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5 Best Rash Guards In 2022 To Keep You Safe


A good rash guard is an ultimate attire for the sea that will keep you on the water for long. Whether you are an experienced surfer who crushes weekend waves or a genuine beginner just getting started in the sport, a rash guard is the best you can ask for. 

But just like everything else, the quality of different Rash Guards differs. To keep yourself away from harm, you need to choose the one with the best protection and quality. 


To provide you with the ultimate security possible, we have gathered the top five best rash guards!

But before we move on to that, 

What is Swim Rash Guard?

Basically, a rash guard is a fitted spandex that helps by protecting the skin of beach lovers from water rashes and the sun heat. Such guards are usually worn by surfers while the female surfers prefer rash guard crop top swimsuits. 

The Rash Guard offers a variety of advantages, the most important of which is that they keep your epidermis from itchiness by wicking away extra moisture. 

The Ultraviolet Protection Factor rating on several rash guards also aids in shielding your skin from UV rays. 

Most of the rash guards we selected have a UPF rating of 50 or greater, regarded as the maximum degree of assurance. These clothes protect you by blocking 98 percent of UV rays, which can increase cancer risk.

We have also selected the best shirts for swimming that can be worn across seasonal weather changes, offering additional wind shelter and a little extra warmth in chillier temperatures. 

Make your choice from the options below without “rash-analyzing,” then get in the water!

Points Of Discussion

Best Rash Guards

1. Daci Women Two Piece Rash Guard

Daci is the best sun protection shirt for swimming. This crew neck shirt has blue and green palm leaf patterns. The color-blocked raglan sleeves make it more fashionable and visually appealing. 

Rash Guard shorts with a classic leaf pattern complement the swim shirt, so you don’t need to think about what shorts to choose. 

It is made of soft, UV-blocking cloth with UPF 50+ protection, giving you the necessary body protection and shielding you from sunburns, cuts, and other injuries.

Daci Women Two Piece Rash Guard 

Additionally, the best rash guard for surfing comes in a vibrant color print that will make you stand out and look more attractive while you swim, surf, dive, wakeskate, stand up paddle, and practice water yoga.

The Best Rash Guard for women is the Daci rash guard, which has a classy look and a unique color pattern that will make you stand out while you relax on the seaside.


  • Good stretch
  • Gives a unique and stylish look
  • Moderate coverage


  • A bit pricey

2. O'Neill Wetsuits Men's O'Neill Basic Skins

O’Neill provides U.P.F. 50+ Ultraviolet Protection with simple graphics and sparsely placed seams to prevent rashes. 

Swim shorts and sun-protective clothing from O’Neill are well known for being of the highest quality and functionality. The same level of detail is now present in a men’s value-driven less expensive sun shirt. This one is the best men’s rash guard for swimming.

O'Neill Wetsuits Men's O'Neill Basic Skins 

You will have to pay for performance, not style; this reasonably priced rashguard is functional. The O’Neill Basic Series offers the fit and sun protection you require at a lower price. They are not as baggy as typical clothing, so if you want a relaxed fit, consider placing an order up a size or two.


  • Excellent quality
  • Sun protection
  • Extremely comfortable


  • Costly

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Coolest Rash Guards

1. HISKYWIN Women's Long Sleeve UV Sun Protection Rash Guard

HISKYWIN is specialized in activewear such as cycling, yoga, running, and athleisure. 

The entire fabric comprises lightweight, abrasion-resistant, quick-drying, moisture-wicking components. 

The sides of this Best Rash Guard for women can be adjusted for length. Just pull the string to change from a simple cover-up dress to a t-shirt. 

The front half-zip closing shields your neck with a zipper garage. It also has a solid color design that exudes exquisite elegance and creates the ideal S-type figure.

HISKYWIN Women's Long Sleeve UV Sun Protection Rash Guard 

The UPF 50+ sun protection layer will shield your skin from UV rays.

The zippered and thumb hole designs improve fit, highlight the ideal feminine slope, and add feminine allure. 

You get more skin shelter and sunburn defense from the long-sleeve design. The lightweight fabric and exquisite cutting provide breathability and hydration absorbency. 

The magnificent flat-lock soft stretch stitching procedure makes the sports dress more stunning and pleasant. It also comes in a variety of solid colors and has a chest half zipper with a pull for easy on and off.


  • Thicker material
  • UV protection
  • Available in various colors


  • Can be tight

Best Surf Rash Guard

1. Quiksilver Men's Standard

The Quiksilver All-Time Long Sleeve rash guard is the best option if you are searching for one for surfing. 

