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Oceania Cruises Reviews | Is It Worth It?


I’m just back from another Oceania cruise and I thought it’s a great time to share with you what are the pros and cons of traveling with this cruise line. I’m going to take you into an in-depth analysis of this company when doing Oceania cruises reviews.

Their cruises are considered to be one of top-notch and top-level. But do you get to experience everything when onboard or this is just the hype created by some individuals? Therefore, here is our complete oceania cruises review that will put the reality in front of you.

About Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises is one of the world’s leading cruise lines operating almost everywhere. With its 7 small, yet luxurious ships, it features the finest cuisine at sea carrying no more than 1,250 guests. The company’s itineraries take you all across the globe. The company has an additional Allura Class ship for 1,200 guests on order. It will be delivered in 2025.

Oceania Cruises is entirely owned by Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd having its headquarter in Miami. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd also owns Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

In this review of oceania cruises we will discuss the fleet, the activities and the eatery option this ship provides. Besides, at the end of this blog post, I have written a few Oceania cruise reviews that will identify whether this trip is worth it or not.

Fleet Of The Ship

The company has ships of three different classes.

  • Regatta Class
  • Oceania Class
  • Allura Class

1) Regatta Class

This one is the oldest class of ships owned by the company. The ships have 343 cabins and can only accommodate around 824 passengers. Here are the details and reviews of the oceania cruise ships that are included in this class.

ShipEntered Into Service
MS Regatta2003
MS Nautica2005
MS Insignia2004/2014
MS Sirena2016

2) Oceania Class

Our Oceania cruise lines review includes all the information that you guys need. The Oceania class consists of two ships each built for 1,250 passengers and weighing 66,084 gross tons. The ships were built by Fincantieri in Italy, where MS Marina was delivered in January 2011 while MS Riviera was delivered in May 2012.

These were the first-ever ships that were built for the Oceania class. On each ship, out of the total of 525, 580 suites and cabins have their private balconies.

ShipEntered Into Service
MS Marina2011
MS Riviera2012

3) Allura Class

These aren’t yet a part of the Oceania Cruises fleet. In 2019, two more ships were ordered from Fincantieri which will be delivered in 2023 and 2025. Each ship will have a capacity of 1200 passengers while the gross weight will be 67,000 tons.

ShipWill Entered Into Service
VistaApril 2023

Activities On Oceania Cruises

In this oceania cruise review, we will now review the activities of the Oceania cruise. Oceania Cruises offers a wonderful combination of luxury, proximity, and unsurpassed style, giving guests a sense of personal comfort.

Here are some of the attractions you can expect from Oceania Travel like Paul Gauguin Cruise & Silversea Cruise, from their 450 destinations to health roads and energy centers.

1) Unique Ship Features

With spacious suites and modern rooms, almost 70% of them are private labels, with ocean cabins as beautiful as a world-class hotel. These include separate ultra-comfortable beds, marble and granite baths, and showers.

2) Oceania Cruise Reviews - Life onboard

In terms of living space, Oceania Suites range from 322 square feet to 1,000 square feet on smaller ships and 420 square feet to 2,000 square feet on a larger floor. The size of the boat provides social support and comfort. You can find new friends near the pool and golf course, gym, bar and leisure area, shops and casinos.

3) Oceania Cruise - Shopping

Once onboard, you will be just as busy as you were on your days at the port. But what’s missing? The activity that we all crave, Shopping! From diamond necklaces to toiletries, all are available at the Oceania cruise. If you are having a boring day and do not want to look at the sea anymore, head towards the shopping area. Anything you wish for will be available.

4) Oceania Cruise - Pools And Jacuzzis

Pools are the go-to place for any traveler when on a cruise. A pool will make your journey comfier and more exciting. Whether you take a dip or simply sit in the comfortable chairs beside the pool.

The staff makes sure that you do not get short on anything. Whether you require a drink or a cold towel, they will be there for you.

