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14 Worst Cruise Lines and Cruise Ships As Of 2022


Between the finest and worst ocean cruise lines, there is a significant variation in the quality of the cruising and Covid flexibility.

So do your homework before making a reservation for 2022 or later.

Thousands of cruise line travelers contribute to the ratings by their experiences with the ship’s facilities, cabins, food and drink, and customer service, so you don’t have to queue for the restaurant every morning or be taken off on tips.

We know from customers that the cruise lines ranked best have the best passenger-to-space ratio aboard, which will be more essential than ever as cruise lines try to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

From luxury small-ship cruises to top brands with total fun and enjoyment facilities, we know that the cruise lines listed best have the best passenger-to-space ratio onboard.

The cruise lines assign you to rooms that are popular with vacationers. The outbreak has also demonstrated the importance of booking with a cruise line that has a fair return policy in case anything happens.

If the cruise is canceled, some businesses have committed to refunding your cash within 14 days. If schedules are amended owing to travel restrictions such as lockdowns, destination quarantines, or nations on the route being added to the red list or no-go list, they will provide passengers with alternatives.

If none of these options are acceptable, you may be able to change your date or destination, receive a future cruise coupon, or receive a complete refund.

Cruise lines, which transport numbers of passengers on ships five times the size of the Titanic, have increased the bells and whistles to entice customers to join them on the high seas. 

Cruises can be a great vacation, with everything from Broadway-worthy plays to celebrity-inspired restaurants to massive water parks and thrill coasters.

When it comes to selecting a ship, there are numerous aspects to consider, which might be intimidating. With almost 300 cruise ships, however, not all of them can be With almost 300 cruise ships, however, not every one of them can be a successor.

Some you should stay far away from completely. Which cruise line is the very worst option? We look at the worst cruise ships to travel on. Check out which ships you should avoid.

What Are Some Of The Worst Cruise Lines?

1. Carnival Sensation

Carnival Sensation, formerly named Sensation, was a 70,367 GT Carnival Cruise Line cruise ship. She was built in Finland in 1993 and cruised from Florida to ports in the Bahamas and the Caribbean until March 2020, when the COVID-19 outbreak forced her to suspend operations.

Carnival SensationCarnival Cruise Lines is the operator. Carnival Corporation and plc are the owners.

This Carnival cruise has the potential to be one of the worst. The only reason one traveler gave it a one-star review was because Zero was not an option.

Poor cuisine, filthy dishes, insufficient room service, lackluster entertainment, and malfunctioning air conditioning were among the complaints.

Worst Cruise Ship Reviews

“They attempt to make it enjoyable, but it comes across as haphazard.” (Lssherrill)

“It was perfect. The interior walls were quite thin. I was more aware of my neighbors than on previous cruises.” (Daniel)

2. Blockchain-based Cruise Lines

Faced with an unpredictable situation, the ship was sold in 2020 for only $9.5 million. Ocean Builders Central, the ship’s new owners, was a group of libertarian crypto-coin enthusiasts who wanted to use the ship as a floating dwelling for digital nomads, YouTube influencers, and start-ups off the coast of Panama.

Blockchain-based Cruise LinesThis voyage is a little unusual, and if you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into, you could be in for a strange and embarrassing experience.

“Crypto-crazed investors” are catered to on this cruise. This trip is only for those who fantasize about cruising with bitcoin figures.

Worst Cruise Ship Reviews

“Book another cruise; this isn’t a vacation; this worst cruise experience ever ”. (Izabel)

“We enjoy cruising, but this trip is disappointing.”(Botan)

3. Cat lover’s Meow Meow Cruise Line

The notion for this cruise was developed by its founder Anna Conway in 2015 when she discovered that on her cruises, she spent so much time with people who wanted to show off their kitty friends in thousands of photos, talk about cats, and share their passion.

Cat lover’s Meow Meow Cruise LineFew people are aware that there are a variety of themed cruises available for those seeking something unique. They aren’t always what they appear to be, though. The Meow Meow Cruise, for example.

Cat enthusiasts will be disappointed when they discover there are no real cats onboard this cruise line.

