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23 Items You Must Pack for A Cruise


Do you know that there are specific things to bring on a cruise? How about we explore what they are. Packing for any journey requires some thought, but cruise trips provide a particular difficulty. 

To begin with, ship cabins are usually smaller than most hotel accommodations so extra capacity may be restricted. 

Furthermore, once your journey begins, you would be unable to acquire accidentally overlooked things. Also, some retailers in other places are shut down on weekends and holidays. 

Cruise ships’ small stores also close when moored, and many of them, particularly on smaller ships, have minimal stock. Although you would not want to carry everything in your washroom or closet home, having what you need before boarding the ship is a good idea. 

We have produced a list of goods to packing for your next cruise to assist you in determining what to carry.

Some will make packing more manageable and organized, while others will come in handy aboard the ship or dock. Once you have safely placed these goods in your suitcase, you can focus on what your cruise is all about: resting, having some fun, and experiencing the globe one destination at a time.

1. Themed Party Clothing

So what to take on a cruise? On certain evenings, cruise companies arrange themed journeys or events where people may dress up and join in the excitement. It’s a good idea to check with the cruise company ahead, so you are ready when the evening’s events start. 

If you are traveling with Disney Dream Cruise, pack your pirate costume. Ships hold exciting activities like Pirate Party Nights, pirate-themed feasts, and “Pirates in the Caribbean” entertainment. 

Bring your platform shoes, sparkly gowns, bell-bottom slacks, and crop tops for Emerald Princess Cruises.

2. Organizers for the Door

The handy organizers contain clear slots that allow users to quickly locate necessities like cosmetics, jewelry, and other miscellaneous objects. Without having to rummage through many cabinets or a cramped port closet. 

Bring one with you to arrange your footwear and optimize floor space. The organizers help keep stuff in limited spaces such as cruise ship cabins and toilets and help keep your possessions apart from others you are traveling with. If you are wondering on a cruise what to pack get organizers. 

3. Notebooks

A notebook is an option. Bring a notepad to keep a travel journal with you on your vacation. It’s lovely to reminisce about the best dishes or beverages you would have on board or at a point of entry. 

You may also wish to record information on the areas you have visited and games or events aboard the ship. 

While smart gadgets help capture the same material (and take images), having a book to take up and read afterward during your journey is incredibly wonderful.

4. Walking Comfortable Shoes

If you want to do a variety of cruise activities, it suffices to say that foot comfort is essential. Even if you never leave the system, there is enough strolling on the port side. 

Carry a pair of more sturdy shoes in addition to your flip-flops. For visiting the ports and participating in active onboard activities like strolling around the pedestrian area, experiencing a roller coaster, or speeding around a racecourse.

When boarding a slick tender into the dock (if your ship cannot dock immediately), closed-toe boots or footwear with buckles are preferable to flimsy flip-flops.

5. A Great Novel

The answer is NOVEL. Sea days are ideal for kicking back and relaxing with a book you have been wanting to study. 

Locate an oceanfront beach chair in a shady part of the pool’s edge, or get a cappuccino or cup of tea and relax in a quiet spot. Take a book, Ipad, or another electrical gadget in your carry-on baggage for convenient access.

6. Sunscreen

Even if you are not sailing during the summer and are not sunbathing beachside or on the shore, you might be shocked at how much sunlight you receive on a cruise. 

If you are attempting to carry as few items as possible, choose sunscreen that also acts as a mild moisturizer throughout the day.

7. Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are one of the most acceptable methods to arrange your stuff, especially if you are going on a long cruise or traveling across different regions. 

You may segregate your shirts, jeans, and sweatshirts to make it easier to find what you need. The cubes are also perfect for storing extras like travel covers and scarves. 

So you don’t have to dig through cabinets while rushing to get dressed. After using, store dirty clothes in one or two cubes to keep them apart from your fresh garments.

8. Travel Wrap

A well-made, multifunctional travel wrap might become one of your favorite pieces of luggage. Wraps make you feel comfortable on flights and in cold cruise ship eateries, pubs, and theaters. 

They are also perfect for an afternoon walk along with the patio or a late-night beach party when the temperature decreases and the sea wind picks up. These items are excellent for accessorizing and changing the look of anything you are wearing.

9. Magnetic Hooks

In the list of items to take on a cruise, magnetic hooks come in handy. Surprisingly, the cabin walls on cruise ships are composed of metal, which indicates you may maximize your storage capacity by suspending some of your possessions on magnetic wall hooks. 

The hooks are ideal for wearing oversized jackets or boots if you are heading to a colder climate.

10. Medications

Although pill organizers are the ideal method of transporting daily prescriptions, bringing personal opiates in their original containers is essential. 

While TSA inspectors are unlikely to stop you for unfamiliar medications, it’s wise to be cautious by carrying your medicines. 

Consider getting disposable cartridges from your pharmacist suited for carrying your carry-on baggage to make traveling simpler. You should also carry enough prescriptions to last at least two weeks. 

Consider carrying a small plastic container with any different ointments, lotions, or over-the-counter medicines you may require in case they are not easily accessible on the dock or the cruise. These goods might include Neosporin and Cortizone 10.

