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24 Best Water Shoes for Beach


Whether you want to go for a hike, a dive, Kayakan, or just a stroll at the beach, going for the best water shoes for the beach is the best option. These shoes make sure that you, your partner, and your kids are safe beneath the feet and you can comfortably go wherever you want. 

But to make sure that you chose the right water shoes, you need to take a look at some of the best water shoes in the world. Traveler Ideas has already made your work easy. We bring to you the best shoes for the beach to try whenever and wherever you want to. 

Best Water Shoes For The Beach

So, what are the best water shoes for the beach? Below is the answer that you are looking for. We have gathered numerous water shoes for you to try, so take a look.

1. Keen SOLR Scandal

Want to spend some extra time on the water? Opting for the best beach products like beach sunglasses, beach towels, beach sandals, beach toys, and beach shoes is important. 

So, don’t go without the Keen SOLR Sandal.  These best water shoes for the beach are your real partner, as they are specifically designed for any hydro-terrain. 

Keen-SOLR-ScandalThe amphibious grip keeps you from slipping and falling, and the recycled plastic bottle webbing adds to the sustainability factor. Furthermore, all Keen water sandals may be machine washed and air-dried.

2. Swims Penny Loafer

Loafers that can be dipped in water? Yes, absolutely. These best beach shoes for men are specifically made of both natural rubber and thermoplastic polyurethane. These best shoes for the beach are extremely stylish and they need the same care as leather. 

Swims-Penny-LoaferHowever, they are still highly water-resistant and you can even throw them in the washing machine, and they would still come out dry.

3. Adidas Boat Shoe aka Terrex ClimaCool

An unusual boat shoe from Adidas has been making waves. These best beach water shoes exemplify how sailing and boating have evolved into a less elite yet pastime. 

Adidas Boat Shoe aka Terrex ClimaCoolThe majority of boat shoes resemble Sperrys, which are slip-on moccasins with non-marking rubber bottoms. These aren’t them.

These best shoes for the beach are extremely sustainable. They add a touch of sport to boating while you can also extend it to other water sports as well. In fact, it resembles beach-walking water shoes that are also kayak-friendly. Is it, however, a versatile water shoe or simply a non-marking boat shoe with good traction?

4. Merrell Women’s Waterpro Maipo 2

The flexibility, lightweight profile, quick-dry qualities, powerful grip, and versatility of the Waterpro Maipo 2 are well-known.

Merrell-Women’s-Waterpro-Maipo-2The Maipo 1 was lauded for its snug and comfortable fit, as well as its ability in aquatic terrain. What improvements prompted Merrell to create a sequel?

Let’s take a closer look to learn more about it and its characteristics, as well as whether it’s a good hiking option!

5. Wave Runner

Choose the Wave Runner quick-drying water shoes for hassle-free diving, snorkeling, or kayaking. These best water shoes for the beach have a mesh surrounding the foot that is completely elastic and non-slippery. Besides, the entire shoe is completely light. 

Wave-RunnerThe outsole of these best shoes to wear in water is extremely robust and anti-skid. This results in terms of long-durability, while the drainage hole sole will keep the shoes as dry as possible. 

Being your number one travel partner, we know how crucial this is for travelers to feel comfortable. Therefore, these best water shoes for rocky beaches provide you with all the boost that you guys need. Thanks to these water shoes, when you walk on numerous slick surfaces, you will not have the need to worry about losing your grip.

6. NRS Men’s Kicker Remix

These are among the most creative shoes to wear in the water at the beach. They help protect you from numerous wounds and they provide comfort when you walk over several pebbles and shells. 

These water shoes for the beach by maintaining traction in damp areas as well. They help by keeping you from slipping off a boat dock, a jet ski, or any other slick or slippery surface. 

NRS-Men’s-Kicker-RemixThe shoes for the beach and water are among the best and greatest pairs that you can go for in the available market. 

These top water shoes for the beach include all the essential elements that one needs to enjoy their time in the water without having to worry about their feet becoming wet.

7. Ecco X-Trinsic Flat Sandal

The best aqua shoes for the beach are the best to go for. They are both durable and lightweight. These best aqua shoes for men have a firm base and contain a rubber outsole that will provide a great grip on the slippery terrain and these shoes have a lightweight textile upper that will not weigh you down. 

