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Best Time To Visit Savannah GA – A Travel Guide


Hello Hello… Greetings From The Wonderful Savannah, Romantic City Of Georgia!

Are you planning to visit Savannah, one of America’s most romantic cities? Savannah is a one-of-a-kind tourist attraction. This well-known Georgia city attracts visitors with its gardening, architecture, and other features.

Summer brings with it not just crowds but also expensive accommodation rates and practically excruciating heat and humidity. These things can make it difficult for travelers to get from one destination to the next.


In the winters, the months of January and February are considered low season, which means that temperatures will be cooler and hotel rates will be lower.

However, Savannah is best visited in the fall, from mid-September to mid-November, when it is less congested and accommodation rates are lower.

Savannah provides something different to visitors each season. There’s never a dull moment in the city, no matter what time of year it is. When choosing the best time to go to Savannah GA, review our travel guide information to consider and select the ones that are most relevant to you.


Is there ever a time when you shouldn’t come, or when you should take extra precautions? In this guide, I’m gonna also assist you with that!

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Vaccinate Yourself. Get a Boost. Put on a Mask. Take a Test. And Travel Well!


Please check the most recent travel restrictions before arranging any trip during COVID-19, and always follow Savannah Travel Updates regarding COVID-19. Things may alter.

Best Time Of Year To Visit Savannah Georgia

To be honest, visiting Savannah, GA at any time of year is a brilliant idea.

Savannah is a lovely location all year. In the city, each season provides something fresh to explore and cherish. These different seasons have something to offer, such as festivals and events, pleasant weather, fewer crowds, or lower pricing.

Spring is perhaps the finest time to visit Savannah since it flowers, but the fall months are a close second because they have many sunny days and temperatures that are pleasant but not oppressively so.

When Is The Best Times To Visit Savannah Georgia
(A Year in Review)
The Best Times To Visit Savannah - Ideal WeatherWarm temperatures pull the tree leaves and azalea blossoms out of hibernation from March to July, making it the best time to go to Savannah.
Best Time to Visit Savannah To Enjoy FestivalsMost of Savannah's major events take place during the spring and fall seasons.
Best Time to Visit Savannah For FlowersLate March to early April
Cheapest Time To Visit SavannahSummer Season
Best Time To Visit Savannah To Avoid CrowdsWinter Season

About Savannah, GA - The Romantic City Of Georgia

Savannah is a long-established city known across the country for its stunning coastline views, well-preserved architecture, and rich, active history. While some aspects of Savannah’s past are well-known, such as Juliette Gordon Low’s life and the famous Forrest Gump scene, others are less well-known.

It’s a pedestrian-friendly favorite for the entire family, and it’s a touch more inexpensive than Charleston and a little less raucous than New Orleans. It was one of the first planned cities, with grids interlaced with squares.

Things To Do In Savannah
  • Plant Riverside District
  • Bonaventure Cemetery
  • Historic downtown
  • Museums
  • Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
  • Ghost Coast Distillery
  • Tybee Island
  • Shopping
  • The Georgia Queen Riverboat
  • PinPoint Heritage Museum
Where To Stay In Savannah, GA?
  • Perry Lane Hotel
  • River Street Inn
  • Mansion on Forsyth Park
  • The Kimpton Brice Hotel
  • Bohemian Hotel Savannah Riverfront
  • Hamilton-Turner Inn
  • The Kehoe House
  • Foley House Inn
  • The Gastonian
  • Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa

Savannah, GA - Travel Seasons

In the fall, sweltering summer temperatures cool down to pleasant levels, making it great for exploring on foot or on two wheels.

Bring a coat and come in the winter to avoid the crowd entirely, and duck from historic house to historic house while you explore the attractions.

On the other hand, there’s the spring peak season, when the city overflows with visitors, but seeing the azaleas in full bloom makes it all worthwhile.

If you can stand the heat, peak summer is a great time to visit because the scorching temperatures force everyone out of town to the local beaches.

Savannah, Georgia offers three distinct travel seasons (Listed Below) based on the number of visitors and activities available. Read the information below to determine which season is best for you to visit the city.

