for Intermediate Skiers

So let’s explore our list of the best skis for international skiers. 

1. Volkl 2022 M6 Mantra

Volkl brand, based in Straubing, has a long history of satisfying its customers with various requirements. After the great success of the previous model, M5. This version is extraordinary on piste. The Volkl is perhaps the most aggressive and best ski for intermediate skiers. Let us explain why!

Volkl M6 Mantra 2022 Key Features

The mantra is manufactured with Titanal Frame, which gives the skier more control, and stability and allows the skier to experience a much more pleasing and fun ride

Besides its aggressive nature, it’s also extremely fun on the piste. When being aggressive also means that the skier should have the ease to turn at any mountain ridge at any given time. Mantra uses Volkl’s 3D Radius Technology. 

The three-turn radii increase the chances of the skier making short call turns, which is perfect for any situation. This allows the skier to gain more confidence.

The latest carbon layering in the tips allows for lightening the load without giving up performance. Mantra M6 also dampens the vibrations which pave the way for the skier to maintain confidence even over solid hard, pack snow

There is no need for you to be concerned about its stability because it is made of the highest quality wood core that never fails to keep it stable even on the most difficult tracks. 

One of those essential characteristics is the smoothness of skiing.


  • 3d turn radius
  • Carbon layout on the tips
  • Titanal frame boosts crud performance 


  • Poor terrain playfulness 


With its aggressive nature and safety features, such as a 3D turn radius, this will allow you to be prepared for any mountain you want to conquer.

Even on ugly snow, the crud performance is the best.

2. Nordica men's enforcer 94

When you hear Nordica, you realize it’s not a new brand in the market. Actually, it was established in 2003 with significant technological advances. This Italian company focuses on skiing. Its latest ski model, the enforcer 94, makes sure to enforce your rule over the snow, making it one of the best free-style skis as well.

Nordica Mens enforcer 94 Key Features

The nordic men enforcer has two layers of Titanal frame pressing the wood core for maximum strength and stability. This allows the skier to be stable and have total control of the ski. Crud rides can be difficult due to the ugly snow, but with Nordica enforcer it allows the ski to glide smoothly. 

Enforcer has been manufactured to such quality that it gives many advantages to the skier, such as Carbon Reinforced Chassis, which allows great feel over curves and swift response to movements as you glide over the snow.

Softer tips assist the Enforcer in various situations; it allows a variety of turns regardless of whether they’re short and quick or long and gliding but ensures that the speed still accelerates whether you’re in crud or powder. 


  • Carbon Reinforced Chassis
  • Two layers of titanal
  • True Tip Technology


  • Heavyweight 


Nordica enforcer 94 may be a little heavy, but due to the double titanal layering, it indeed allows excellent stability and control. It indeed is the best ski for intermediate skiers

3. Blizzard Men’s Rustler 10

Blizzard has been manufacturing since the 1940s. Due to their experience, they have developed quality equipment and One of the best skis for intermediate skiers, the blizzard men’s rustler 10.

Key Features

The rustler 10 comprises Carbon Flipcore D.R.T technology and has an innovative waist design. The long ski and wide waist allow bold skiers more control and easy gliding, even on steep terrain.

The clean rocker-camber-rocker profile makes it extremely easy to control and gives stability.

Blizzard Mens Rustler 10Blizzard Rustler 10 is a lightweight ski because of the multilayer Woodcore technology that is a mixture of beech, balsa, poplar, and paulownia wood. The lightweight ski allows the skiers to do stunts more easily 

The presence of a twin rocker is one of this product’s unique features. Camber underfoot is available on the tip and tail of these good intermediate skis. 

Customers should not need to be worried about its quality and lifetime because it is made with the popular wood core construction.


  • Creative waist design
  • carbon flip core technology 
  • Tip tail rocker


  • Hooky in variable conditions 


Blizzard Rustler 10 ski is an exquisite choice for the superior intermediate to the professional level skier who needs flexible all-mountain skiing. The Rustler 10 is definitely for an intermediate that loves the pace. 

4. Salomon Stance 90

Salomon stance 90 is one of the best skis for intermediate skiers. The Stance 90 is the king of directional carvers with an unmatched strength-to-weight ratio.

Salomon Stance 90Key Features

The Stance 90 is built for hard-charging performance and an eye-opening strength-to-weight ratio. It uses Metal TwinFrame construction and two titanal plates to give a firm edge grip and strength at turns.

The company made sure that the equipment was easily Manoeuvrable and technology-wise up to date. The stance 90 has a creative frontside sidecut and is manufactured with a full poplar wood core. This gives you easy stability while you’re railing or racing through the glades. 

The company ensured that while you’re getting stability and control, the power shouldn’t be compromised. Stance 90 is manufactured with a Metal Twin frame technology that pairs with C/FX. And a double Ti laminate that allows a damp, solid charging ski at any speed, terrain, or conditions.


  • Twin frame technology
  • Edge Grip


  • On powder is challenging


Stance 90 is for intermediate skiers who need a ski that’s easy to control and slows stability while intermediate-carving into various terrain, whether on-piste or groomed trails, which becomes a little challenging but fun. 

With a race-inspired body and playful creation, this is one of the most potent skis on the market. It is considered the best ski for intermediate skiers due to its great combination of innovative skiing technology and Ti-binding reinforcement.

