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When Is The Best Time To Visit Cabo? | Season & Month Based Guide


Are you planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas and aren’t sure when is the best time? A beach vacation is always a wonderful choice, and Los Cabos will exceed your expectations with its warm tropical weather and coastal activities. So, find out when is the best time to go to Cabo San Lucas with us.

The best time to visit Cabo San Lucas is anytime you choose, but before you go, you should learn everything there is to know about Cabo. Every season brings something different to Cabo visitors. And, honestly, a trip to Cabo is ideal at any time of year.

The best time to go to Cabo San Lucas is likely to be determined by your aims. Our experts have put up a comprehensive travel guide and we’ll look at the most cost-effective times of the year, the greatest weather, what is the best month to go to Cabo, and other aspects to think about before making a decision when to visit Cabo.

The following article will offer advice on the ideal time to travel to Cabo San Lucas.

At the end of the trip guide, you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Cabo. Take a look!

Let’s dive in!

The Best Times To Go To Cabo San Lucas

Many of the best things to do in Cabo and best things to do with friends in Cabo are year-round activities, while some are season-specific and demand forward planning.

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When Is The Best Time To Visit Los Cabos– Summary
The Best Time To Travel To CaboWhat is the best month to visit Cabo San Lucas? The best time to travel to Cabos San Lucas is between May and June when the winter tourists have dispersed and the summer storms have yet to arrive.
Cabo Best Time To Visit Pleasant MonthsOctober and November are also pleasant months for a trip, but if you want to save money, you'll need to start looking for a hotel early.
Best Time To Travel To Los Cabos For Families & KidsMay through July, following Spring Break and before the rainy season, are the greatest months for a family vacation. Los Cabos boasts fantastic weather and family-friendly activities virtually all year, but there are two times of the year that families should avoid: the rainy, hot season in August and September, and the rainy, hot season in October and November.
Best Time To Go To Los Cabos To See WhalesEarly January through March is the ideal period to watch whales and whale sharks. The season for whale sharks spans from October through March. The majority of whale shark tour companies are headquartered in La Paz, which is about a two-hour drive from Los Cabos, so guests will need to arrange their own transportation.
Whale Shark cruises allow visitors to get up and personal with these massive fish through free diving and snorkeling, but scuba tanks are not permitted. Early morning trips have smaller waves and a lower risk of seasickness. Whales are most active in the afternoon, but the boat journey is frequently turbulent later in the day.
Best Time Of Year To Go To Cabo For FishingIf you enjoy fishing, visit in the late summer or fall.
Best Time Of Year To Visit Cabo San Lucas For Snorkeling and DivingFrom early October to early November is the greatest season for snorkeling and diving. The water is at its warmest from late July to early November, clarity is at its best from early October to the end of November, and waves are smaller in September and November. As winter approaches, October and November are some of the finest months to see whale sharks, who begin to congregate in the area.
Best Time To Travel To Cabo San Lucas For SurfingThe months of June through August are ideal for surfing in Los Cabos. Waves are steady at most beaches on both the Sea of Cortez and Pacific sides, thanks to Southern Hemisphere swells.
Between April and October, good surfing for Los Cabos' Sea of Cortez beaches, including Old Man's, Zippers, and The Rock, can be found.
Best Times To Go To Cabo For Avoiding CrowdsThe rainy season in August and September is the greatest time to avoid crowds. There are the most gloomy days and a minor possibility of hurricanes during these two months. However, with only an 18% probability of rain, there are still plenty of bright days ahead.
Beaches will be almost deserted, pubs and restaurants will be quieter, and hotels will frequently offer discounts. May and June, right after Spring Break and before the rainy season, are other wonderful months to visit because there are fewer people around.
Best Time Of Year To Go To Cabo San Lucas For Exploring The OutdoorThe months of mid-December through May are ideal for exploring Los Cabos outdoors. Most of the time, high temperatures range from 23 to 25°C, and rain is uncommon, with April and May being particularly dry.
This is the greatest season to visit Sierra de la Laguna for
  • Hiking and camping
  • Adventure parks with zip lines and ATVs
  • Cycling through the San Jose Estuary
  • The San Jose Art Walk, which takes place every Thursday night from November through June

ALERT – Hurricane Season

The hurricane season in the Pacific spans from mid-May through November. Cabo has seen hurricanes make landfall in the region, despite the fact that the city usually only sees tropical storms during hurricane season.