Ecco-X-Trinsic-Flat-SandalThis is all due to the company’s innovative direct injection method. The microfiber footbed also helps by adding a toe grip, which is extremely helpful when it comes to climbing out of the water over the wet rocks.

8. Aleader Xdrain Cruz 1.0

When it comes to water shoes, Zhuanglin may not be the first brand that comes to mind. However, one of its products, the Xdrain Cruz, which is suitable for both men and women, has acquired popularity because of its low price and high performance.

Aleader-Xdrain-Cruz-1.0We tried the men’s version, which appears to be nearly identical to the women’s. We looked at how well they stood up to everyday use as well as more severe assault.

These water shoes are best suited for activities such as river walks.

They are mostly targeted at casual users who only require a pair of water shoes for a holiday or a weekend at the cottage.

9. Body Glove 3T Barefoot CINCH

These best shoes for beach and water although have a long name (The Body Glove 3T Barefoot Cinch water shoe), it still defines what it is and what is its use. 

The stitching of these best shoes for the beach and water produces three two compartments that feel extremely barefoot. It makes it extremely ideal for surfers and water sports. 

With years of magnificent experience, numerous geniuses have put their efforts into designing these best waterproof beach shoes to strike a balance between both the protection and the performance. 

These may also reach a sweet spot for kayakers, sailors, and paddleboarders, who are looking to tread through water and over stony beaches every now and then. 

10. Crocs Men’s Swiftwater

These best women’s beach shoes are great in delivering quality, and they will never disappoint. This shoe is robust, lightweight, and quick-drying, making it ideal for paddleboarding on the lake, river noodling for catfish, and beach agate hunting.


11. Lands' End Slip-On Water Shoes

These good water shoes for the beach have a breathable upper that is made of jersey and mesh that will feel like a sock instead of a shoe. The adjustable bungee cord helps by tightening the heel to get a perfect fit. 

Lands'-End-Slip-On-Water-ShoesThis helps by locking in that snug feeling. The drainage holes included in the removable footbed make sure that your feet are dry at all times. 

The Fresh Boreal Blue Tile and Deep Sea Stripe designs, which come in four different patterns, provide a splash of color to the generally muted waterfront decor.

12. Speedo Men’s Surfwalker 3

Innovative water shoes that provide unparalleled protection! The Speedo Men’s Surfwalker 3.0 Water Shoe is a major changer in the world of water shoes. This shoe has a four-way flexible upper that makes it easy to put on and take off, as well as mesh panels for ventilation and quick drying. The S-Trac on the outsole provides great traction and water management.


13. NeoSport Premium Neoprene

These are the best water shoes for the beach thanks to their varieties. These shoes come in three thickness variations that suit your seasonal and year-round activities. These best women’s water shoes for the beach are among the best options for adventures that go from warm to cold water temps.

NeoSport Premium NeopreneThanks to its multi-purpose neoprene boot features, the shoes contain a puncture-resistant and thermal protecting sole. 

Besides, these best water shoes for the beach are attached to a high-traction sole. This makes the water shoe extremely ideal for boat decks, sandy beaches, and numerous other wet or muddy surfaces.

14. Speedo Kids Surf Knit Pro

Thanks to these best water shoes for rocky beaches and water-resistant insoles, you will feel like you are slipping into a second skin. Besides, you or your kids will not even notice the difference in the change between the sand and sea or in and out of the pool. Moreover, the outsole is blessed with stable traction, this will give the worried parents peace of mind.


15. Simari sports water shoes

These best women’s water shoes for the beach are the best option when it comes to water sports or walking on numerous rocky beaches or surfing on areas that have rocky floors. They are the best fit according to numerous famous travelers who frequently travel to beaches and water parks. 

Simari-sports-water-shoesSpurrell observed that these shoes were just right in terms of not being too thick or too tight, though she did point out that the back of the shoe touches a low region on the ankle where blisters are likely to form. 

In case you are planning to go for a hike with these best women’s water shoes for rocky beaches, or even walking around outside the water for long periods of time, consider this a brotherly suggestion and first test them around the home and contemplate places. 

16. Anluke water socks

These best men’s water shoes for the beach are extremely lightweight, so you can throw them in your beach bag or in your trunk with comfort. 

