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Nordica Enforcer 94 Ski Review


Nordica Enforcer 94 has been among the best skis we have witnessed recently. So, keeping our promise, Traveler Ideas has brought to you the complete Nordica Enforcer 94 review. 

Nordica Enforcer 94

  • Estimated Price: $700
  • Level Of Ability: Intermediate To Expert

The Enforcer (and women’s Santa Ana) from Nordica is a top all-mountain model that performs well in both solid snow and relatively deep powder. The ski was redesigned last season with significant changes including an enlarged wood core and additional carbon fiber in the construction. We put the 94-millimeter Enforcer (which replaces the previous 93) through a variety of tests at Crested Butte and back in Washington State.

Our Verdict

Nordica Enforcer 94 is way more versatile and accessible as compared to its predecessor. To explain it better, below we have a breakdown of our experience with the Enforcer. To understand how it stands to other skis on our comparison list, take a look at our article best all-mountain skis

Performance On Hardpacked Snow

The most recent Nordica Enforcer 94 model generally inherits the strengths of the Enforcer 93, which performed well on hardpack. The ski still includes two metal sheets and is made of high-quality beech and poplar wood, which makes it feel stable and strong when traveling at high speeds. 

The new Enforcer is stiff but not oppressive, has a satisfying amount of rebound and energy when transitioning into and out of turns, and felt confidence-inspiring at a wide range of speeds (you don’t have to tame it like some others in this directional all-mountain class). But what stood out was how natural and instantly comfortable I felt on it. In addition, the ski is smooth, and predictable, and doesn’t bounce around in mud despite having a carbon fiber chassis.

Performance On Soft Snow

The Enforcer’s current iteration boasts a very minor increase in waist width (from 93 to 94mm underfoot), but when paired with some significant structural changes, the ski’s off-piste performance has seen a notable improvement. The ski’s True Tip Technology—by effectively lightening the front end by eliminating ABS plastic and expanding the wood core—helps make it more clickable and enjoyable in the soft stuff. The 94-millimeter waist provides flexible sizing for light snow days.

Additionally, you get just the right amount of tip and tail rocker in addition to a smooth shape to increase float and prevent it from becoming grabby while starting or ending a turn. Nevertheless, despite being on the lighter end of the scale, driving the Enforcer still takes some effort. It’s essential to use advanced to expert hands off-piste and in very constricting conditions since the stiff tail in particular may be merciless if you have the propensity to shift your weight back.

Bump Performance

The Nordica Enforcer 94 is a type of ski that may function well in bumps but undoubtedly needs a steady, knowledgeable driver. The somewhat softer (relatively speaking) front end is more forgiving than an option like the Volkl M6 Mantra or Salomon’s Stance. The stiff tail propels beautifully and has a lot of pop. A lighter, even softer, and more flick-able configuration like the Blizzard Rustler 9 or Salomon QST 99 is probably preferred by the majority of mogul skiers. But for the appropriate rider, the Enforcer may be a good mogul alternative.

Helps In Building Quality and Durability

Unsurprisingly, the most recent Enforcer doesn’t fall short in terms of build quality. This isn’t a dramatic redesign given the acceptance and showing of the performance of its predecessor, but the adjustments have produced noticeable gains. The ski is made of a variety of high-quality components, including two sheets of Titanal, a new carbon fiber chassis, and the previously stated enlarged wood core. It also features a fantastic all-mountain-friendly form.

Although the visuals weren’t universally adored, they are also reasonably harmless and appeal to a wide range of people.


I tested the Nordica Enforcer 94 in the 179-centimeter length at 5’9″ and 155 pounds, and it worked perfectly for me. As I indicated above, it felt comfortable from the very first run, and it falls perfectly in the middle of my desired length range (mid/high 170s to 180cm). In addition, I never thought that stability required additional length (plus, weight would go up by sizing up, which impacts performance in tight spaces).

To ensure that most individuals can find a suitable match, it’s important to note that Nordica provides the ski in a total of five lengths, ranging from 165 to 191 cm, at reasonably close intervals. Finally, each length has a distinct form and turn radius (for example, shrinking the 172 would have modified the specifications to 126.5-94-114.5mm and a smaller 16.1m turn radius).


  • Is amongst the most well-rounded all-mountain skis available. Is quite secure even at powerful speeds and boosts your confidence in a wide range of conditions. 
  • Although the Enforcer has carbon fiber chassis, it still has a natural feel that’s smooth as well as predictable. 
  • It’s fairly easy to get on edge. The Nordica Enforcer 94 is highly comfortable on all quick and precise turns. 


  • The Enforcer needs some effort to drive off-piste. In particular, the stiff tail can be extremely unforgiving. 
  • Ex-racers and people accustomed to highly rigid construction will probably desire a little bit more stiffness and power.
  • Although this is completely subjective, the designs and color schemes aren’t the most fascinating.

Now The Competition

The Enforcer from Nordica has long been one of our favorite all-mountain models, and the most recent updates only enhance its already exceptional performance. Volkl’s Mantra is one of Enforcer’s longtime rivals and one of our top choices. The Volkl, which will be updated to the M6 for 2022, has a lot in common with the Enforcer, including a damp and competent ride that performs admirably in a diverse variety of circumstances.

Although it’s not very noteworthy in powder, the M6 Mantra has a broader tip (135mm vs. 127mm for the Nordica) and a little larger waist. However, the heavier design does provide it a bit more traction on a hardpack while traveling at peak speed. The Nordica, on the other hand, is more maneuverable and forgiving over bumps. Where your priorities lay should sway you one way or the other; we give the Enforcer the advantage due to his more widespread appeal.


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