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When Is The Best Time To Visit Banff? | Season & Month Based Guide


Do you want to go to the Canadian Rocky Mountains especially Banff National Park but aren’t sure when is the best time to visit Banff? The most difficult decision will be deciding when you will have to come in order to enjoy what you really want to do there.

The best time to visit Banff is whenever you choose, but before you go, learn everything you can about the area, including its seasons and events. Visitors to Banff can expect something different each season. And, to be honest, a trip to Banff is perfect any time of year.

Your objectives will most likely determine the best time of year to visit Banff. Our experts have put together a detailed travel guide in which we’ll look at the most cost-effective periods of the year, the best weather, what is the best month to visit Banff, and other factors to consider when planning a trip to Banff.

If you are planning a trip to Banff, our post on when is the best time to visit Banff National Park? will help you narrow down your options by considering factors such as weather, temperature, seasonal activities, and your budget.

You’ll discover answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Banff towards the end of the Banff travel guide. Check it out!

Let’s dive straight in!

When Is The Best Time To Go To Banff?

Many of the best things to do in Banff and best things to do with friends in Banff are year-round activities, while some are season-specific and demand forward planning.

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When Is The Best Time To Visit Banff– Summary
The Best Time To Travel To BanffWhat is the best time to go to Banff? June to August and December to March are the best months to visit Banff. When the weather is nice and pleasant, nature lovers will want to visit the park while the hotel rates in town are at a reasonable level.
Best Time To Go To Banffs To Larch SeasonTravel to Banff from mid-September to early October to see the golden larch trees in their height.
Best Time Of Year To Visit Banff For Snorkeling and DivingBanff's best time to visit for skiing is from February through April.
Best Time To Go Hiking In BanffSeptember - the best time to visit Banff for hiking because of dry Trails.
Best Times To Go To Banff For Avoiding CrowdsBest time to go to Banff national park with no crowd is from June to August and December to March.
Best Time Of Year To Go To Banff For Exploring The OutdoorSummer is the best time of the year to visit Banff for outdoor activities

About Banff - One Of Canada's Most Popular Tourist Destinations

HistoryAccording to archaeological data, humans have lived in Banff for 10,000 years.
WildlifeFrom elk to cougars, Banff is home to 53 different animal species.
TrailsThere are over 1000 miles of maintained trails in the park.
Visitors4 million visitors visit Banff every year.

Banff, located in the Canadian Rockies, is one of the most well-known outdoor adventure destinations in North America. This part of Alberta is more than simply a hamlet; it’s a peek of the pristine wilderness, with:

  • Rocky valleys
  • Towering Douglas firs
  • The emerald waters of Lake Louise

Banff is a lovely location of majestic mountains, crystalline lakes, and thundering waterfalls, whether you enjoy skiing and snowboarding or simply wish to trek along mountain paths and camp out beneath the stars.

Few sites on the planet are as well-suited to outdoor adventure as Banff National Park and the town itself, with its conveniently accessible natural beauty and historic charm. Banff’s magnificent terrain and wealth of activities promise that every adventure traveller will feel perfectly at home, whether you’re looking for a winter break full of skiing and dog sledding or a summer getaway packed with hiking routes and wildlife.

Banff Tourists Attractions - Sightseeing In Banff

Including mountains, trails, there are many tourist attractions in Banff. Some of the details are given below.

There are a number of mountains located immediately adjacent to the townsite which includes:

Cascade Mountain2,9989,836
Mount Norquay2,1347,001
Mount Rundle2,9499,675
Sulfur Mountain2,2817,484

On the Stoney Squaw area of Mount Norquay, there is a ski slope as well as mountain bike routes and a Via Ferrata.

The Banff Gondola

The Banff Gondola is a tourist attraction that ascends Sulfur Mountain to the higher terminal, where a boardwalk (Banff Skywalk) connects to Sanson Peak. The Banff Upper Hot Springs are also located on Sulfur Mountain.

Lake Minnewanka

Lake Minnewanka is a day-use facility with a range of activities located six minutes north of the townsite. This section of the park allows mountain riding, hiking, and fishing. The marina offers a Lake Cruise, motorboat rentals, and a modest snack concession.

Tunnel Mountain

Within the townsite, Tunnel Mountain has a summit that may be reached in less than half an hour. Because surveyors sought to build a tunnel for the Canadian Pacific Railway through the mountain instead of following the Bow River Valley, it was given the name Tunnel Mountain. The Banff Center for Arts and Creativity, which is located on the slope of Tunnel Mountain, hosts activities such as outdoor concerts, dance, opera, and drama.