High Season
(March To June)
Best Time To Visit Savannah For Music Festivals
The weather is at its best in the late spring or early summer peak season.
Spring flowers are blooming in the streets.
The heat and humidity haven't reached blistering levels yet, but the days are becoming warmer.
ALERT: Large crowds and greater pricing are to be expected.
Don’t Miss: Savannah's famous azaleas are in full bloom in the city's historic districts, while following music festivals are in full swing.
  • The Savannah Stopover Festival
  • Savannah Music Festival
Low Season
(January, February, & July to mid-September)
Best time for avoiding the crowds
Savannah is never genuinely cold; snow only appears once every generation or so.
However, The colder temps imply fewer visitors and a quieter city overall.
Winter is still a beautiful time to stay indoors, and with fewer people around.
Don’t Miss: It's a great time to see the city's many ancient buildings and the Telfair Museums. If you're feeling really brave, join the Polar Plunge on Tybee Island, where locals dip into the frigid (at least for Georgia) ocean to celebrate New Year's Day.
ALERT: Summer is the other tranquil period. In Savannah, summer is extremely hot, and humid, so you'll break a sweat doing anything. Enjoy beaches near the savannah as the locals do.
Shoulder Season
(Mid-September To November)
Best time for exploring the outdoors
Fall is a great time to be in Savannah, with the summer heat breaking and the humidity dropping. With pleasant days and plenty of sunshine, this is ideal sightseeing weather. Explore on foot or by renting a bike.
The days leading up to Halloween are also a great time to visit Savannah, as there is plenty of spooky legend to be found in the city's ancient sections and eerie old houses aplenty in the Victorian District.
From kid's costume parties to twenty-something bar crawls and dinner party tours of Bonaventure Cemetery, there's plenty of organized Halloween entertainment.

Savannah, GA - Weather-based Seasonal Guide

Savannah is a nice year-round resort with a diverse choice of activities. Every season offers something new to discover. Based on your priorities, here’s a seasonal breakdown of when the best time to visit Savannah is.

Savannah, Georgia experiences different seasons.

(September To November)
Fall is unquestionably the most popular time to visit Savannah, GA.
Pleasant Weather & Less Crowd
Savannah's fall weather is ideal for wandering about the city! In November, the leaves begin to change color, and the city is usually not packed.
The city's attractiveness is enhanced by the falling leaves. You won't have to stand in long lines or deal with crowds in this season. The ideal time to visit Savannah, GA is in the fall, when the city is at its most beautiful.
Weather: Summer's heat and humidity tend to linger well into September and October. The weather cools down in the early morning and late evening hours, making October slightly better.
When November arrives, the daytime temperatures begin to drop significantly. It's also Savannah's driest month of the year.
Keep In Mind While Visiting In The FallClear, sunny days, low humidity, frightening Halloween decor, tasty fall delicacies, and enough ghost tours to keep you busy for days are just a few of the attractions.
Don’t Miss: It's impossible to talk about fall in Savannah without mentioning Halloween. Savannah is regarded for being one of America's most haunted cities, so there are lots of spooky events all year. The number of activities only increases at the end of October! One popular one is Wag-O-Ween, which allows you to include your animal pals.
ALERT: The only drawbacks that come to mind are hurricanes or the rare mandatory evacuation due to a hurricane.
(December To February)
To Avoid The Crowd, winter is an excellent time to visit Savannah
The winter season is the most romantic season to visit. Because the Christmas lights are so wonderful. During the holidays, everything is so wonderfully decorated!
If you can handle the cold by bundling up and keeping an eye on your money, you can get a terrific deal in the winter. In comparison to the rest of the country, the winter months are quite pleasant in Savannah.
Weather: Snow is nearly unheard of in this area. January is by far the coldest month, however, winter doesn't persist long in this part of the country. By mid-February, the tulip trees had begun to blossom, followed by the azaleas.
Keep In Mind While Visiting In The WinterThe weeks running up to Christmas are best, however, late February is also a good time to visit since you can see the flowers blooming before the pollen is at its peak.
Don’t Miss: During the Christmas season, Savannah looks like something out of a Dickens novel, complete with carolers serenading residences in the Historic District. It's absolutely magical, from the cathedral to the squares to Broughton Street.
ALERT: Most home tours and museums stop about 6 p.m., so there aren't many things to do after dark. So, small days can make your exploration limited.
(March, April & May)
The most popular season for tourism in Savannah is spring.
Spring is azalea season, and it's without a doubt the most beautiful season to visit Savannah!.
The savannah is also beautiful in the springtime. It's the ideal area to spend a day exploring because of the well-kept gardens and charming cobblestone streets.
In Savannah, you'll also find fascinating squares, landmarks, churches, and fantastic restaurants.
Weather: The weather in Savannah is pleasant in March and April, but by the beginning of May, our characteristic Southern heat and humidity have arrived.
Keep in mind While Visiting In The SpringSpring is when the city hosts some of the year's most important events.
Don’t Miss: With seas of bright azaleas in bloom, Savannah looks magnificent, and the weather seems tailor-made for leisurely strolls through the Historic District. It's without a doubt the most beautiful time of year to visit.
  • The exorbitant costs for accommodations
  • The congestion due to a large number of visitors
  • The pollen that adheres to every surface
(June to August)
Savannah experiences extreme heat and humidity during the summer months.
If summertime is your only chance to visit Savannah on vacations, Plan to spend the majority of your time outside exploring in the morning. This season is the best for vacationing in Savannah, GA. And Use the air conditioning during the hottest part of the day.
When the heat reaches the extreme, and just a visitor thinks it can't get much worse, the rainy season arrives.
Weather: The months of June, July, and August are the hottest in Savannah. That's right, it's scorching hot throughout summer. I actually mean it when I say it's a different sort of heat! Savannah is a seaside city, thus the weather is hot and humid.
Keep In Mind While Visiting In The SummerDon’t Miss: There are numerous old houses and sites to see, which will keep you cool during the day. Plus, the beach is only a 20-minute drive away!
In summer, vacation packages to savannah are reasonable.
ALERT: The heat is suffocating, and the humidity is unbearable. Summer is a major tourism season in the United States. Crime rates tend to spike in the summer. The pests are significantly worse in the summer.
When it comes to liquids, it's critical to stay hydrated in the heat. Carry a water bottle with you at all times so you can refill it.