11. Spinner Garment Bag

Cruises frequently allow you to suit up more often than at home.  So, you should bring summer dresses, evening gowns, flowing tops or trousers, and attractive coats. 

Consider investing in a garment bag because many of these materials wrinkle readily. There is also room for a couple of pairs of shoes and foldable items like trousers, T-shirts, sports shirts, and lightweight sweatshirts in the garment bag. 

If you prepare correctly, you can use this as your sole luggage, along with a carry-on bag.

Nevertheless, most cabins offer storage capacity for two to three pieces of luggage, so if you carry another checked luggage, the garment bag would still slide underneath the bed.

12. Carry an Underwater Camera

We recommend taking a waterproof camera if you want to go snorkeling, water sports, or to a public pool while on a cruise. 

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It’s a lot of fun to be able to snap shots not just underneath but also on the shore or when splashing in the surf.

You may also get a waterproof phone cover or a waterproof zippered pouch for less than the price of a camera. Besides, grab some life jackets for water sports

13. Bring Money For Tipping

If you want to do excursions, paying your tour groups, cab drivers, and so forth is normal. 

Bring money so you don’t feel embarrassed when you return to the harbor, and the tour leader makes a statement about how much they enjoy tips.

14. Hats That Fold Up

Bring a cap to keep the sun off your skin if you are going to the Caribbean or some other warm-weather area. The hats are also flexible and have a chin strap that may be removed. 

You may tuck it inside your bag and avoid wearing it on the trip.

15. Portable Humidifier

Cruise ship staterooms, like certain hotel rooms, can seem dry, especially during the cold seasons. A handheld humidifier can help alleviate skin problems and improve sleeping and respiratory conditions. 

The silent device offers two mist levels, an automatic shut-off function, and a night light to assist you in seeing about your accommodation at night.

16. Spray Wrinkle Remover

Most cruises forbid portable steamers and irons for safety concerns, so the next most significant thing to pack is a travel-size container of  Wrinkle Release Spray. 

You should be able to straighten out some creases in your garments if you mix a spray or two with the warmth from your shower.

17. Sea-Bands

If you are sensitive to (or suspect what you might be vulnerable to) travel sickness aboard cruise ships, you should get a pair of Sea-Bands. 

Reflexology is used in these flexible wristbands to control and mitigate stomach pain on board. They are a drug-free, recyclable substitute for anti-nausea drugs such as Dramamine.

18. Disinfectant Wipes

Why not give those areas a fast once-over if a short swipe of a napkin will minimize – or, better still, destroy – hazardous germs and viruses? 

Disinfectant Wipes eliminate 99.9% of germs and viruses and are available in travel packs. After each trip, cruise ships are adequately cleaned. 

But it never costs to gulp down some of the most often handled things in your room. Such as the doorway and balcony knobs, remote controls, telephone, bathroom, and basin.

19. Noise-Canceling Earphones

There’s no more excellent way to recover after a day of exploration on the dock than with a whole night’s rest. While the flowing waters of the sea may soothe some people to sleep, others may require complete stillness to drift off. 

Snoring partners and late-night partygoers returning to their cabins are drowned out by the active noise-canceling headphones. They might also be helpful for an afternoon nap.

20. Electronics Organizer

Because all electrical equipment appears to come with a variety of wires, ports, and connectors, it’s critical to keep them organized for better accessibility. 

The electronics organizer bag consolidates all your wires, adapters, SD cards, and headphones into a single zipped, small bag that fits comfortably in your carry-on baggage. 

With this item, all of your devices’ connectors and wires will occupy less space on your stateroom’s desktop or bedside vanity. They are great essentials for cruise packing. 

21. Digital Baggage Scale

The helpful scale alerts you before leaving for the airport, allowing you to dodge overweight fines, which may rapidly pile up when you start packing goods. 

Each airline has its load and size requirements for both hold luggage and carry-on baggage, so make sure you understand the regulations before leaving the house.

22. Collapsible Luggage

If you enjoy shopping while on the trip, take an additional bag to minimize over-packing your main suitcase. It is perfect if you need a bag that can extend to many sizes. 

If a soft bag is sufficient, pack a cheap backpack for dirty clothing and other items you don’t care about checking in.

23. Bank Cards and Local Money

Consider purchasing modest quantities of each country’s currency on the dock when sailing overseas. Based on where you go, certain local stores may only take local currencies rather than US dollars or bank cards. 

Visitors looking for authentic keepsakes, such as French-milled soaps in southern France or exotic fish in Bergen, Norway, will require euros or Norwegian kroner. Paying cab service, tourist guides, and waiters in cash is also polite. 

Take a Debit or Credit card with you at ports where sellers take credit payments, as some restaurants and bars do. It is better to be cautious instead of regretting during the trip. 

You should thoroughly inspect all your necessities and items before departing. That way, you would be able to have a blissful experience at a beautiful place.


When preparing for a cruise, consider three separate sub-trips: your cruise liner, which would be the equivalent of a vast target resort with a regulated atmosphere; the places to visit, where you will get off and explore the specific area; and your planes to/from your departing location.

Sometimes a mere clothing and item set can answer all three concerns, while other times, whole distinct sets are required. 

Check out the cruise packing list above to discover how to prepare for a trip and what to think about throughout your cruise holiday. 

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