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Norwegian Cruise Line Reviews – Is It Worth It?


Going with a simple or normal routine can make you frustrated or distracted from work. That is why giving yourself a much-needed break from normal city life is very important. So, by doing so, you can choose some of the best Norwegian cruise line ships to have some fun. In addition, you can read the Norwegian cruise line reviews to know more about their services.

Well, apart from a joke, it has been a challenging task to get the best cruise line experience even once in a lifetime. But when you have the option of Norwegian cruise lines, you don’t have to worry about the best vacation time. However, the majority of the people ask some questions.

Do these include how the food on the Norwegian cruise line is? Or how many ships does the Norwegian cruise line have? So, to answer all these questions, we have gathered a comprehensive guide about the reviews of Norwegian cruise line reviews.

Let’s start reading to know more.

What is a Norwegian Cruise Line?

If you’re wondering about the Norwegian cruise line, aka NCL, you will be pleased to know the company is an American cruise line founded in 1966. Unlike other cruise lines, it was incorporated in Bermuda and headquartered in Miami. One of the amazing things about the Norwegian cruise lines is that it has been the best premium innovator in the cruise line industry for more than 54 years.

Yes, you heard it right!

In contrast to the wide range of other cruise lines, Norwegian Cruise Line escape reviews show a more positive image of the company. The company holds a significant place in the hearts of explorers around the globe as they aim to provide them the opportunity to explore the world by the bay.

Other than this, you may have noticed the undeniably high hype for the NCL. Do you know why it is so? The cruise line provides the best fun and laid-back ambiance to the people coming to their place from the whole world.

If you’re fond of freestyle cruising, no one can stop you from having a cruising experience on this cruise line. You don’t need to bother about the strict dress codes as the other cruise lines do. As per the Norwegian cruise line food reviews, there are no fixed dining timings. People coming to this cruise line have the opportunity to enjoy the feat according to their comfort hours.

More About Norwegian Cruise Line

One of the biggest things that make the company stand out from others is its ability to launch many innovations in the cruise industry. They are also known to release many firsts in the industry, including Great Stirrup Cay. It contained the first-ever air-sea combined program to amuse the explorers coming to the cruise line.

Besides this, a long list of people leaves good Norwegian cruise line escape reviews as the prices of all the activities and ambiance are very reasonable. In this way, people have access to experience the best cruise line without using their savings.

If you ask us about the first built cruise line ships in the NCL, these were Starward and Skyward. These ships in the Norwegian cruise lines could keep almost everything without any safety issues. They could also carry automobiles using the highest quality of well-concealed stern doors.

A never-ending list of amazing activities is available on the Norwegian Cruise Line ships. You will be amazed to know that the company has more than a 17-ship fleet sailing worldwide. They are available with some of the best 2022 itineraries, lasting from three to twenty-one days.

Plus, if you’re fond of exploring versatile areas or regions, the Norwegian cruise line has much more to offer you. You can visit Alaska, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Europe, and even Asia.

Norwegian Cruise Line Ship Reviews and Activities

Considering the large passenger holding capacity of about 1936 to 4266, Norwegian cruise lines are now offering reasonable fares to the customers to enjoy mesmerizing activities. Furthermore, you don’t have to struggle when roaming around the ship to know what activities you have on the options list.

The staff maintains a sustainable ratio of about one staff member per two or three passengers. It is not concerned with the extent of the crowd on the ship. All preventive measures for the health and safety of everyone are done.

That is why we have conducted comprehensive research reviewing the activities available on the Norwegian cruise line. Some of these activities include:

Activities on Norwegian Cruise Lines

Try Karts

Are you fond of car racing? Or do you love to turn the cars on the most daring tracks? If yes, then a kart track can be something that can attract you on the very first look. But, most people who are eager to go on a cruise line ship are often worried about kart racing activities.

This activity isn’t common on the cruise lines, but the NCL will make you whip around the turns while having the most fun moments you can imagine. Also, there is an extensive audience that never fails to cheer the participants.

One of the most amazing things about kart activities on Norwegian cruise lines is that they have been common in the cruise line since the debut of some of its ships in 2019. You will be amazed to know that some ships of the Norwegian cruise line also offer the first-ever two-story kart track, which will bring out your inner kart expert.

Availability of an Aqua Park

Most of the Norwegian cruise line ship reviews have also revealed that the people coming to the cruises in the Norwegian ships have access to enjoy some fun activities at aqua parks. Can you believe the availability of water parks within the center of the sea? Well, this happens at the Norwegian cruise lines!

You can stay cool in the hot sun while being on the cruise. A wide variety of water sports and water slides are available at the aqua parks. Thus, you don’t have to bother about enjoying some of your favorite park activities when you are on a cruise. There is a whip slide which you can also call the wet and wild slide.