Even if you have a wide foot, you will still stay comfortable. You will face no restrictions across the bridge of the foot or even between the toes. 

Anluke-water-sockThese best men’s water shoes for the beach are not entirely thick on the bottom. Therefore, they are the best option to wear on the boat or even in the water if you are looking for extra protection. 

These shoes have a snug fit around the ankle and the rubber bottoms help by keeping you from sliding about on numerous slick areas.

17. Simari water shoes

These best water shoes for the beach for men’s feet are extremely comfortable and soft. They have been tested by numerous traveling specialists and they felt like slippers and did not cause any irritation nor did they cause any blisters when worn. 

Simari-water-shoesThey were a little heavy in the water, and the ankles weren’t very tight, so water and sand got in, but they were easy to clean. 

However, the rubber sole is strong and has grooved grip lines, so we were able to walk back to the car across cement in them while testing. These are great for kayaking or paddleboarding.

18. KEEN Men’s Evofit

The KEEN Men’s Evofit One Water Sandal is a serious contender. With features that will capture the “sharp” eye of any adventurer. 

KEEN-Men’s-EvofitThese best water shoes for the beach act as a second skin, and they provide adaptive comfort and breathable protection. 

Keen also includes TPU inserts for targeted stability, as well as a specially formulated PU midsole for enhanced ground, feel, and agility on any terrain.

19. Speedo Men’s Seaside Lace 5

These best water shoes for the beach are specifically designed to provide optimal comfort while they perform numerous daily activities in both the water and on the land. 

Speedo-Men’s-Seaside-Lace-5To provide a secure fit, it is specifically made of breathable mesh and has a lace-up inspired bungee cord clasp.

20. Quiksilver Men’s Amphibian

These beach water shoes are like sneakers and will carry you anywhere you want. These shoes are specifically built with a well-placed drainage vent for both low-level waters and creeks. 

Quiksilver-Men’s-AmphibianThis makes it ideal for multi-use. A rubber pod on the outsole provides outstanding grip and traction, while the top is made of quick-drying mesh.

21. Adidas Outdoor Jawpaw 2

These highly notable and helpful water shoes deliver the best performance as well as style for which this brand is known. Unfortunately, the pricing of this water shoe does not appear to be competitive.

Adidas-Outdoor-Jawpaw-2In and out of the water, this slip-on water shoe is extremely nice. These shoes also include a ventilated climacool upper that has easy pull-on tabs, a proper snug fit, and perforations in both the midsole and the outsole for optimal water drainage. 

Its genuine rubber outsole provides exceptional traction, and the climacool keeps it cool in the heat. You’ll enjoy it if you have the funds.

22. Columbia Men’s Drainmaker III

The Columbia men’s Drainmaker water shoes are multi-purpose shoes that will help by handling both the rocky terrain and water. 

Columbia-Men’s-Drainmaker-IIIThese shoes provide a sneaker-like feel that can be easily worn on both the land and water. It is both lightweight and breathable. The shoes contain an open-mesh upper, a protective toe bumper, and a single-pull lacing that will add to the uniqueness of the shoes. 

23. Nike Aqua Sock 360

These best women’s water shoes for rocky beaches provide perfect foot protection while it preserves both the comfort as well as the durability. The shoe contains a two-layer mesh top, foam heel, and a rubber outsole and is designed to provide your feet with an airy, sock-like, and barefoot feel. 

Nike-Aqua-Sock-360The shoes also have a TPU heel clasp, alongside an elastic collar, and rubber pods that are strategically positioned on the outsole for both flexibility and traction.

24. Vibram Men’s Signa

These best shoes for men for the beach are specifically designed for athletes. These shoes can be considered a trusted leader in both ultra-performance and innovation. 

Thanks to their characteristic five fingers water sports shoes, these shoes provide ultra-thin, flexible, and lightweight footwear. 

Vibram-Men’s-SignaThese shoes are great when it comes to rowing, kayaking, surfing, and other numerous water sports. Thanks to their grip and comfort, you will have an unforgettable water adventure.

Final Words

We know what you are thinking, why go for these best shoes for water specifically? Well, if you don’t want to, there’s no forcing you to do it. But these shoes are among the best you can ever go for. So, give them a try once, and then see if they are truly worth it or not.

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