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Sky Princess Reviews – Is It Worth Going?


We are going to take a look around the whole ship in the Sky Princess review including outdoor areas, restaurants, bars, and public areas.

Join me as we explore sky princess cruises to find what’s good, what’s bad. I am once again back with another review. This time, I am going to delve into the Sky Princess reviews to know what customers think about the company and its ships.

Not only this, I am also going to give you my own opinion that will let you know whether it’s worth going for the ship or not.

About Sky Princess

Owned by the princess cruises, the Sky princess cruise also falls under the Carnival Corporation and plc. In terms of history, this ship is the second cruise ship that has sailed under this name.

About Sky Princess

Sky Princess came into service in October 2019. It carries 3,360 guests and has over 1,300 crew.

The ship has a total of 19 decks in total (including the decks of the crew). It’s part of the world class type of ships and some of the other types of ships include, obviously, the Sky Princess, Regal Princess, Majestic Princess, and Enchanted Princess, which entered in 2020.

Princess Cruises Sky Princess Reviews - It’s Atrium

Like all Princess Ships one of the biggest features is that it has a big atrium that covers three decks (fifth, sixth, and seventh). You could spend your whole cruise in the atrium and never move because you can eat here, can be entertained here, you can exercise there, you can shop there, and pretty much everything you want to do is in the atrium.

So, let us take an indepth look at the Atrium.

Princess Cruises Sky Princess Reviews Its Atrium

Atrium On Deck 5

On deck 5, you can have a couple of important and classic Princess features. Take a look at the few.

  • You can go for a 24 hour opened international cafe.
  • You also have a couple of elegant bars here. So you can have a wine, which is the wine bar. It is extremely popular particularly in the evening.
  • You also have the Bellini’s, which is a great bar for meeting up during the day with great cocktails. There’s a little shop there called celebrations.
  • One of the big and popular features is a Gelato shop right down there on deck five.
  • There are a number of activities that take place on the same deck (deck 5). You will have live music during the evening. You will have some exercise or Zumba classes.

Atrium on Deck 6

If you move up to deck 6, there’s a bunch of stuff up there to keep you busy.

  • You get to the photographic center where you can buy the photographs taken onboard or photographic equipment.
  • There’s another bar up there which is called Good Spirits, which has a great view across the atrium.

Atrium on Deck 7

If you head up to the next level, there’s deck 7.

  • There are a lot of eatery options.
  • Two of the specialty dining restaurants, which have an extra charge up there, are really good.
  • You have the ocean terrace Seafood Bar which is a Sushi restaurant. It has a small charge.
  • There’s another seafood restaurant, which is called Bistro Sur La Mer.
  • If you still want to taste the change, alfredo is up here, which is theri pizza restaurant that is included within the fare.
  • If you are still NOT SATISFIED and are looking for something extra, head for the shops of princess.

There’s some shops in another section of the ship. So as you can see, you can pretty much spend your whole cruise being entertained, eating, exercising, and shopping right in the heart of the ship.

That’s enough about the atrium, which is one of the classic Princess places on board. Why don’t we move right up to the top of the ship and explore what’s up there.

Review Sky Princess - The Dress Code

A lot of people searching for reviews of Sky Princess are often curious to know about the dress code. If you are also packing your bags and wondering what to stuff your suitcase with and what not to be included, don’t fret. Take a look at the sky princess’s dress code in various timings.

Review Sky Princess The Dress Code

Daytime Dress Code: The Sky Princess day dress is more comfortable and depends on the temperature and direction than anything else. Shorts and smaller t-shirts on board for hot sailors, and standard swimsuits and veils on the outer deck.
Evening Dress Code: The most impressive evening: A gorgeous dress or pants or a pair of skirts with blouses for women and a blouse for beautiful pants and men. Once or twice is a formal night on the cruise. Women wear nightgowns, cocktail dresses or casual pants, and men wear black suits or jackets and pants. Tuxedos are rarely encouraged.
What’s Not Allowed: What’s not allowed in the dining room or restaurants of Sky Princess is Swimwear, shorts, torn hats and jeans with holes. Shoes should always be worn everywhere and everywhere.