About Cabo San Lucas – A Resort City Known For Beaches

Along the Baja California peninsula, the Los Cabos area has some of the best sightseeing, tourist attractions, and sites of interest. The stunning El Arco at Cabo San Lucas is one of the region’s most recognizable natural landmarks, and it serves as the starting point for many exciting activities such as whale watching.

Visitors on vacation can consult any guide map for information on the greatest tours, historical sites, and other attractions to see during their time in paradise.

The Arch Of Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas’ Arch is one of the most well-known landmarks in the area. It is known for the rugged taffy-colored El Arco (The Arch) rock formation that emerges from the water near the point of the Baja Peninsula where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez.

El Arco, commonly known as Land’s End, is a well-known tourist attraction that has been the subject of many holiday photographs. Land’s End is without a doubt one of Cabo San Lucas’ most popular attractions. You can either ask the skipper to drop you down there and arrange a pick-up time, or you can take in the view from your boat of the famous golden arch. Along the way, you’ll witness lazy sea lions lounging on the rocks.

The Beaches

The Following beaches are ideal for surfing and whale watching in the winter.

  • Migrio
  • Todos Santos
  • Pescadero

Surrounding Areas Of Los Cabos

  • Villages like Migrio, Candelaria, Todos Santos, and Pescadero are less than an hour distant from Los Cabos on the Pacific side.
  • Trekking and ATV excursions are available all year in Candelaria, where you can see a true oasis in the desert.
  • The cities of Santiago and Miraflores are around 30 kilometers north of San Jose del Cabo.
  • Traditional ways of the locals can be observed, local crafts can be purchased, and delicious food can be enjoyed.
  • Mountain riding, trekking, and a visit to the “Sol de Mayo” waterfall are all activities that should not be missed. There are also thermal waters, which are great for unwinding.

Vacation In Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo, about two hours from San Jose del Cabo, is a hidden gem on the East Cape. It is a protected National Marine Park that has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it is the only hard coral reef in the Gulf of California.

Vacation In Todos Santos

Todos Santos is a town on the Pacific coast of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, about an hour from Cabo San Lucas. Beautiful colonial structures, Mexican art and crafts, and superb traditional regional food prepared largely with local materials make it a “Pueblo Magico” (Magical Town). Its uncrowded beaches are perfect for relaxation, day trips, and surfing.

Vacation In San José del Cabo

The Pericles, an ancient civilization of quick runners and tireless walkers, existed in the Los Cabos region long before tourism. They lived in the San Jose del Cabo estuary, surrounded by birds and palm trees, as gatherers, fishermen, and hunters. They were known to believe in Niparaja, a higher being.

Travel Seasons Of Los Cabos

There are the following three categories of travel seasons:

High Season – December To April
(Los Cabos' most popular travel seasons are winter and spring)
December Through FebruaryFrom December through February, there are plenty of sunny days and warm temperatures, with highs of around 23°C. Humpback whales are calving, while Gray Whales and Whale Sharks are passing through. The best time to go to Cabo San Lucas is in winter for snowbirds and families to travel.
March and AprilStudents from the United States and Canada travel in droves for Spring Break in March and April, bringing with them a slew of partygoers. During certain months, expect to deal with enormous crowds and spend top money on flights, hotels, and tours.
Shoulder Season – May To June & October To November
(May, June, October, and November are the greatest months for beautiful weather, fewer people, and reasonable accommodation rates.)
May and JuneMay and June are excellent months to look for deals after the peak season and before the rainy summer. May is the driest month of the year, with high temperatures in the upper 20s.
October and NovemberThe months of October and November are also pleasant, with warm sea temperatures. The arrival of the first whales and fishing contests make this a busier time of year than May and June, but still not as hectic as the months ahead.
Tips: To get the greatest rates on Fall vacation, book early.
Low Season – July To September
(Summer is typically a quieter time to visit Los Cabos, making it ideal for discovering great hotel bargains and avoiding the crowds.)
July To SeptemberThese months, on the other hand, are the warmest, rainiest, and muggiest of the year. Most afternoons, the temperature rises beyond 30°C.
The chances of a storm are modest, but they are higher now than at any other time of year. Rain will fall on about 20% of the days, especially in August and September.