Quiksilver, the industry leader in surfwear, creates products that are made to protect you even in the roughest waves.

This Best Rash Guard is among the best men’s UV swim shirts. It is lightweight, incredibly comfy, and available in a wide range of colors. It’s a fantastic place to go swimming and snorkeling as well.

Quiksilver Men’s standardsThe fabric’s flexibility allows for a fantastic range of motion. Over time, though, it also starts to lose some of its stiffness and can become a little loose.


  • Excellent flexibility
  • Inexpensive
  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection
  • Lightweight and versatile


  • Loses tightness over time

Most Comfortable Rash Guard

1. Lands' End Women's Crew Neck Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Land’s offer a variety of slimming swimsuit characteristics intended to cover your waistline, from high-waisted undies to the ultra-smooth advantages of Slendertex cloth. 

With your effective pool days in thought, this particular best rash vest for swimming was designed. 

The chlorine-resistant swimwear withstands deterioration from sweat and sunscreen as well as chlorine. 

Lands' End Women's Crew Neck Long Sleeve Rash GuardWomen can achieve the perfect fit by mixing and matching swim separates. It doesn’t matter if you have a relatively small top and a larger bottom. 

For the most attractive fit, ordering individual components enables you to get the actual size you require from top to bottom.


  • UPF 50 fabric
  • Durable
  • Premium quality


  • The material is thin

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Rash Guard

Now that you know the top rash guards let’s examine the factors you should consider before purchasing the Best Rash Guard.

1. UPF rating

The Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating of clothing aids in shielding your skin from damaging UV rays and gratifying sunburns. 

If a garment has a UPF rating of 50, one UV ray out of every fifty will make it to your skin. In other words, clothing with 50 UPF blocks 98 percent of dangerous UV rays.

A UPF rating of 15-20 is regarded as “Good,” a UPF rating of 25-35 as “Very Good,” and a UPF rating of 40 or higher as “Excellent.” Because UPFs below 15 are not thought to protect you adequately, they are not marketed. 

2. Cut and Fit

It’s crucial to consider your preferences for fit and cut when choosing a rash guard and which one will benefit you the most under any given circumstance. It is greatly influenced by the surfboard you use and how much experience you have. Rash guards come in three different fits and cut varieties. 

When you put on the rash guard, it should fit you perfectly.

3. Sun Protection Level

All rash guards will help shield you from the sun. However, the degree of sun protection will differ substantially depending on the thickness and design of the material.

If getting the most sun protection possible is a top priority, look for rash guards with a greater UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). 

The UPF rating shows how much UVB and UVA rays can penetrate the rash guard and extend your skin.

4. Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve

It is really up to you with this one. Undoubtedly, a rash guard with long sleeves will provide more sun protection. 

However, numerous people detest donning long sleeves in sweltering weather.

Long sleeves may feel slightly constrictive on the arms and shoulders if the rash guard is super dense and provides excellent thermal protection.

5. Wicking away moisture

A procedure for wiping sweat or water off your skin. It keeps your body cool while also preventing chafing.

Additional Rash Guard Features

Rash guards frequently come with some handy add-ons that are certainly worth considering. Thumb hooks, for instance, come in handy for holding your rash guard in position as you slip into your swimsuit.

Or perhaps you discover that rash guards tend to roll your torso up? What you require are short board joints.

These tiny loops at the hips aid in maintaining the rash guard’s position. Alternatively, choose a full bodysuit.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Are Rash Guards Made for?

Rash guards are designed to shield your body from skin problems and dangerous UV rays from the sun. 

Rash guards are manufactured with spandex and nylon or synthetic fibers to make them lighter and ideal for snorkeling and surfing. Together, these materials offer total coverage while letting the skin breathe beneath.

2. What do Rash Guards do?

A rash guard’s primary function is to shield your skin from the sun, sea animals that can hurt you, and other water-related dangers. 

Rash guards are excellent for layering beneath a wetsuit because they offer only a little warmth and insulation. 

They are ideal for simplistic warm-water dives, surfing, and scuba diving when worn solely.

3. What Kind of Material Is Best For Rash Guards?

Rash guards are constructed from a combination of synthetic fibers. It includes polyester, which shall allow for moisture-wicking, and stretchable spandex.

Look for a rash guard that is made from a blend of polyester or nylon and elastane because it has all of the characteristics mentioned above and dries quickly!


 rash guard that makes you feel the most at ease is the best, whether it’s a rash guard with the best fit, the maximum level of sun protection, or simply one that will make you feel comfortable and cozy.

These best rash guards are adaptable, cozy, and durable. Therefore, it depends on your budget and your top priorities for features.

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