Sky Princess Ship Reviews for Kids

Sky Princess, like most Princess ships, is family friendly and has a great children’s programme, Camp Discovery. The two high-energy musical shows and the high-tech escape room experience will also appeal to kids, particularly those finicky teenagers.

Sky Princess Ship Reviews for Kids

Keep in mind, however, that there are no kid-friendly elements on the pool deck, and there is no video gaming arcade onboard. Parents and children can also enjoy the playing of games and can participate in a virtual scavenger hunt.

Keeping this in mind, Camp discovery has numerous activities alongside club rooms where you can enjoy fully without any problem.

For Teens

Teenagers who are between the age of 13 and 17 have their own enjoying area named as the beach house. With a more subdued colour palette and digital jukebox, plush couches in a number of combinations, Skee-Ball and air hockey, and plenty of PCs for video gaming, it’s a relaxing place to hang out.

Sky Princess Cruise Ship Reviews Outside Recreation

Sky Princess has a lot of recreational activities and options to make your days fun. So take a look at some of the most popular ones.

Sky Princess Cruise Ship Reviews Outside Recreation

1) Recreation

Sky Princess has a small — and not particularly challenging — mini-golf course as well as a sports court that may be utilised for basketball, soccer matches, tennis, and pickleball. On deck 17’s each side, you will find two ping-pong tables.

2) Pools

Sky Princess has five pools, one of which is located within the Deck 18 extra-fee Sanctuary (more of a plunge pool than anything else). The two major pools (where each has a capacity of 24 people) are on Deck 16, whereas an adults-only pool is within the Retreat, all the way on Deck 17, and a small infinity-style pool is all the way back on Deck 16. Hot tubs are also available in all of these locations.

The two main pools include flotation jackets for kids to rent, but there are no lifeguards. Kids who are under the age of 16 should be accompanied by an adult at all times.

3) Sun Decks

On Sky Princess, there is a lot of deck area dedicated to outdoor recreation, including the deck space directly around and overlooking the pools on Deck 16 and Deck 17.

Princess’ iconic Seawalk can be found on Deck 16’s sun deck. Seawalk is a length of glass-floored walkway that looks right down into the ocean and is located on both sides of the ship, along the glass windows.

The two-level Retreat, which is located on Deck 17, is an adults-only area with loungers close and overlooking the pool. You will also witness a Cabana-style structure that is fully available for rent for both half and full day. While the Sanctuary cabanas sold out on our cruise, these did not.

The Sanctuary is an adult only terrace that is available for both half-day ($20) and full-day ($40) entry permits include a luxurious lounger reservation as well as fruit and ice-cold flavoured refreshments. Cabanas are also available for rent in the Sanctuary.

Two welcome cocktails (any drink up to $12), two bottles of alcohol, eight cans of soda, and four bottles of water are included with full-day rentals for two persons ($220). (or the soda to water ratio preferred by you). Two welcome drinks and half of all other drink items are included in half-day rentals ($140).

Sky Princess Cabin Reviews

There are a total of 6 types of cabins on Sky Princess. Let’s review each one separately.

1) Sky Princess Interior Cabin Review

On Sky Princess, inside cabins are the most cost-effective alternative. Interior cabins, which sleep two to four people and have no windows, are great for those on a budget who would rather spend their time exploring the rest of the ship than in their room.

The Sky Princess has twin beds in each of its inner cabins. These can be transformed to a Queen-size bed in some cabins (but not all).

If you’re traveling with children aboard the Sky Princess, some interior staterooms can accommodate up to four people thanks to two additional Pullman beds that descend from the ceiling. Extra-bed cabins do not feature a Queen bed, but instead have twin beds. As a result, parents must sleep in different rooms!

2) Sky Princess Outside Cabins

The Sky Princess’ outdoor cabins are quite unique. These staterooms have massive floor-to-ceiling slanted windows instead of merely a porthole or small window.