  • Oceania Cruise – Afternoon Tea

Every day at 4 p.m., take part in the tea service, which includes finger sandwiches, scones, and other small nibbles. So, no matter how tired you are, the afternoon tea will sort all your problems in one go.

  • Oceania Cruise – Bon Appetit Culinary Center

Love to cook and try newly made dishes? Now you can fulfill all your cravings in the Oceania Cruise. The cruise provides a variety of dishes at this state-of-the-art classroom.

5) Oceania Cruise - Art

Art is always something very spectacular. Having a single artist on board makes everything comfy. But when you have a whole art room, where you can learn to paint, sketch, and even make clay sculptures. Then, everything becomes so smooth and easy. So, if you love art of any sort, Oceania cruise can provide you a whole working environment.

6) Oceania Cruise - Library

Reading widens your thinking approach and opens your mind. Oceania cruises ensure that a traveler gets everything that he/she needs. We know that a lot of people STILL crave to read books and stuff, therefore, sharing the same sentiments as you, Oceania cruises has made sure that the guests get a fully functional library with books of all sorts.

7) Oceania Cruises - Barista’s

Now, only a library is not enough. A book without coffee is like a man without his wife. Near the magnificent library, you will find a beautiful little coffee shop that is the best place to quietly sit and finish your reading.

8) Oceania Cruises - Card Room

Who doesn’t like card games. People spend whole nights playing card games and if that isn;t enough, they even bet their savings and money on it (not promoting it, but it surely happens). On the other hand if you are not playing cards, which world are you living in? Playing cards is not only about throwing a piece of plastic and winning. It’s about making new friends, spending your morning, your afternoon, and your nights with these new mates. Oceania cruises cares for you, so it provides you the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with new friends you make on the journey.

9) Oceania Cruise - Family Comes First

“Family comes first”, and Oceania cruise understands that better than anyone. That is why they provide you with a fully staffed computer lounge from where you can keep in touch with your friends and your family.

10) Oceania Cruise - Cabanas

I don’t know about you, but I love to eat ice-cream and desserts in bed. If you haven’t tried this privilege before, you can enjoy it now with this cruise. Now enjoy a private Cabana where you can lounge on a Balinese daybed with servings of ice cream, and fruits both in the morning and afternoon. Not only this, but this enjoyment increases as the staff provides you with a complementary 10 minute massage.

Oceania Cruise - What To Eat

So, what to eat. Here is a complete oceania cruise ships review that we have highlighted for you to mention the eatery options like Viking River Cruises food reviews.

Dinner sums up your whole day. No matter how tough your entire day was, if you had a good dinner with company, you will forget everything. But if your day was good but your dinner wasn’t, then we will talk in the morning because you won’t be in a mood right now.

The oceania cruise provides you with so many possibilities. These are:

The Main Restaurant And Buffet

The cruise always has the option for a fiery buffet. We all know that buffets make your outing more enjoyable because you can choose whatever you want in that specific budget for as long as you want.


You will be offered with four specialty restaurants. All the restaurants offer numerous types of menus. Although you need to make a reservation beforehand, there is no need for additional charges.

Each cabin (except a few cabins of suites with no limits) offer one dinner in each of these restaurants per cruise. However, you can return to your favorite restaurant several times based on the availability that is checked day by day. Below are the restaurant names along with their specialities that you can get.

  • II Toscana

The restaurant is dedicated to Italian cuisine. The best thing about this restaurant is that it serves the best and most famous traditional dishes on the cruise. The menu includes both meat, and fish, and you will get a choice of extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegar from throughout the peninsula.

  • Polo Grill Restaurant

Here you can try meat and fish both grilled and fried. But there are a lot of other international dishes that you can taste. The most impressive thing is the variety of meat dishes and the large number of side dishes.

  • Red Ginger Restaurant

Inspired by the Asian cuisine, this famous restaurant has a beautiful and pleasant atmosphere alongside a large menu with a huge selection of dishes that you should try at all costs.

The dinner starts as the waiter will present you with your preferred tea and chopsticks of your choice. The ending, however, is more beautiful. It ends with a rich array of dessert you can choose from.