Cabo San Lucas - Travel Guide Month By Month

Los Cabos is recognized for its mild weather and bright skies, and while the city never sees snow, it does go through seasonal changes.

When you look at the weather in Cabo San Lucas by month, you’ll notice that temperatures and precipitation levels climb and fall, and you can use this information to determine the best time to visit Los Cabos based on the events and activities you want to do and how you want to spend your holiday.

Regardless of when you arrive, there will be plenty of adventure and excitement in store!

AugustThe Hottest Month
Late January & Early FebruaryThe coolest Months
August & SeptemberThe Most Rainy
Late July Through Early NovemberWater temperatures are warmest
April & MayThe Driest Month

1) January

January is a good time to go to Cabo San Lucas? January is one of the chilly months of the year, but it’s still pretty pleasant, with highs around 25°C and lows around 19°C at night. Rain is rare, only happening once or twice a month.

On most days, there aren’t many clouds. For the cool desert evenings, it’s a good idea to bring a light sweater or jacket. The water temperatures are chilly, but the cooler temperatures have the benefit of attracting the first Gray Whales of the season.

January Weather In Los Cabo

JanuaryMin (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Precipitation (mm)

January Events In Los Cabo

January Events
  • Feast Day of San Antonio de Abad - The patron saint of animals is San Antonio de Abad. Animals are permitted into churches for a blessing on this day.
  • Ventana Classic - Five days of competitive kitesurfing, windsurfing, and SUP racing, as well as a variety of seminars taught by pros.

2) February

What are the things to do in Cabo San Lucas in February? As January turns to February, the weather in Los Cabos is fairly consistent, but you’ll still need a jacket for the cooler mornings and nights, especially if you plan on eating on the beach or going out on the ocean. Because the water temperature at Cabo San Lucas is at its lowest in the winter, it’s not the best time to visit if you want to go scuba diving. If you travel in February, though, a bulky wetsuit will help you keep warm.

February Weather In Los Cabo

FebruaryMin (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Precipitation (mm)

February Events In Los Cabo

February Events
  • San Jose Jazz Weekend - San Jose Jazz Weekend features two evenings of live jazz by local, national, and international musicians. From 5 to 11 p.m., this popular and rising concert series takes place at Plaza del Pescador in San Jose's Hotel Zone.
  • Carnaval - This massive six-day festival is traditionally the final hurrah before Lent's fasting weeks.
  • Todos Santos Open Studios Tour - Todos Santos is noted for its lovely, boho aesthetic and art galleries. It is one of Mexico's Pueblos Mágicos. Every year, for two days, artists of all mediums open their studio doors to the public and welcome them inside their creative spaces.

3) March

In March, the average temperature will begin to gradually rise up, with typical highs in the 80s. The whales will migrate north before the temperatures increase any higher, so if you’re expecting to see them, March will be your final chance.

While the outside temperature rises, the ocean surface temperature drops to 21°C, the coldest month of the year, however the courageous can still swim in it. Until the next winter season, this is the last month to snorkel with whale sharks.