Each cabin contains twin beds that can be joined together to form a Queen bed if desired. Because these cottages only hold two individuals, they are not appropriate for families.

There are just six outside staterooms on Sky Princess, all of which are forward-facing and located on the Sun Deck. One of them is reserved for those who require wheelchair access. So, if you wish to stay in one of these beautiful cabins, make your reservations as soon as possible.

3) Sky Princess Balcony Rooms Review

For those who like to enjoy the sea views from the comfort of their own balcony, Sky Princess’ balcony cabins are a good choice.

There are a total of three different types of balcony cabins on Sky Princess. These include:

  • Standard Balcony
  • Deluxe Balcony
  • Premium Deluxe Balcony

Standard Vs Deluxe Vs Premium Deluxe Balcony

The majority of Standard Balcony staterooms can accommodate two passengers, while some feature additional Pullman beds that lower from the ceiling for third and fourth passengers. Deluxe Balcony cabins are larger and have a couch bed, allowing them to comfortably seat three or four people.

If you’re travelling with your family and want a cabin with a balcony, keep in mind that if you use Pullman beds, the main beds will have to be twin beds rather than a Queen. This will allow you to get to the ladders.

If you’re cruising with children and want to share a bed with your partner, choose the Deluxe or Premium Deluxe Balcony, which includes a Queen bed and a couch bed for the kids.

Premium Deluxe Balcony rooms have larger balconies than Deluxe Balcony cabins. With a small couch bed and an extra Pullman bed for a fourth person, these can accommodate three guests.

4) Sky Princess Mini-Suites Review

Mini-Suites on Sky Princess are up to 46 percent larger than Standard Balcony rooms and up to 38 percent larger than Deluxe Balcony rooms, making them a nice upgrade over a balcony cabin.

Mini-Suites, on the other hand, aren’t only about having more space. On the day of your departure, you’ll be greeted with a glass of Champagne and treated to extra amenities.

5) Penthouse Suites Review

Penthouse Suites may be found on Deck 14 in the middle of the ship, as well as at the aft corners of Decks 9 to 15. They include a large seating room with a couch bed that can sleep three or four people.

The aft-facing Penthouse Suites on Sky Princess have wraparound balconies and are the nicest. The balcony on Deck 9 is the largest of them all.

Sky Princess Cruise Reviews

This Sky Princess cruise review is probably incomplete without having to look at what other people are thinking about the cruise ship. Let’s have a look at some reviews to know whether people like going on this cruise ship or not.

Sky Princess Cruise Reviews

A cruise like no other and not likely to be repeated
“My shipmate and I booked this cruise after the MSC Seashore TA cruise was suddenly cancelled. In the end this was a godsend as the Sky Princess turned out to be absolutely the best possible voyage. Boarding the ship was a breeze in Southampton – took half an hour to drop baggage, get Covid tested, and pick up Medallion. ……This was indeed a “cruise to remember”.“
However the ship couldn’t delight some customers and they are having some complaints about the company. Let’s have a look at one example.

Slow to refund
“Very slow to make a refund of the cruise cost. Balance was due 3 March. Cruise cancelled 3 March but only after full balance paid. Still not had refund and possibly none before 16 July. Absolutely will not book with Princess Cruise Line again.”

6) Sky Princess Suite Reviews

Consider one of Sky Princess’ magnificent suites if you want the nicest accommodations with plenty of space, a separate seating area, and increased facilities.

Sky Princess Suite Reviews

There are 6 different types of suites that Sky Princess offers you.

  • Window Suite
  • Vista Suite
  • Premium Suite
  • Penthouse Suite
  • Owner’s Suite
  • Sky Suite

Final Words

In this post, I’ve covered almost everything you need to know about Sky Princess. I’ve also sifted through a lot of pages and scraped Sky Princess reviews from some of the most popular platforms to let you know what its previous cruises think about the cruise ship. So grab your tickets now if you think it’s worth going on a Sky Princess cruise.

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