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Reasons To Hire Travel Guides


Who does not love traveling? Touring breathtaking sites to just explore nature which includes mountains, rivers, and other water bodies as well as monuments is one of the best experiences. However, this experience cannot be fulfilled without the help of travel guides.

Travel guides contain valuable information for travelers. They have a selection of tourist attractions and it would not be wrong to say that Travel Guides influence the reader’s choice of tourist destinations.

The first step towards planning a tour is usually buying a Travel guide. You will find all the necessary information about the place you are going to visit. From hotel options to gift shops, Travel guides lay out all the information needed for a perfect trip.

Below are some of the reasons why you should read travel guides before traveling.

New Information

Travel guides are more than just a book. They are a way to understand various cultures which can open your mind to new information. Just imagine that you are walking around in an American city and you see a magnificent building that blows your mind. You see many people stopping to take pictures of the building. You ask yourself, “What is this?”. If you have a travel guidebook, you can look up all the details of that building. You can see the history like who built that building and in which year it was built. You would realize what it means to the people living there. You would not only be seeing that building but you would also be living its past.

If you search the same building on Google there is a chance that you would not find it, if it’s not popular. Even if you find it then you would be surrounded by ads and pop-ups. Another great feature of travel guides is that they are written by renowned writers who have years of experience in traveling. This is not the case in travel blogs, they are mostly written by amateur writers who have little knowledge about traveling.

Access To Maps

When you are traveling then there would be times that you will not have access to the internet. You would not be able to access online maps which means that there is a likelihood that you can be lost. This is where travel guides come in handy. They usually have maps of the most popular places in the city which is quite helpful. You would be able to spot famous attractions without any difficulty. Many people feel lost in a foreign country if they do not know their native language. Having travel guides would solve this problem as you can get directions from the guidebook.

Contain Less Traveled Places

If you visit any travel blog they usually contain well-known places and have little incentive to less-traveled places. This is because people do not search for less-known places online. The Internet, as you know, works on traffic. So, no searches mean less traffic which means less money. This is the reason why online travel guides contain popular places such as Paris, New York, and Berlin.

On the other hand, travel guides have hundreds of pages to fill. Of course, they contain well-known places, but not entirely. They contain places from around the world which are less-traveled. This is one of the reasons why guidebooks are heavy. Ask any regular traveler, they always have a guidebook with them. That is how the discover relatively unknown or less traveled places like Tuvalu. If you search Tuvalu on the internet you probably would not find anything about it. It is one of the most isolated islands in the world. But many people have traveled to Tuvula after it was mentioned in Lonely planet a couple of years ago.

Suggests Hotels And Restaurants

Travel guides are well-known among travelers because of the hotels and restaurants they suggest. You are obviously going to stay in a hotel if you travel anywhere unless you have a friend or a relative living there. It would be unwise to believe any travel blog as they usually mention hotels and restaurants as paid advertisements. Travel guides suggest best-reviewed hotels and restaurants which can really help you out if you do not have a tour guide with you.

Imagine you have traveled a great distance and have been wandering in Mexico and you feel your stomach rumbling with hunger. You came all this way to eat Mexican food but you do not know where to find Mexico’s most popular dishes. You can not speak Mexican. This is where travel guides would be of great assistance. If you have travel guides with you, you can pull it out immediately and look for all the great restaurants in that place. Travel guides as mentioned earlier also have detailed maps that are going to guide you to your destination.

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