March Weather In Los Cabo

MarchMin (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Precipitation (mm)

March Events In Los Cabo

March Events
  • Gala de Danza - This yearly performing arts event brings together some of the world's best dancers, choreographers, and musicians.
  • Festival de Cine de Todos Santos - Todos Santos Film Festival has been screening the greatest new dramas, documentaries, and short films from Mexico and Latin America since 2004, with a special focus on local, Baja creators.
  • San José Festival - An eleven-day celebration honoring San José, the city's patron saint. On weekends, parades, carnivals, and rodeos are added to the festivities, which begin with parties and music.

4) April

While April showers bring May flowers in certain parts of the world, the Los Cabos Mexico weather forecast for April shows no storms or showers. April is one of the driest months of the year, with little or no rain and fewer clouds than previous months.

The greatest time to visit Cabo for families and kids who want to experience the city before it heats up is during spring break from school. The average high temperature in April is around 84°F. This month, the penultimate month of the Humpback Whale season, the water temperatures are still cold.

April Weather In Los Cabo

AprilMin (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Precipitation (mm)

April Events In Los Cabo

April Events
  • Da de Los Nios - This annual celebration commemorates the value of children in society on April 30.
  • Paws ‘n Claws Open Golf Tournament - Paws 'n Claws (Paws 'n Claws) Los Cabos Humane Society hosts an annual golf tournament and BBQ to benefit the organization. Teams can sign up to play 18 holes on the Palmilla Golf Course followed by a BBQ at Acre, an upscale farm-to-table restaurant, or supporters can just eat.

5) May

In May, the days are warm, and the evenings are pleasant; most nights do not require a jacket. With an average high of 86°F in May, you’ll be able to feel summer in Cabo, and you’ll be able to leave your jacket at home. This also means that the water temperature at Los Cabos is beginning to climb, and with no rain in the forecast, it’s the ideal time to begin diving.

May Weather In Los Cabo

MayMin (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Precipitation (mm)

May Events In Los Cabo

May Events
  • GastroVino Food and Wine Festival: This three-day festival in Todos Santos features unique activities at the city's greatest restaurants, as well as wineries from all across Baja.
  • Cinco de Mayo - Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday commemorating Mexico's victory over France in the Battle of Puebla, not Mexican Independence Day. This holiday is not observed in Mexico outside of Puebla.

6) June

June has the clearest skies, with nearly no clouds until the end of the month, however, the air is muggy. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen with you! This is one of the dry months of the year, with little rain.

The Los Cabos International Film Festival took place in June. With beautiful skies and temperatures in the low 90s, vacationers prefer to spend their days snorkeling, swimming, and lazing by the pool in Mexico.

Tourism is normally slower when winter visitors return home, making it the ideal time to come if you want to avoid crowds.

June Weather In Los Cabo

JuneMin (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Precipitation (mm)

June Events In Los Cabo

June Events
  • Los Cabos Open of Surf - The Los Cabos Open of Surf is Mexico's most prominent men's and women's surfing championship, attracting big crowds from across the world.
  • The Stars & Stripes Tournament - The Stars & Stripes Event is an annual deep-sea fishing (striped marlin) and golf tournament with a music festival thrown in.
  • Fiesta de la Msica - Every year on June 21, the solstice, a live music festival takes place in 120 countries around the world. This event is free and takes place across San Jose's Art District.

7) July

The savings on all-inclusive holiday packages are increasing as the summer temperatures climb. If you check the weather in Los Cabos by month, you’ll notice that July has some of the hottest averages, so remain cool in the ocean and with an icy drink.

July is also a great time to save money on flights and resort stays because of decreased tourist rates. As hurricane season approaches at the end of the month, you might expect a few rainy days. The rains, on the other hand, are brief and predictable, making it simple to schedule your day around them.

July Weather In Los Cabo

JulyMin (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Precipitation (mm)

July Events In Los Cabo

July Events
  • Festival of St. James - The Festival of St. James honors St. James, Spain's patron saint who is credited with bringing Catholicism to Mexico. In art, the saint is sometimes shown riding a white horse.
  • Fiesta of the Virgin of Carmen - The Virgin of Carmen Fiesta is a day-long celebration honoring the Virgin Mary as Mexico's protector. The festival begins with a morning march of children, their mothers, and puppeteers.