  • Banff is home to many famous following festivals
  • Banff World Television Festival
  • Banff Mountain Film Festival
  • Rocky Mountain Music Festival
  • Bike Fest

The town is also the starting point of the 4,417 km (2,745 mi) Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, which terminates at Antelope Wells, New Mexico in the United States.

Weather Seasons In Banff

The climate in Banff National Park is subarctic, which means it has cold, snowy winters and warm summers.

During the winter, the park’s peaks and ski hills receive a significant amount of snow, which can last long into the spring. You should be prepared for adverse weather and fluctuating temperatures regardless of when you travel to Banff, especially during the fall and winter seasons.

(April to June)
A shoulder-season for tourists
Best times to visit Banff for WildlifeFor those who are more interested in wildlife than humans, visiting Banff national park during this season can still be beneficial.
Best time of year to visit Banff Canada for SkiingThe mountains are still mostly blanketed in snow, and ski resorts remain open for business.
Traveling to Banff to see the quiet serenityThis is the best time to visit Banff national park Canada if you want to enjoy the quiet serenity of nature.
The best time to travel to Banff to avoid crowdSpring at Banff National Park can be unpredictable in terms of weather, but because it is considered shoulder season, there are significantly fewer people.
The cheapest time to go to BanffShoulder season offers potential discounts on lodging as well as the chance to trek on quieter trails.
Check out the following events in Spring
  • Banff Yoga Festival
  • Banff Marathon
(July and August)
The busiest time of year for Banff tourism
Best times to visit Banff for hikersHikers, climbers, and other outdoor enthusiasts will love the summer. Travellers who visit this time of year canoe across Lake Louise, hike through the backcountry, and gather around nightly campfires, to name a few activities.
Best time of year to visit Banff Canada for fishingDuring the summer, fishing is a popular sport, particularly on Lake Minnewanka and in the Upper Bow River.
The expensive time to go to BanffJust keep in mind that costs will almost certainly rise in July and August.
Check out the following events in Summer
  • Canada Day
  • The Sunset Festival
(September and November)
One of the best time to visit Banff
Best season to visit BanffOne of the best seasons to visit the park is in the fall. Crisper weather, fewer crowds, and a variety of fascinating annual events are all available in September and October.
Start of Snow & SkiingThe temperature drops, and by mid-October, frost is on the ground and snow is beginning to cover the high summits. Hiking paths are quieter in the fall, which is ideal for visitors.
TipJust remember to dress in layers to avoid being hampered by the weather.
Check out the following events in Fall
  • Banff Craft Beer Festival
  • Banff Whiskey Experience
  • Banff Christmas Market
(December to March)
Skiers are overjoyed. In Banff, the winter months of December to March are the busiest for skiing. If ice skating, snowshoeing, skiing, or snowboarding are on your list of winter activities, this is the best time to visit Banff
Best season to visit Banff For SkiingSkiers will be overjoyed! Beginning in November, Banff transforms into a winter wonderland. Cozy cabins, Christmas celebrations, and cold-weather, snowshoeing, ice skating, dog sledding, and ice climbing activities are just a few of the reasons why winter in Banff appears to be so lovely.
Snow SeasonThe peaks and ski hills are blanketed in snow, but snowfall in Banff is milder.
Not ideal for sightseeingWinter is not the ideal time to visit Banff for most sightseeing. Many of Banff's most popular tourist sites, including the Columbia Icefields and Moraine Lake, are closed throughout the winter owing to icy conditions and avalanche danger.
TipIf you're considering a trip over the holidays, start planning and making reservations as soon as possible.
Check out the following events in Winters
  • Snow Days Festival
  • Christmas at the Castle
  • Banff Craft Beer Festival
  • Christmas Carols in the Park
  • Lake Louise Ice Castles
  • SnowDays Festival
  • Ice Magic Festival
Things to do in Banff in winter
  • Go Ice Walking at Johnston Canyon
  • Skating on Two Jack Lake
  • Mount Norquay Tubing Hill
  • Tunnel Mountain
  • Snowshoeing at Lake Louise
  • Banff Ice Magic Festival
  • Stewart Canyon
  • Sulfur Mountain Gondola

Banff - Travel Guide Month By Month

The coldest month in Banff is January, while the hottest month is July.

Here’s a month-by-month summary of the weather in Banff, along with events from that month to give you an idea of what to expect.

Regardless of when you arrive, there will be plenty of adventure and excitement in store!

JulyThe Hottest Month
JanuaryThe coolest Month
JuneThe Most Rainy
AugustWater temperatures are warmest
MarchWater temperatures are coldest
FebruaryThe Driest Month

Banff’s Average Daily Sunshine Hours


1) January

The beginning of the year is the peak of the winter season in Banff, and it’s definitely one of the busiest times of the year outside of summer in the national park. January is the best visit to Banff national park if you want to ski or snowboard.