Worst Cruise Ship Reviews

“I’m not sure where to begin”. (Jand)

“If you have cruised somewhere else, this will not match your standards.” (Btravelers)

4. Costa Venezia Cruise Line

Costa has received more bad news. The launch of this new ship in March 2019 received mixed reviews.

Costa Venezia Cruise LineIts first journey took it from Trieste via Dubai, Singapore, and Yokohama before returning to Shanghai. Passengers expected to enjoy luxury cruising in China, but it looks like Costa has yet to grasp this market.

Costa Cruises is owned and operated by Carnival Corporation and plc.

Worst Cruise Ship Reviews

“If you have any respect for yourself, don’t even book.” (Akira)

“I’ve been on cruises previously, but this was by far the worst.” (Anne)

5. Costa Favolosa Cruise Line

Not to single out Costa, but the cruise line’s Favolosa, which oddly means “fantastic” in Italian, is another ship that falls short, receiving only a 2.5-star average rating from cruise passengers.

Costa Favolosa Cruise LineLike the Fascinosa, CruiseCritic’s editors never cared to board the ship, which is probably for the best; user evaluations criticize the ship’s lack of hygiene, food and beverage selection, and service. And, contrary to popular belief, drinking water is not included in the cruise fare!

Costa Crociere is owned and operated by Carnival Corporation and plc.

Worst Cruise Ship Reviews

“I don’t know why I choose this ship!” (Mack)

“We had a very disappointing experience.” (Zaman09)

6. Costa Fascinosa Cruise Line

This ship is panned for its bland, unappealing food — one reviewer noted that dinner desserts were reused as breakfast the next morning, and another described the ship’s OJ as watery. The service isn’t much better, with several customers describing the employees as unpleasant and uninterested.

Costa Fascinosa Cruise LineCosta Crociere is owned and operated by Carnival Corporation and plc.

Worst Cruise Ship Reviews

“Many passengers on this cruise were very unhappy, and it was a disgrace”. (Vishal)

“I am not sure I will come to this ship again” (Chien)

7. Costa Deliziosa Cruise Line

When the Concordia ship went down in Italy nearly 10 years ago, drowning 32 people, Costa Cruises received unfavorable press. Despite the accident, the Italian cruise line continues to welcome passengers who enjoy its ships.

Costa Deliziosa Cruise LineThe ship’s terrible food, which has been described as “bland” and “cold,” terrible dining service (a few people have complained about becoming sick from the cuisine), and a hospitality desk manned by staffers with insufficient knowledge are the most typical complaints.

Costa Crociere is owned and operated by Carnival Corporation and plc.

Worst Cruise Ship Reviews

“Overall, poor service with the worst temperament I’ve ever witnessed on a cruise.” (Hinata)

“We couldn’t wait and get off the ship in every port we visited.” (Suhrab)

8. Carnival Sunrise Cruise Line

Carnival Corporation has 30 cruises that sail the seven seas, the majority of which have received rave reviews.

Carnival is known for being “the fun ship” and being cost-effective. Unfortunately, one ship made the very worst list: the Sunrise.

Carnival Sunrise Cruise LineA CruiseCritic editor gave it a 4 out of 5-star rating, which seems like they were being generous to a big advertiser, as passenger reviews were far worse.

Even the pleasant editor confessed that the lines and throngs were impossible to avoid and that the ship was far from tranquil.

Carnival Corporation and plc are the owners. Carnival Cruise Lines is the operator.

Worst Cruise Ship Reviews

“Do not waste your time and money on this company or its vessels.” (BOM009)

“Swimming was impossible because the pools were so crowded that there was hardly enough place to stand.” (K. Haruto)

9. CMV Magellan Cruise Line

The Carnival Cruise Line ship Magellan debuted in 1985 as a Cruise & Maritime ship. The ship was still sailing before the epidemic came, nearly three decades and two owners later, and not winning any awards for excellence.

CMV Magellan Cruise LineLow-quality cuisine, incompetent entertainment, costly excursions, and (yep) chronic unpleasant odors are all complaints from customers. 

Regardless of the fact that the ship was entirely refurbished by Cruise & Maritime in 2015 and is the cruise line’s flagship, this is the case. (What does this mean for the line’s new boats?)

