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9 Best Powder Skis


Looking for the best powder skis? Traveler Ideas has brought you a complete guide that highlights the best skis for a powder that you can go for. So we bring to you the 9 best powder skis you can try this winter. So, take a look at these now. 

Best Powder Skis

1. Atomic Bent Chetler 120

Since its first release in 2008, Atomic has made changes to the design, but the award-winning blend of whimsy and hard-charging powers is still present. A powder ski that is light enough to surf, float, and take flight with enough strength to stomp the landing and maintain an edge at speed is produced by combining poplar wood in the core with a carbon insert that runs the length of the ski.

2. Moment Wildcat

The Moment Wildcat is certain to ignite your inner hunt drive if you’re a powder hound dedicated to searching for hidden caches and undiscovered chutes. The Wildcat is a powder ski that enjoys having fun and provides exceptional top-end stability while negotiating crud in the trees or chopped-up powder in the runout. This powder ski is engineered to travel quickly with enough stiffness to retain composure at high speeds. 

It is made with a lively poplar/ash core and a practical combination of fiberglass and carbon fiber. We also like the mustache rocker profile since it has a camber underfoot and bends up at the tip and tail for easy navigation through trees and other confined locations. The end result is a fun, adaptable ski that ought to satisfy even the most demanding riders.

3. DPS Foundation 112 RP 

While the aforementioned alternatives are excellent for seasoned snow hunters, intermediate skiers who are switching from groomed resort slopes will probably want something a bit more accessible to test the waters off-piste. The Foundation 112 RP from DPS powder ski is a terrific option for intermediate skiers

The Foundation, based on DPS’s iconic 112 RP form that helped create the category, delivers a wonderful balance of float and simple turnability, providing the ski with a highly intuitive and lively feel on untracked slopes and side-country terrain. On the other hand, the bamboo/poplar wood core and carbon stringers continue to provide decent stiffness, and the 15-meter turn radius ensures that carving on groomers is still simple even when your legs are aching.

4. LINE Skis Pescado

The Pescado from LINE Skis is one of the greatest tools for the task. Thick snow fans are surely accustomed to the unrestricted fun that comes from playing fully through deep powder. The distinctive swallowtail shape is meant to keep the tip floating while sinking the tail deeper into the snow, providing superb control while increasing carving ability in more forgiving conditions and on groomers. 

The ski’s 158-millimeter shovel and soft tip flex increase its floatation and surfability, while its stiffer tail facilitates easy turning. When taken as a whole, the Pescado is incredibly entertaining and a perfect complement for off-trail riders who enjoy experimenting.

5. Faction La Machine Max

Faction’s La Machine Max, which has a 126-millimeter waist, is made specifically for surfing the world’s deepest snow. Faction, a freeskiing collective based in Verbier, Switzerland, rebelled against alpine racing in search of freedom and adventure on the slopes.

Their brand-new La Machine Max pays homage to this objective by combining roomy proportions, lightweight components, and a reverse camber form to deftly negotiate thick snow. The broad base and gentler flex at the tip contribute to great flotation, and stiffer materials underfoot aid preserve stability and agility while reducing weight.

6. 4FRNT Renegade

One of the most capable big-mountain freeride designs available is the Renegade, which is built for swift acceleration, quick turns, and massive drops. In other words, these powder free ride skis are most comfortable going quickly on steep, ungroomed terrain that is full of cliffs, pillows, and chutes—the kinds of circumstances that advanced skiers look for when pushing the limits. 

However, the aspen/maple core and completely rockered profile keep it relatively light and agile, which is perfect for beginners and intermediate skiers who still need decent agility and top-end control.

7. Armada Tracer 118

Many people will value the opportunity to utilize their pair of powder skis both at the resort and in the backcountry because they are a rather specialized group. Armada’s Tracer 118 is our favorite crossover model for users both on and off-piste because it achieves an unbeatable combination between performance and weight.

The Tracer is a hard hitter with a tendency for speed like the 4FRNT Renegade above, but it clearly has the advantage in flexibility thanks to a gentler flex, broad shovel, and mild tail rocker that allow it to surf and float in snow. The Caruba/poplar core, which boosts power while being light enough to keep your legs fresh on the downhill, is a last testament to the ski’s crossover goals.

8. Coalition Snow Rafiki

Our favorite model this year is the Coalition Snow Rafiki, which defies the shrink-it-and-pink-it attitude to produce a superb range of skis specifically designed for women and for women. Early tip rise encourages a fun and surfy ride in fluffy snow, and the tail’s moderate rocker helps it float and turn.

The Rafiki also has a dual-radius sidecut that is longer in the tail for maximum stability and control and shorter at the front for simple turn initiation. All things considered, the Rafiki can charge hard through mud while remaining light and agile among the woods, which is no small achievement. Last but not least, we adore the stylish but eye-catching top sheet design, which gives the ski a very high-end and elegant look. 

9. Salomon QST Blank

The QST Blank powder ski, a strong yet joyful freeride ski, was developed by Salomon’s athletes in response to a challenge to do so. The QST Blank is remarkably poppy and enjoyable in powder because of its reasonably wide 112-millimeter waist, 138-millimeter shovel, and rocker-camber-rocker profile. 

Cork at the tip and a poplar core help damper the ride and provide stability at speed, while carbon at the tip and tail helps balance things out by offering excellent power transmission. The end result is a ski that is agile but sturdy and ready to explode off fluffy pillows, plummet into a narrow couloir, or expertly negotiate the get-back.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How To Choose Powder Skis? 

Choosing the best skis is easy. All you need to do is follow a few tips and get there. Know what your skiing type is, whether you are a freestyler or a ski racer. Also, check what your body size and weight is. 

How Much Will Powder Skis Cost? 

Well, the cost of powder skis will depend on their quality. If the quality of such skis is high, then their cost will be high too, and vice versa. 

Is It Tough To Use Powder Skis?

Powder skis are the most maneuverable skis on newly fallen snow. Powder skis may easily float to the top of the snow due to the broad waist width and rocker in the tips and tails. Powder skis are harder to spin on groomed ski lines. They have a short effective edge, so you may skid turns.


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