The snow is ideal, and the runs are fantastic, but it’s also extremely busy due to the large number of visitors who come for Christmas and stay through New Year’s Day.

However, the slopes here offer one of the longest ski seasons in Canada, so if you want to ski without the crowds, visit Banff later in the season.

January Weather In Banff

In January, Banff is bitterly cold, with temperatures frequently falling below 0 degrees Celsius, even during the day.

JanuaryMin (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Snow (Inches)Precipitation (mm)

January Events In Benff

January EventsIn Banff, January is an exciting month. There are plenty of seasonal events and festivals to keep you occupied now that winter has arrived.
  • SnowDays Festival
  • Ice Magic Festival
SnowDays, an outdoor exhibition of snow sculptures in Banff, or the magnificent ice carving contest at the Ice Magic Festival in Lake Louise, both have outstanding winter-themed art.
It's the perfect family day out to ice skate on the famed lake with a backdrop of mountain ranges.

2) February

Although it is still bitterly cold in February, it is a lovely time to visit if you want to see the snowy, ethereal vistas and ice-covered terrain.

The average temperature in Banff is approximately zero degrees Celsius, so if you’re seeking warmth, this isn’t the greatest time to visit. Bring warm clothing and blankets, and be prepared for a lot of snow.

This is a fantastic time to go skiing, and while the January rush has passed, the slopes and resorts in Banff are still hopping. It’s a great time for snow activities and socializing.

However, with all of the snow, you can go snowshoeing or even dog sledding in February.

February Weather In Banff

FebruaryMin (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Snow (Inches)Precipitation (mm)

February Events In Benff

February EventsFebruary in Banff is the heart of winter in many respects, so bring plenty of warm gear! This is a favourite month for skiing and snowboarding because the conditions are ideal, with the fluffiest, driest powder available.
In February, the days start to become a little longer, allowing you plenty of opportunities to try out winter activities like ice walking, tobogganing, and tubing.

3) March

While March may be considered the start of spring in certain regions of North America, it is still very much winter weather in the Rocky Mountains. This is attributable not only to Alberta’s comparatively northern position but also to its high elevation.

While it’s still freezing outside, there’s a lot more sunlight now, and the crowds aren’t as thick as they were during Christmas and New Year’s. You may ski, ice climb, or snowshoe while admiring the white landscapes touched with a golden hue from the sun.

March Weather In Banff

MarchMin (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Snow (Inches)Precipitation (mm)

March Events In Benff

March EventsAs the risk of severe cold snaps decreases and the average temperature rises to roughly 3°C, the first signs of spring emerge in March, making it a popular month to visit Banff, especially during Spring Break.
What are the things to do in Banff in March? March sees the most snowfall of the year, as well as some of the greatest powder, making it an ideal month for skiing and snowboarding.
Spend your evenings by the fire, viewing Alpenglow from the top of the Banff Gondola, or attending one of the town's or Banff Center's events.

4) April

Even when April arrives, spring has yet to arrive in Banff, and temperatures are expected to remain below freezing at night this month. However, things are warming up throughout the day, and there are longer, longer hours of sunlight to be enjoyed than in previous months.

As the snow begins to melt, the finest skiing is over, but many runs will remain available and the slopes will be less crowded. You might get a few hikes in, but many hiking paths are still closed in April, especially higher up where melting can create dangerous conditions.

While the majority of April is the best time to visit Banff if you want to see a less crowded side of the National Park, avoid Easter and school holidays if they happen around this time of year since Banff will be packed.

April Weather In Banff

AprilMin (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Snow (Inches)Precipitation (mm)

April Events In Benff

April EventsApril, one of the "secret months," is a gem in the calendar and maybe spectacular in Banff.
The skiing and snowboarding conditions are still outstanding. From clear sunny days to heavy snowfall, the weather might be a little unpredictable.

5) May

Although May is a transitional month in terms of weather in Banff, it may still be a fantastic time to visit. This is the best time to visit Banff if you want to catch the end of the long ski season. Many ski slopes will be open through the first part of May, and it will likely be quieter than during the high winter season.

Even if there isn’t much snow or powder, the slopes will be open and you’ll be able to take advantage of low season costs. Because temperatures are rising as summer approaches, hiking paths are beginning to open up and glacial lakes are beginning to unfreeze.
This is the beginning of spring, and the animals are beginning to emerge from hibernation.