Savannah, GA Climate- Weather Guide Month By Month

What is the best month of the year for traveling to Savannah, Georgia? Each month, the weather in Savannah, GA brings a different set of experiences. Every month’s temperature and rainfall are listed in detail here. Festivals and events are also featured to help you decide whether or not to visit Savannah.

There will be plenty of adventure and excitement in store regardless of when you visit the Historic District!

JulyThe Hottest Month
JanuaryThe coolest Month
AugustThe Rainiest Month
NovemberThe Driest Month

Savannah GA’s Average Daily Daylight Hours


Savannah, GA Climate – Monthly Weather Forecast

Savannah, GA Climate - Monthly Weather Forecast

Savannah, GA Climate – Monthly Rainfall

Savannah, GA Climate - Monthly Rainfall

1) January

During the first month of the year, the city’s “Slow-Vannah” moniker comes to life — it’s the off-season, but winter weather is often moderate, so excursions to downtown attractions are still possible.

January Weather In Savannah GA

Savannah’s coldest month is January, which also happens to be the city’s peak winter month. Savannah does not get snow, however slick conditions are possible in the evenings.

Min (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)

January Events

  • Martin Luther King Day Parade
  • Tybee Island Polar Plunge

2) February

If you want to escape the springtime crowds, February is a fantastic time to visit Savannah. Camellias bloom in the winter as a precursor to the azalea blooming season, which begins in March.

February Weather In Savannah GA

For the final months of Savannah’s winter, the average high and low temperatures rise by a few degrees in February.

Min (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)

February Events

  • Black Heritage Festival (February 1-20)
  • Savannah Book Festival (February 17-20)

3) March

Spring has arrived in full force, with azaleas, cherry blossoms, and other flowers blooming in Forsyth Park and the city’s 22 squares.

March Weather In Savannah GA

In March, spring arrives in Savannah, bringing with it milder weather. Even in the evenings, when temperatures are expected to be below freezing, thick sweaters are still required.

Min (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)

March Events

  • Savannah Stopover
  • St Patrick’s Day Parade
  • Savannah Music Festival

4) April

With the exception of March’s St Patrick’s Day celebrations, the spring high season begins with more tourists than any other month. It’s a terrific time to start going to the beach because the weather is sunny and near-perfect.

April Weather In Savannah GA

Temperatures rise even more in April. Many of the spring foliage and flowers are at their peak during this month, making it one of the greatest times to visit Savannah’s gardens and fruiting trees.