It enables the visitors to enjoy racing up their friends on the splashing water slides. Besides this, you will love the availability of a free-fall slide in the aqua park. It ranges up to 50 feet in the air, so you will feel like the whole cruise is under your feet. Some thrilling experiences of an epic plunge (a 200 feet long slide) are also available.

Presence of Kid's Aqua Park

Besides the adults, there is a long list of varying activities for kids. You don’t have to worry about keeping your kids with you while being on a cruise ship by the Norwegian cruise lines. You will be satisfied with the availability of many exciting kids’ activities on the cruise.

Many amusement rides for kids are also available in their aqua park. However, complete safety mechanisms are also present to keep your kids away from drowning. Many whip and free-fall rides are also present to amuse your kids in many undefined ways.

Casino Things

If you love gambling or are into casinos, you will find NCL to be the best place to chill out. The Norwegian cruise line Mediterranean reviews show how much people are in love with the casino activities going on the cruise lines. Almost all types of casino games, from the hand reel to the hybrid slots, are available here.

You can go to the casino club, pull a chair from a poker table, and start having your own table game. What else do you want on your vacation? In this way, you can have the best time with your friends. Another amazing thing we have to tell you about the casino activities on Norwegian cruise lines is that they also offer exciting tournaments for casino lovers.

You can test your expertise by booking or reserving your spot in the casino events. A large audience is also available to make you feel like you are playing a real casino game.

Onboard Shopping Stores

Norwegian cruise reviews have also made this visible that people love to shop when they are having a vacation on a cruise by the Norwegian company. Shopping never stops for both men and women no matter in which part of the world you’re. So, considering this fact, Norwegian cruise lines have now released access to shopping for everything within the ship.

Yes, you heard it right!

You do not need to bother about if you have forgotten something at home or need an essential item while on a cruise. You can instantly visit the most famous stores on the ship, shop, and use it for your convenience. Other than this, there is a never-ending list of options for onboard shipping on NCL.

We assure you that you’ll see a long list of brands on the ship offering your favorite items at reasonable prices. From clothing to sundry items, almost everything is available on Norwegian ships. Another amazing fact to discuss here is that many duty-free deals will make you shop for something for yourself or your loved ones. You can also go shopping for jewelry, watches, and even perfumes.

Beer and Wine Tasting

One of the most praised or demanded activities on cruise lines is beer or wine tasting. People love this activity more than other options. If you look at any recent review of the Norwegian cruise line, you will get to know the amazing features of the ship’s beer and wine tasting bar. Plus, if you’re 21+, this onboard activity will keep your attention during your trip.

In addition, if you are looking forward to increasing your knowledge regarding different types of beers and wines, this activity on NCL can be the best option for you to try out. You can join the club to learn about versatile types of beer and wine common in the market and their significance.

Norwegian Cruise Line Customer Reviews About Medical Facilities

You don’t need to worry about your medical condition if you’re on treatment for some illness and head to the cruise on the company’s fleet. Some professional doctors are always ready to serve you or treat you when things on your medical side go wrong. They will help you attain the desired fitness level in no time.

So, when choosing the Norwegian ships from the cruise line, you don’t have to compromise on your health. You can book doctors online before heading on the cruise. This way, you will get treated for the problems before they occur.

Norwegian Cruise Line Food Reviews

You will fall in love with the Norwegian cruise ships as they offer different food options every night during the whole tour. In addition, the Norwegian cruise line food review tells the quality and ambiance of cuisines there. Thus, if you are a foodie and love to explore different food around the globe, you should book a cruise on Norwegian ships.

Master chefs also serve their dishes at the exclusive dinner parties on the cruise line. This way, you will have a great time eating your favorite food while in the ocean’s heart. Many reviews of the Norwegian cruise line have also revealed that the food items served here are pretty reasonable.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Many Ships Does the Norwegian Cruise Line Have?

There are about 17 world-class ships on the NCL providing the best services to the cruisers around the globe. They are considered the most contemporary fleets in the cruise industry.

Is Norwegian A Good Cruise Line?

Yes, NCL is considered a more than average cruise line with a prominent number of ships on the board. Every ship is available with the latest fun activities and every life necessity you can ever think of.

Why is the Norwegian Cruise Line Famous?

Some of the important reasons that make the NCL famous, among other options, include the freestyle cruising concept, a wide range of fun activities, a demanded ambiance, and every luxury.


Now that you know everything about the Norwegian cruise line, why not book your slot there this summer? Well, we suggest you do this right away as it will make this summer the best one of your lifetime!

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