8) August

August is one of the wettest months of the year, and it is also hurricane season. The majority of hurricanes do not make landfall on the Baja Peninsula’s tip, but tropical storms do occur on occasion. If you visit during a tropical storm season, be prepared to enjoy indoor activities such as shopping, spa days, and cooking classes.

The month of August falls fully inside hurricane season, but major storms are uncommon. Although the ocean water is still warm enough to swim in and the surf is still good, many tour providers close during this month. It’s a good idea to make plans for rainy days.

August Weather In Los Cabo

AugustMin (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Precipitation (mm)

August Events In Los Cabo

August Events
  • The Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - It is observed at both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose, and commemorates the Virgin Mary's ascent to heaven.
  • Bisbee's East Cape Offshore Tournament - A five-day fishing tournament held at Buenavista, about an hour north of San Jose. Three days of deep sea fishing for marlin, tuna, and dorado are included in the event.
  • The Los Cabos Open (Abierto Mexicano de Tenis) - It is one of Mexico's most prominent men's tennis tournaments. It takes place over six days on outdoor hard courts, with a prize pool of $800,000 USD on the line.

9) September

September has four wet days on average, the same as August, but with nearly twice the amount of rain. When looking at the weather in Cabo San Lucas by month, September has the same heat and rain as August.

To stay cool, spend as much time as possible at the beach or in the pool, and take advantage of the pleasant weather during the day before the rain arrives. Even if the weather isn’t great for certain guests, there will be plenty of time to spend outside experiencing Cabo’s natural beauty before retreating indoors to rest.

September Weather In Los Cabo

SeptemberMin (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Precipitation (mm)

September Events In Los Cabo

September Events
  • Mexican Independence Day - Expect large crowds in both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose starting on September 15th at night. Cabo is more of a wild party town, but San Jose is more of a classic festival town.
  • Charro Day - The morning begins with parades of charros, or Mexican cowboys, dressed in traditional garb and riding horses that have been groomed and decorated as well. Rodeos, bullfighting, calf roping, and dancing into the night continue the day's festivities with superb food.

10) October

What is Cabo San Lucas weather in October? The average temperature in Los Cabos in October will remain warm, although rainfall will be greatly reduced. What are the things to do in Cabo San Lucas in October? This temperature indicates that the water temperature in Cabo San Lucas will be ideal for diving, although visibility may be limited due to the recent rain. Consult a Cabo diving master to find out which locations are excellent in October.

Rain showers, on the other hand, grow increasingly rare as the month progresses, usually occurring only once or twice in the start of the month. The first couple of weeks are mostly overcast.

October Weather In Los Cabo

OctoberMin (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Precipitation (mm)

October Events In Los Cabo

October Events
  • Fiesta de Cabo San Lucas - This celebration, which takes place on October 18, honors St. Luke, the patron saint of Cabo San Lucas.
  • Los Cabos Billfish Tournament - Three days of competitive deep sea fishing are included in the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament, which is a five-day event.
  • Bisbee's Black & Blue Marlin Tournament - This is the year's largest fishing tournament, with millions of dollars on the line and huge crowds flocking to Cabo San Lucas.

11) November

In November, the weather begins to cool significantly, and the humidity level reduces to a pleasant level on most days. Rain is scarce, with only one light shower expected this month.

What are the things to do in Cabo in November? November will begin to seem cooler, but with highs still in the 80s, it’s still a great time to go hiking, ziplining or horseback riding. In the afternoons, nothing beats plunging under the waves and lounging in the pool. As a result of the pleasant weather, more tourists will arrive, and the tourist season will begin to ramp up.