5. Black Diamond glide lite

Black Diamond Glidelite Snow Trekkers are the most unique and creative skis. The company created skis for mild and casual exploration of mellow winter landscapes with more commitment, equipment, and ability. 

Black Diamond Glide LiteKey Features

The ski is manufactured with GlideLite skins that are included in the base; those trekking skis strap directly to any boot with a flexible sole of the shoe. It becomes extremely easy to get creative in the snowy terrain.

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The metallic edges on the glide lite are 147 cm lengthy, which allows the ski to make a degree of security while navigating steeper slopes, and the Unicoat base is tough and easy to care for.


  • Innovative Unicoat ski base
  • Elastic foam core
  • Compression resistant


  • Side traction is not good


The wide and short ski glide lite does an extremely great job in climbing straight up. If you want an aggressive and daring ride. This ski is definitely for you. 

6. O’Brien Jr vortex

Aside from mountain skiing, trying this sport on the water can be a lot of fun. The need for the best intermediate water skis cannot be overstated. With over 50 years of manufacturing simple awesomeness, the O’Brien has some of the most amazing sports equipment. Its jr vortex ski gives pleasure to young intermediate sportsmen.

OBrien Jr VortexKey Features

The Vortex Jr. skis have more surface vicinity that makes deep water starts convenient. The broader body also lets in for skiing at a slower, extra cozy boat speed. 

This combo ski comes packed with the Jr. X-7 water ski bindings as well as a rear toe shoe that allows practice edit intermediate to advanced level skiing. Intermediate Riders can both ride in combination or remove one ski and exercise slalom skiing


  • Nylon fin
  • Extra surface area
  • Allows slalom skiing


  • Weight limit up to 140 lbs


Don’t go on its small size. It’s just scaled down to suit young intermediate, lighter-weight skiers but comes packaged with extreme power and capability. This is one of the best skis for intermediate skiers

7. Airheads S-1300

If you’re seeking out a wonderful pair of less expensive water skis to maintain on your boat for pals and family, Airhead’s S-1300 blend Skis are the first-rate alternative. This ski is not only inexpensive but also packed with power.

Airheads S 1300Almost every best ski for intermediates includes ongoing skiing activities. As a result, we’ve added air heads s-1300 to this list to help you find the best product qualities. It is included in the range that’s price inexpensive, but this model is reasonably priced for intermediates

Key Features

Numerous different skill levels can be accommodated by 67-inch rim molded combo water skis. The intermediate player can get the most benefit out of this advantage.

The ideal balance of performance, control, stability, and smooth turning is provided by wide tails and tunnel-shaped bottoms.


  • Price inexpensive
  • Fits a various range of sizes


  • Not great for heavy riders


This ski is one of the best skis for intermediate skiers. It’s packed with tunnel-shaped bottoms for smooth carving and is extremely fun for intermediate skiers to take full advantage of and rule the sea

Things to Consider Before Buying

Most people who want to learn to ski wonder what kind of skis are best for intermediates. This is due to the market’s abundance of options potentially confusing you. 

However, a little research and analysis can assist you in selecting the best option for you. 

So, in order to keep things simple but organized, we will walk you through some important considerations before selecting a ski for intermediates. 

Before selecting the right option, you should consider a wide range of factors, from skill level to ski type. 

Among these elements are:

1. Choose the Correct Ski Type

There are many different types of skis available, whether you are a beginner or an intermediate. This will make selecting a single option difficult. Various skis have their own set of features and specialties. Know your level of expertise and select the appropriate type of ski for your needs.

2. Select the Appropriate Ski Length

When looking for the best skis for an intermediate level of skiing, you should also consider the correct length. To determine which length of skis to purchase, you must first determine your height and skill level. To do this, seek out a choice that is about the same height as your nose. 

We can provide you with a range of up to 3cm if you inquire about the suggested length of skis. Customers can choose the finest alternative by viewing various length sizes, which are frequently displayed by manufacturers. When deciding on the correct length or size of skis, take your weight into account as well.

3. Properly Examine the Ski Width

The right ski width supports the required stability across various terrains. Consider the radius or width of the skis when purchasing the best skis for intermediate skiers. 

A substantial width or radius of the ski will aid you in better balancing your body. This will ensure maximum stability during your rides.


1. What’s The Perfect Size For Intermediate Skiers?

There isn’t any confirmed rule that suggests the perfect size for an intermediate skier. However, it becomes easier for the athletes to have more control of the ski if the equipment is between 2 to 4 inches below your height

2. How Long Does It Take To Become An Intermediate Skier?

Various aspects can influence how easily and swiftly you can progress. The weather in the mountains can change quickly, which can have a big impact on how easy it is to ski. 

On cloudy or snowy days, there is less light and fewer shadows, making it more difficult to spot bumps on the slope and maintain your balance.

3. How Can I Improve My Skiing Level?

Go to a slope and begin descending turns. Try to lift one ski off the snow as many times as you can during each spin. Start with one lift, then move up to two, and so on. The capability and effort to ski every turn with one ski on the snow and the other ski in the air should be your ultimate goal.


We understand the circumstances surrounding the purchase of the best skis for intermediate skiers. However, in the preceding article, we attempted to quote the most well-known products on the market as well as provide a buying guide. 


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