  • La Cuisine Bourgeois Restaurant

Last but not least is the La Cuisine Bourgeois restaurant. Updated by the famous award-winning French chef Jacques Pepin. The restaurant offers beautiful and traditional meat and fish alongside a dashing array of mouth-watering desserts and cheeses.

Where To Dine?

On the Oceania cruise, you have the option to dine in a new and private room. The room has a fixed cost for each person. Several dishes will be provided from the restaurants mentioned above.

Finally, if you love wine, La reserve will offer you with two paid menus, both will include pairing of wine that a wine spectator will curate.

Oceania Cruise - Reviews

Although we have provided you guys with all the details that you need, here are the oceania riviera Mediterranean cruise reviews that people have provided to help the ones who wish to board the cruise. So, here is the review of oceania cruises that you guys need to read.

Review 1
“Like many avid cruisers, we had several much anticipated cruises canceled during the pandemic that shut down much of the world in 2020 and 2021. Our cruise, Iberia to Italia, was one of the first aboard Marina, the first of Oceania’s ships to return to service post-pandemic. Prior to providing details of our experience it’s important to note that there were still a great many COVID restrictions both aboard ship and in Portugal, Spain, France, and Italy where our ship ported. On board the ship only had approximately 650 passengers. This worked well as nearly half of the seating in restaurants, bars, and the Marina Lounge (theater), were blocked for social distancing ….”

Review 2
“This cruise was influenced by politics from its start. Travel to Cuba was banned, so Oceania substituted other Caribbean islands from the original three-city tour. Then, the coronavirus caused a world-wide panic and pandemic.

Measures were instituted aboard the ship to keep everyone safe by limiting access to food and ensuring sanitizers were used regularly before entering restaurants. Everyone was urged to wash their hands often for 20 seconds with soap and warm water. As a result, no one got sick…”

Review 3
“We had a great cruise for two weeks in the Caribbean visiting nine beautiful islands. This was our 27th cruise overall on five different lines and our third cruise on Oceania. They are still the best.

The weather was very good 13 out of 14 days. Our next to last day was rough seas and a little difficult for everyone but the Captain & crew did everything they could to make us comfortable. It passed & our last day on board was great…”

Review 4
“The biggest take-away from this cruise is to say that if you do take medications, take an extra seven days worth with you. We were lucky and did, which we have done on previous cruises. You never know what may happen. After you read the rest of this you’ll understand.

We chose this cruise for the itinerary. This was a Buenos Aires to Lima cruise around Cape Horn. We were also looking forward to the Oceania post-cruise tour to Machu PIcchu. We arrived a day early and opted for the pre-cruise hotel offered by Oceania. The hotel was very nice. The check-in was quite awkward and individual rooms were doled out one at a time. The only status was that everyone would get into their rooms by 3:00 PM…”

Review 5
“Wow! The Coronavirus caused us to have quite the unexpected journey. Fortunately no one on the ship was infected with the virus. We were sailing to Pisco, Peru on day 18 of our planned 20 day cruise when the captain announced Peru had closed all its ports to cruise ships. Responding to this, our ship reversed direction and started sailing south with plans to return to the port of San Antonio, Chile. San Antonio was about a three day sail from our current position. After sailing toward Chile for a day or more, the captain made another announcement telling us that Chile had just closed its ports due to two cruise ships in San Antonio with infected passengers. Once again Marina changed direction to sail north to the Panama Canal. We arrived at the Canal on Wednesday morning then anchored outside the Pacific entrance to the Canal while Oceania worked feverishly to secure our ship a slot to transit the Canal…”

Bottom Line

When it comes to quality, no one can beat Oceania cruises, and these oceania caribbean cruise reviews justify that. The Oceania cruise provides a great opportunity to forget everything in your daily life and enjoy your days at Sea. These reviews on Oceania cruises provide you with the complete information that gives you an idea about this cruise’s quality. So, read these reviews on Oceania cruises and join the adventure.

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