Min (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)

April Events

  • Savannah Music Festival
  • North of Gaston Street Tour of Hidden Gardens

5) May

In May, the weather begins to warm up, and beach season is well started. Both locals and visitors go to the beach over Memorial Day weekend, so get there early to secure a nice location on the sand.

May Weather In Savannah GA

In Savannah, the month of May marks the end of the spring season. The average high temperature rises dramatically.

Min (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)

May Events

  • Tybee Wine Festival
  • Savannah Scottish Games
  • SCAD Sand Arts Festival

6) June

Around the end of May or the beginning of June, the weather begins to heat up, and SCAD graduation draws a large crowd. Tourism significantly slows down once the students have left.

June Weather In Savannah GA

June is the first of the summer months in Savannah, with high temperature averages.

Min (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)

June Events

  • Juneteenth Free Family Day

7) July

The dog days of summer are hot, sticky, and humid, with little going on on the ground save for July 4th celebrations downtown and on Tybee.

July Weather In Savannah GA

The hottest month in Savannah is July when average high temperatures reach their highest point. Summers in Savannah can be hot and humid, so shady activities are preferred during this time.

Min (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)

July Events

  • River Street Fourth of July Celebration
  • Savannah Bananas season kicks off

8) August

The days of Savannah’s hottest month are long and sluggish. The beach is a good place to go for refuge, although the water isn’t as refreshing as you might expect. Stick to the air conditioning and a pitcher of sweet tea.

August Weather In Savannah GA

Despite being the second hottest month of the year, August brings the most rain to Savannah.

Min (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)

August Events

  • Gourmet Seafood & Spirits Festival

9) September

Locals are pleading for the hot weather to ease off, but all they’re getting are daily afternoon thunderstorms. It’s hurricane season, after all. At the very least, the rain (kind of) helps to cool things down throughout the day.

September Weather In Savannah GA

In September, summer gives way to fall, as temperatures drop back into the 80s.

Min (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)

September Events

  • PinPoint Seafood Festival
  • Taste of Soul Food Festival
  • Savannah Jazz Festival

10) October

This month draws people back to the city in droves, thanks to moderate, pleasant weather and more festivals and events than at any other time of year. In this frightening, actual ghost town, Halloween is a howl.

October Weather In Savannah GA

With the fall season in full swing, October brings lower temperatures to Savannah.

Min (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)

October Events

  • Savannah Pride, Oktoberfest
  • Tybee Island Pirate Fest
  • Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival
  • Savannah Greek Festival
  • Shalom Y’all Jewish Food Festival
  • Savannah Film Festival

11) November

The weather in Savannah is still warm and dry in the fall, making it a fantastic time to explore and sit in the city’s squares. Early in the month, the popular Rock and Roll Marathon attracts a large number of tourists.

November Weather In Savannah GA

The weather cools down in November, the last month of the fall season. November is also the year’s driest month.

Min (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)

November Events

  • Rock ’n’ Roll Savannah
  • Telfair Art Fair
  • Savannah Food and Wine Festival
  • Phil the Park

12) December

In the month of December, During the holiday season, smaller crowds allow for a much more relaxing visit. Although the weather can be a little cool at times, bright days are common and ideal for sightseeing.

December Weather In Savannah GA

December is Savannah’s second coldest month of the year.

Min (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)

December Events

  • Tybee New Year’s Eve Fireworks
  • Christmas on the River

FAQs - Know Everything Before Traveling To Savannah, GA

What To Visit In Savannah, GA?

Where to go and what to visit in Savannah are very important to make your tour valuable. Start your tour with the following list of Savannah’s top attractions.

  • Bull Street
  • Forsyth Park
  • National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force
  • Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
  • Squares of Savannah
  • Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace
  • Bonaventure Cemetery

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Charleston?

Charleston is a welcoming community with a rich history and southern hospitality like Savannah. It is only a 2 hours drive from savannah. The best time to visit Charleston is fall and spring.

Wrap Up - When Is The Best Time To Visit Savannah, GA?

Savannah holds a number of events throughout the year. You have complete control when it comes to choosing the perfect time to visit Savannah.

Each season, on the other hand, offers its own set of attractions. We’ve explained each season, month, and event in this travel guide. As a result, selecting the finest option and meticulously planning your holiday will be a breeze.

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