When Cruise & Maritime went bankrupt in July 2020, the Magellan was placed up for sale. Under its new owners, Seajets, the Magellan should set sail once more, but only time will tell if it will get higher marks.

Seajets Cruise Line is owned and operated by Eaglepower Shipping Ltd. (Seajets Ferries Greece)

Worst Cruise Ship Reviews

“We enjoy cruising, but this cruise is disappointing.” (Hiroto)

“I’m not sure where to begin.” (Btravelers)

10. MSC's Preziosa Cruise Line

MSC’s Preziosa, which debuted in 2013 with a more sophisticated cruising style to combat larger lines like Royal Caribbean and Norwegian, initially earned wonderful reviews.

MSC's Preziosa Cruise LineUnfortunately, the cruise industry is dynamic and changeable, and the ship’s assessments have declined in recent years.

Cruisers have few complaints about the ship’s cleanliness or appearance. Instead, they discover that the food is cold — and old — that the service is poor, and that the entertainment is lacking.

Rafaela and Gianluigi Aponte, are the owners and MSC Cruises is the cruise line’s operator.

Worst Cruise Ship Reviews

“Won’t live up to your expectations if you’ve cruised elsewhere.” (Kaito)

“I’ve been on cruises previously, but this was by far the worst.” (Anne)

11. MSC Armonia Cruise Line

The older yacht in a cruise line’s fleet is certain to draw criticism – after all, who wants to travel on an ancient ship when there are so many new ones to try?

Worst of all, This ship was built for Festival Cruises in 2001 and was not originally an MSC ship.

MSC Armonia Cruise LinePoor-quality food, limited cooking selections, hostile service, and unsanitary conditions plague the ship as it travels between Miami and Cuba.

Even the CruiseCritic experts, who are notoriously kind, gave it a 3.5 out of 5 ratings.

MSC Cruises was the owner of Festival Cruises in 2004.

Worst Cruise Ship Reviews

“The worst attitudes I’ve ever seen on a tour boat.” (Henry)

“We couldn’t wait to get off the ship in every port we visited.” (David204)

12. Princess Cruises' Majestic Cruise Line

Princess Cruises rose to prominence in the 1970s when one of its yachts was cast as “the Love Boat.” And the CruiseCritic crew and travelers give its 19 ships largely positive reviews.

Princess Cruises' Majestic Cruise LineThere is one exception: The Majestic, which, despite receiving a 4.5 from the editors, fails to impress cruisers.

Because of its bad design, tight quarters, crew shortages, and too-small theatre, the ship, which cruises in Australian waters, receive low scores.

It appears that “majestic” isn’t the best descriptor.

Sunshine Shipping Corporation Ltd. (“Sunshine”) is the owner and operator of Princess Cruises.

Worst Cruise Ship Reviews

“If you were between the ages of 65 and 90, this slow-moving ship is for you. It was tedious.” (William)

“Nice ship, but not good at atmospheres.” (Charles) 

13. Royal Caribbean's Quantum Cruise Line

The Quantum Class also includes Royal Caribbean’s other stinker. The ship was Royal Caribbean’s biggest ship when it was built in 2014. And CruiseCritic adored it when it first came out, awarding it a 4 out of 5-star rating.

Royal Caribbean's Quantum Cruise LineHowever, as time has passed, Royal Caribbean has replaced the elderly ship with even larger ships, which means it was shipped to China and no longer serves the Caribbean market. Visitors have taken note.

The ship is designed for a Chinese audience, according to reviewers, “with little or no thought for the approximately 40% non-Chinese.”

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. is the owner and operator of Royal Caribbean International.

Worst Cruise Ship Reviews

“It was unfortunate that so many passengers on this trip were unhappy.” (Joseph)

“Bad food, depressed, hostile personnel, and no customer service.” (Liam)

14. Royal Caribbean's Ovation Cruise Line

Royal Caribbean is a fantastic cruise line with numerous first-class services, staterooms, and excursions. If you choose the correct ship.

Royal Caribbean's Ovation Cruise LineWith 27 ships, a few are destined to fall through the cracks, and Ovation of the Seas is one of them for RCCL.