November Weather In Los Cabo

NovemberMin (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Precipitation (mm)

November Events In Los Cabo

November Events
  • Revolution Day (Da de la Revolución) - On November 20, festivities commemorate the beginning of the Mexican Revolution in 1910.
  • Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) - On November 1-2, in commemoration of deceased family and friends, celebrations are held across the Los Cabos area.
  • Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot Tournament - Tuna Jackpot Tournament in Los Cabos: A four-day tournament featuring two days of competitive fishing. Cocktail parties, mariachi music, and other evening activities are common.

12) December

In December, the biggest month for travel, comfortable day and nighttime temperatures and low humidity return. Rain is uncommon, occurring about once a month on average, while around half of the days will be gloomy or partly cloudy.

The coldest temperatures will arrive in Los Cabos just in time for Christmas. What are the things to do in Los Cabos in December? With bright skies and temperatures in the upper 70s, you can spend your Christmas day lounging down under the shade of palm trees. Early morning walks on the beach and sunset excursions, especially if you’re going out to watch the whales, may require a light jacket as the mornings and evenings begin to cool.

December Weather In Los Cabo

DecemberMin (°C)Max (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Precipitation (mm)

December Events In Los Cabo

December Events
  • Sabor a Cabo Restaurant and Food Festival - The largest food festival in the area, with over 50 restaurants participating.
  • The Feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe - It is a Mexican Catholic feast day held on December 12th to commemorate the Virgin Mary's appearance on Tepeyac Hill in Mexico City.
  • Christmas Posadas - From December 16 to 24, a nine-day event celebrating Mary and Joseph's trip from Nazareth to Bethlehem. After visitors are permitted admission to the "inn," candlelit processions and reenactments proceed from house to house with parties, food, and piatas.

FAQs - Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting Cabo San Lucas

Is It Safe To Travel To Los Cabos?

Los Cabos has received the World Travel and Tourism Council’s Safe Travels Stamp, making it one of the safest vacation destinations in terms of health and sanitation. While other areas expect COVID-19 cases to rise during the winter when everyone is stuck inside, a winter vacation in Cabo San Lucas means days spent outside. So, Los Cabos is a safe place to travel.

When Is The Cheapest Time To Travel To Cabo San Lucas?

Summer and fall are generally low visitor seasons in Cabo San Lucas, making them the most affordable times to visit. While more visitors come in the winter to escape the cold northern winds, fewer come in the summer and fall when the weather warms up and the rains arrive.

July and September are the cheapest months to fly and book a resort because there are fewer travelers.

What Do I Need To Travel To Cabo San Lucas?

Don’t Forget Your DocumentsYou will need a Tourist Card to travel to and from Mexico (FMT). If you have confirmation of citizenship, you can get your Tourist Card at the airport.
  • Passports
  • Voter registration cards
  • Naturalization papers
  • Notarized affidavits of citizenship
These are all acceptable forms of proof of citizenship.
Having a photo ID with you will help expedite the procedure.
Tip: A passport can double as a photo ID and evidence of citizenship.
Keep a duplicate of the Tourist Card that is returned to you because you will need it when you leave Mexico.
Organize Your MoneyWhen visiting Cabo or elsewhere in Mexico, make sure to budget correctly so that you have enough money to spend and never overspend. Knowing when to swap your US cash into pesos is the first step.
Check the currency rate before going: if the rate is 20 pesos or less to the dollar, it's a smart idea to keep your US dollars.

What Is The Best Time To Go To Cabo To Party?

Cabo San Lucas is the epicenter of Los Cabos’ party culture, so you’ll have plenty of alternatives for both day and night.

When it comes to partying in Los Cabos, there isn’t much of a difference between day and night. This natural and recreational paradise offers a wide range of activities for memorable days, evenings, and early mornings.

Takeaway - Best Time To Visit Cabos San Lucas

Cabo offers a wide range of activities throughout the year. When it comes to selecting the best time to go to Cabo San Lucas MX, the decision is entirely yours. I’ve explained each season, month, and event in this travel guide. So, before you go to Cabo, think about which option is ideal for you and plan a trip to Cabo San Lucas.

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