Because of the unpredictable weather this month, be careful while visiting Banff in May. You’ll need to check with the rangers each day to see which trails are accessible and which are safe, as avalanches are common when the snow melts quickly.

May Weather In Banff

MayMin (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Snow (Inches)Precipitation (mm)

May Events In Benff

May EventsThe month of May is when spring truly begins to take hold. There's still some alpine skiing and snowboarding to be had, but the weather in town is dry and pleasant.
May is a beautiful shoulder season because frozen lakes and rivers thaw and begin to flow again.
In May, more hiking paths with lots of active wildlife become available, and it's usually a terrific season for barbecues and bonfires.
  • Banff Children's Festival

6) June

The summer throngs begin in June, but it’s nothing compared to the next few months. If you’re seeking a calmer ambiance in Banff, June is ideal, but be aware that the weather can be unpredictable, and there are fewer things to do in June than in July or August.

Banff national park weather in June is mixed. The temperature rises into the sixties throughout the day, but it remains frigid at night. There is no snow, and the ski slopes will be closed soon, but hiking paths are beginning to open.

However, there is a lot of melting, and certain parts are still closed, especially when it rains.

June Weather In Banff

JuneMin (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Snow (Inches)Precipitation (mm)

June Events In Benff

June Events
  • Banff Yoga Festival
  • Banff Marathon
  • Performance in the Park
In June, things start to perk up as the lakes and rivers become a beautiful turquoise blue colour and the temperature rises. Whitewater rafting and kayaking, for example, are becoming increasingly popular.
What to do in Banff in June? Hikes and picnics are popular in June when locals come out of their shells and patios are bustling. Banff is bustling from sunrise to sunset, thanks to the long days and late evenings. It's one of the most popular periods to come, with peak season beginning in the middle of the month.

7) July

July is always the ideal time to visit Banff if you want the best weather and the best things to do. This is the start of the short summer season, therefore the weather is beautiful. Spring has passed, and the sun is shining brightly, with little prospect of rain or bad weather in the near future.

You can go camping, most hiking trails will be open, and wildlife will be out and about, taking advantage of the sunshine.

The glacial lakes will no longer be frozen, and they will gleam turquoise. The temps may even be warm enough for a swim or at least a cool plunge.

However, keep in mind that July is the peak summer season, which means Banff is extremely crowded all month. You’ll have to pay high season costs and book and plan ahead of time.

July Weather In Banff

JulyMin (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Snow (Inches)Precipitation (mm)

July Events In Benff

July Events
  • Canada Day
The month of July begins with celebrations and festivities in honour of Canada's birthday, July 1st. Banff is the ideal location for celebrating Canada Day. The colourful procession down the main street (Banff Avenue) and a vibrant show in the evening at Central Park are among the entertaining family-friendly festivities that take place throughout the day.
Because July is the busiest month, rates are likely to be higher than in other months. It's also a great time to go canoeing, hiking, and snapping some amazing photos of your surroundings.

8) August

Banff National Park in August is quite similar to July in terms of weather, with warm temperatures expected both during the day and at night. If you’re coming to Banff for hiking, August is the greatest month to visit because it’s likely that all of the trails and trekking routes to higher mountains and lakes will be available, albeit for a limited time.

Expect a lot of tourists at the traditional sites and in Banff town, as well as a number of people driving the Icefields Highway, but if you put on your walking boots, you can quickly get away from the summer throngs and off the main path.

August Weather In Banff

AugustMin (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Snow (Inches)Precipitation (mm)

August Events In Benff

August EventsIn the Canadian Rockies, August is considered the peak season. Everything is open and everyone is here, so there's a lot to see and do! During this time, nature and wildlife are at their most striking, and the days are long and sunny.
From lake cruises and horseback riding to mountain biking and cave explorations, there's something for everyone.
  • The Sunset Festival
The Sunset Festival at the Banff Gondola captures the splendour at the conclusion of the day. August is a beautiful month in the Rockies.

9) September

Visiting Banff in September is excellent if you want to hike and avoid the worst of the summer crowds. Even though the summer rush has passed, the weather remains beautiful, even if it does start to cool down and there are a few rain showers.

September is an excellent month for hiking since the weather is ideal, not too hot, not too cold and all of the trails will be open.

September Weather In Banff

SeptemberMin (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Snow (Inches)Precipitation (mm)

September Events In Benff

September EventsIn September, locals adore Banff. The second of the "hidden months" has arrived. Hiking is best in September when there are plenty of dry routes and fewer hikers.
As the weather begins to cool, so do the prices around town. Visiting Banff national park in September is also a good month to see the Northern Lights, and the wildlife in the night is an amazing look for beavers building nests in the rivers!