The ship’s tight restaurant areas and pool, good food, and, as one reviewer put it, haven’t impressed reviewers. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, is the owner and operator of Royal Caribbean International.

Worst Cruise Ship Reviews

“Worst cruise in memory.” (Richard)

“I will  not surely come again.” (David02)

What Are The Dirtiest Cruise Ships In The World?

Because of their unsanitary conditions, the following cruises received a poor grade.

What are the dirtiest cruise ships in the world1. Silver Spirit 

Many of their staff members on the cruise were infected with a stomach virus yet continued to work, putting guests in danger. Furthermore, the dishwashers were found to be polluted with food debris, and food was left in cross-contamination-prone regions. 

2. Oceania Insignia

They don’t do a good job of keeping the pH and halogen levels in their water supply under check. Food was also found to be kept in dangerous conditions and infected with insects, according to inspectors.

3. Safari Endeavor

The ship’s rating gets lowered due to a gastroenteritis epidemic and contaminated drinks. Furthermore, their onboard whirlpool spas have been proved to be susceptible to illness outbreaks.

4. Silver Wind

The dishwashing room was overflowing with filthy dishes, and the foodstuff was kept at dangerous heat levels. Furthermore, the pH and chlorine levels in the pool and drinking water were dangerously low, making the water unfit to drink and use.

Worst Cruise Companie

Worst Cruise Companies1. Avalon Waterways 

 With a fleet of 25 ships, it dominates the European River Cruise sector. If you’ve ever fantasized about visiting Europe and seeing a new location every day while taking in the sights, you might appreciate Avalon Waterways.

This cruise company is not for you if you love planning your own itinerary, sticking to your own schedule, and having complete control over what you see and do.

Passengers have complained about poor wifi on deck, a very crowded dining room, a lack of solo exploring time onshore days, and food that doesn’t compare to that of huge ocean cruise ships.

2. Viking River Cruises 

With a collection of 40 sailing ships and 23 other vessels, has established itself as the company with the most river cruise vessels in the world. However, if you want to tour the sights of Europe, Russia, Asia, or Egypt, the cruise line is a popular alternative.

Viking, like other river cruise lines, will appeal to individuals who love not having to organize anything on their own, but it may not be the best option for those who prefer to establish their own timetable.

Passengers have expressed dissatisfaction with last-minute itinerary changes, undersized cabin rooms, and high charges.

3. American Cruise Lines 

 With a fleet of seven small cruise ships, they specialize in river cruises that tour the historic channels of the United States.

The number of guests on board varies from 150 to 50, ensuring an intimate sailing experience regardless of the ship.

While the staterooms are said to be among the largest in the business, the main criticism of American Cruise Lines is the exorbitant prices.

For a lower cost and a longer experience, you might easily enjoy a luxury-level ocean cruise.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons for the low 3-star customer rating: guests expect a lot for this price, and regrettably, it isn’t there.

4. MSC Cruises 

A series of 12 ocean liners offer a more European sailing experience than some of the other major cruise lines.

Because children under the age of 11 sail for free and those aged 11 to 17 travel at a reduced rate, expect the ships to be packed with families.

You might be shocked to see a well-known cruise operator like MSC near the bottom of our worst ranking, but the consumer feedback speaks for itself.

Lackluster meals, dismal, outdated accommodations, and several reports of bad customer service with few English-speaking staff members earned the hotel a 3-star overall rating.

5. Worst Cruise Line Food

The meals on Royal Caribbean are the poorest among the big cruise lines.

Royal Caribbean’s dining room, afternoon teas, and wine selections were the worst cruise ports in the Caribbean. Only one category aboard the Oasis of the Seas received a score of more than six out of ten: informal dining/buffet.

Worst Cruise Line FoodRoyal Caribbean’s reluctance to invest more in their meals, according to Ward, is to blame for the low rating. The cuisine didn’t appear or taste as wonderful as the brochures promised, and the meats were mostly lesser cuts, according to the guest.

The lack of herbs, garnishes, or green vegetables, the choice of salt, pepper, or olive oils; the quality of pastry goods; and other factors all contributed to the lower score.

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