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This Is Why Stand Up Paddleboard Is Famous


Stand up paddleboarding started in Hawaii in the 1960s and then became famous water support. People enjoy stand up paddleboards a lot. The following are some famous places where people can go to enjoy the sensations of stand up paddleboarding. These places are breathtakingly beautiful and are made to stand up paddleboarding. You can go there with your family and friends to enjoy.

Lake Tahoe, California

In the winter months, the mountain resorts enclosing California’s Lake Tahoe are home to any of the biggest skiing in the world. However, in summer, the biggest alpine lake in North America surely comes into its own — with those scenic mountains reflected in the pure waters down below. The water can be chilly, given the lake’s incredible bottom of over 1,600 feet and the snow that exudes into it during the spring thaw, but the beauty of this destination is hard to beat. A wonderful place to stand up paddleboard.

The Canadian Rockies

Holding a similar interest to that of Lake Tahoe, Canada’s best stand-up paddleboarding spots are described by flat, wide expanses of major lakes. These lakes are bordered by sprawling forests, all set at the foot of exalted snow-capped mountain ranges. This is especially the case in the Canadian Rockies. Where quiet clear waters and secret shores allow you the chance to reconnect with nature and steep yourself in a surreal setting that represents isolation. You’ll find paddleboard homes in places like ever-popular Lake Louise in Banff National Park. For a more alone escape, the crystal transparent reflections of Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park are memorable. An unmatchable site for stand up paddleboarding.


No list about the world’s best stand-up paddleboarding localities would be complete without considering Hawaii. Known as the birthplace of both surfing and stand-up paddleboarding. The sport was familiarized by the beach boys of Hawaii who came up with the idea in the ‘60s. SUP yoga, SUP surfing, SUP touring, and even SUP fishing are all traditional sports in Hawaii, both for locals and tourists. The Big Island provides a number of simply accessible SUPing spots with Kealakekua Bay doing a firm favorite because of the brightness of the water.

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