10) October

Summer has sadly passed us by October, but Banff is ablaze with autumnal hues. It’s a fantastic time for photography, but it’s also a time of year that few people believe to be the greatest time to visit Banff, which simply means there aren’t any tourists.

Of course, you can still go hiking, but keep in mind that the weather is deteriorating.

October Weather In Banff

OctoberMin (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Snow (Inches)Precipitation (mm)

October Events In Benff

October Events
  • Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival
  • Taste for Adventure
If you're in Banff in October, don't miss the annual Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival, a world-famous event that showcases the best adventure and mountain films from around the world.
In October, before the first snowfall, bicycling is still popular.

11) November

Banff has turned colder in November, with overnight temperatures hovering around 30’s degrees Fahrenheit (zero degrees Celsius).

However, this is when the ski season starts, and it’s actually the perfect time to visit Banff to avoid the winter snow sports throngs, which don’t come until December. With few other people around, you may ski or snowboard on fresh powder.

November Weather In Banff

NovemberMin (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Snow (Inches)Precipitation (mm)

November Events In Benff

November Events
  • Banff Craft Beer Festival
  • Banff Christmas Market
In Banff, November is a pretty peaceful month. This is the month for you if crowds aren't your thing. November is the start of the ski and snowboard season, so it's a fantastic time to get some early skiing in.
During this month, many of Banff's restaurants offer spectacular dining offers to both locals and visitors.

12) December

Winter has arrived, and the best time to visit Banff if you want to enjoy some of the best skiing is in December. All of the slopes are now open for business, which means more people, especially during the holiday season.

However, if you want a white Christmas, visit Banff in December, it will provide it!

December Weather In Banff

DecemberMin (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Snow (Inches)Precipitation (mm)

December Events In Benff

December Events
  • Christmas at the Castle
  • Banff Craft Beer Festival
  • Christmas Carols in the Park
  • Lake Louise Ice Castles
December is a very lovely and festive month in Banff, with Christmas lights strung around the town and daily winter events. Locals are starting to make Christmas at the Banff Gondola a new tradition. Join Santa at the top of Sulfur Mountain for a bird's eye view of the picturesque, snow-covered town below.
Early season skiing and snowboarding are plentiful. The ice walk at Johnston's Canyon is best done in December for that extra special holiday day out with friends or family.

FAQs - Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting Banff

How To Get To Banff National Park?

How to go to Banff national park, drive 80 kilometres west of Calgary to Banff National Park. Multiple flights arrive daily at Calgary’s international airport, which is served by major national and international carriers. Rent a car from the airport and drive west on Trans-Canada 1 through Banff and Lake Louise, straight into the park.

Where To Stay When Visiting Banff National Park?

Are you looking for a place to stay near Banff that is close enough to visit the park? This is an answer for you.

CanmoreLocated 15-20 minutes from Banff, this hilly area and provincial park. If you're having problems finding Banff accommodations, here is the place to go. In addition, Canmore has a plethora of beautiful hikes to choose from.
CalgaryWhile not ideal, if there are no open bookings in Banff and you're reserving at the last minute, you may always rent a hotel in Calgary and visit the park on day trips.

How To Plan A Trip To Banff National Park?

Plan your trip to Banff outside of peak season months, share car rental costs, acquire a Parks Canada Pass if you plan on staying longer than three days, cook your own food, and do more hiking and free activities in Banff rather than touristy attractions.

What To Do In Banff National Park In Summer?

There are the following things to do in Banff Canada in summer:

  • Catch the sunrise and/or a sunset
  • Take a scenic drive along with the Icefields Parkway
  • Canoe on Lake Louise or Moraine Lake
  • Bike the trails
  • Go hiking
  • Enjoy downtown Banff
  • Take the Gondola ride for a bird’s eye view of Banff
  • Soak in Banff’s Upper Hot Springs

Where Are The Trails For Best Hiking In Banff?

Here is the list of the best hikes in Banff National Park:

  • Parker Ridge
  • Wilcox Pass
  • Lake Agnes Tea House and Big Beehive
  • Plain of Six Glaciers
  • Bow Glacier Falls
  • Sentinel Pass/Larch Valley
  • Healy Pass
  • Johnston Canyon and The Ink Pots
  • Lake Annette/Paradise Valley
  • Helen Lake

Takeaway - When To Go To Banff

Throughout the year, Banff provides a diverse selection of activities. When it comes to choosing the perfect time to visit Banff National Park, you have complete control. In this travel guide, I’ve explained each season, month, and event. So, before you go to Banff, consider which choice is best for you and make plans to visit it.

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