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Volkl Kendo 88 Review 2023


As a skier, finding the perfect ski can be an exciting but overwhelming task. However, with the Volkl Kendo 88, you can’t go wrong. The Kendo Volkl ski is one of the most versatile and reliable skis on the market, designed to cater to a wide range of skiing abilities and terrain types. With its narrow waist, this carving ski is perfect for carving on groomers while still providing the stability and maneuverability needed for off-piste adventures. In this review, we’ll look closer at the Volkl Kendo 88 and what makes it a top choice for skiers of all levels.


Völkl Kendo 88

Völkl Kendo 88 ski is a high-performance ski that is designed for intermediate to advanced-level skiers. It features a full rocker profile, which provides excellent maneuverability and floats in powder snow. The ski is also equipped with Völkl’s multi-layer wood core, which adds both stability and responsiveness to the ski. 

The Kendo 88’s moderate width makes it a versatile ski that can handle a variety of snow conditions, from hard-packed groomers to soft, fluffy powder. Overall, the Völkl Kendo 88 is an excellent choice for skiers looking for a ski that can handle a wide range of conditions with ease.

Our Verdict

The Volkl Kendo 88 skis are a great option for intermediate to advanced skiers who want a versatile ski that can handle a variety of terrain. These skis are stable at high speeds, responsive in turns, and have good edge grip. They excel in groomed runs but can also handle some off-piste skiing. In short, a solid choice for skiers.

Why Choose Volkl Kendo 88?

So why choose the Volkl Kendo? Here are a few reasons that can make up your mind. 

All-Mountain Versatility

The Volkl Kendo 88 is an all-mountain ski that can handle a wide range of terrain, from groomers to moguls to off-piste terrain.

Stable and Predictable

The ski’s full sidewall construction and moderate flex pattern give it a stable and predictable feel on the snow.

Excellent Edge Hold

The ski’s full camber profile and strong edge hold make it a great choice for carving turns on hardpack and icy snow.

Responsive and Quick

The ski’s quick turn initiation and responsive feel make it a great choice for skiers who want a ski that can make quick turns and navigate tight spaces.

Forgiving Flex

The ski’s moderate flex pattern allows for easy turn initiation and forgiving landings on jumps.

Lightweight Construction

The ski’s lightweight construction makes it easy to maneuver and reduces fatigue during long days on the mountain.

Durable and Long-Lasting

The ski’s strong construction materials and high-quality build make it a durable choice that will last for many seasons of skiing.

Stylish Design

The ski’s sleek and stylish design is sure to turn heads on the mountain and make you feel confident and stylish while skiing.

Overall, the Volkl Kendo 88 is an excellent choice for skiers looking for a ski that can handle various terrain and conditions while still providing a stable, predictable, and responsive feel on the snow.

Issues To Look Out For?

Traveler Ideas always tends to provide you with the best and clear image of any product. Hence, here are a few issues that you guys might face.


The Volkl Kendo 88 is known to be a stiff ski, which can make it difficult to maneuver for some skiers, particularly those who prefer a more playful, forgiving ski. The stiffness can also make the ski feel less stable in choppy or variable snow conditions.

Narrow Waist Width

With a waist width of 88mm, the Volkl Kendo 88 is designed primarily for groomed runs and hard-packed snow. Skiers looking for a wider ski to handle deep powder or off-piste terrain may find the Kendo 88 lacking in flotation and maneuverability.


Some users have reported issues with the durability of the Volkl Kendo 88, particularly in the top sheet and edges. These skis may not hold up as well to frequent use or aggressive skiing.


As a high-end ski, the Volkl Kendo 88 comes with a premium price tag that may be prohibitive for some skiers. While the ski’s performance justifies the cost for many, others may prefer a more budget-friendly option.

Binding compatibility

The Volkl Kendo 88 is designed to be used with a specific type of binding, which may limit options for skiers who want to use a different binding system. This can be particularly frustrating for skiers who already own a set of bindings they’d like to use with the Kendo 88.

Final Words

In conclusion, the Volkl Kendo 88 is a versatile and reliable ski that offers an exceptional experience for intermediate and advanced skiers alike. Its combination of a powerful construction, responsive feel, and carving design make it a fantastic choice for those who want to explore a range of terrains and conditions. 

The ski’s quick edge-to-edge transition and stability at high speeds make it a great choice for carving, while its wider waist ensures excellent floatation in deeper snow. Overall, the Volkl Kendo 88 is a well-rounded ski that offers plenty of excitement and performance for those who are looking for an option that can keep up with their adventurous spirit.


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