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A Complete Guide To Nickelodeon Cruise Ship


A family cruise is a great way to spend a few days together. There are many cruises that offer packages for adults, but some companies offer family tours, especially shows and cartoons for children. CDC Travel Information. Opening hours / availability may have changed.

Children are more inspired by Cartoons. Nickelodeon is arguably the favorite channel for kids. From Dora the Explorer to Spongebob, when they see these characters on a family vacation, they are on cloud nine.

That’s what Nickelodeon Cruise was made for. It had been operating for years making it a perfect cruising option for parents with their young ones. But you may not find any booking options for cruise Nickelodeon cruise now. Why is that so? You will find an answer in a bit. In this complete guide, you will know about the Nickelodeon Cruise reviews, when they shut down and why. Plus, we will have a look at some other questions as well. But before all this, let’s first know:

What Is Nickelodeon Cruise?

Nickelodeon cruise was a great way of entertainment for the families. These were the special cruises that were themed on the basis of Nickelodeon’s famous characters such as Dora the Explorer and Spongebob.

If your kid loves watching Dora Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants, Nickelodeon is the place to go. Then your kids will love the Nickelodeon themed cruise. There you can meet and greet your favorite characters and play fun Nickelodeon style games.

How Did The Nickelodeon Cruise Ship Start?

The first Nickelodeon cruise ship was launched in 2008 by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. In Miami, it carried over 4,000 passengers for the entire family during his seven-day summer vacation.

In 2010, Nickelodeon announced an exclusive partnership between the Norwegian Epic and the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), which operates the Norwegian Gem. The tour focused primarily on kids and had interactive Nickelodeon-style shows and a poolside party where the kids’ favorite Nickelodeon characters greet the kids.

How Did The Nickelodeon Cruise Ship Start

NCL Cruises was famous for having a pajama breakfast to start the day with your favorite character. Other notable activities include Nick Live! Kids will love this show, including poolside entertainment, the show, and Nickelodeon’s special slime.

Why Are Nick Cruise Ships No Longer?

You may be wondering about why Nickelodeon cruise ships came to an end after so many years of successful business and entertainment for families. Or you may wanna know “does the nickelodeon cruise still exist”. As mentioned above. Nickelodeon entered into a partnership with the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) to operate these cruises. During 2015, the partnership came to an end that resulted in the closure of this surprisingly adventurous holiday trip.

Why Are Nick Cruise Ships No Longer

Nickelodeon Cruise Reviews

To know how successful these cruises were, you should know what families and children think about them.

Nickelodeon Cruise Reviews

Review 1: Boffis123

Here’s what a customer says about these trips.

“I went on that ship a week ago, it was really good. Great waterslides to try, good food, when we went on the ship the captain was swedish, just like us, so we got a free tour up at the place where they drive the boat (dont know the english name lf it) and my little brother got to sound the horn.

Only 2 complainings I got about the boat is that park cafe (a buffet on the 16th floor was way to crowed at some times of the day) and that put no kids signs on 50% of the pools.

Espacially on one of the jacuzzis when they already have kid free zone in the back of the boat. The water in the pools was kinda cold but otherwise a great ship.”

Review 2: Guy_With_A_Stick

Here’s what another reviewer told about his views.

“Recently got off of a voyage from this ship, and what an incredible vessel! There’s so much to do, it’s clean, all the staff were friendly, the food was incredible(and free!(for the main dining rooms and buffet)), and the islands were great as well! I would definitely recommend this to anyone!”

Review 3: Victoriasmommy

“our on nov 27th epic cruise there were 3 meet and greets with nick characters (dora/diego/spongebob) the nick breakfast, dora’s dance party, diego’s story time, slime time live etc. at a “craft time they coloured a spongebob bandana/shirt”

My understanding is this is the norm.

on the “nick” cruise they must have more activities?

but this was plenty of nick for us. but then DD is 3 so maybe a bigger kid would require more?”

What’s The Takeaway?

From all the reviews I scrolled through, I found most of these users loved nick cruises. Meeting favorite TV show characters in real life on a daily vacation was a jubilant moment for kids. NCL organizes Nick Cruises on ships in a water play area with slides and jets, including the new Norwegian Epic, which increases excitement by providing three multi-level water slides and epic diving, which is the only slide of its kind at sea.

What Did Nick Cruises Offer?

There are a lot of worth-trying nick cruises. SpongeBob, Dora, Diego. Oh cool! If your kid loves Nickelodeon Cable, there is the option to travel with their favorite cartoon character. In early 2010, Norwegian Cruise Lines announced a new partnership with Nickelodeon. This includes various cruises especially for children.

What Did Nick Cruises Offer

The Just-In-Time for Kids network is committed to serving the smallest passengers and plans to offer Nickelodeon at Sea services that are complemented by the family-friendly amenities. It is a family Cruise like Disney Alaska cruise & Disney Dream Cruise and has many options for families and kids:

  • SlimeTime LIVE! with Nick’s signature slime
  • Poolside performances
  • Character meet and greets
  • Character breakfasts
  • Interactive games
  • Show premieres
  • Nick-themed dance parties
  • Nick Live! Poolside entertainment
  • Character story hours

Having all these features makes it extremely loveable for kids to board these cruises. Kids loved these activities owing to their uniqueness.

How Much Does A Nickelodeon Cruise Cost?

Like the Southern Caribbean cruise, a lot of factors affect the price to book a cruise. Duration of your stay, the package you choose, and the season you book your cruise in have a great impact on how much it will cost you to board a nickelodeon cruise.

How Much Does A Nickelodeon Cruise Cost

On average, it may cost you about $50 per person per day to go on a nickelodeon cruise. As mentioned earlier, these rates can be low or high depending on what time of the year you booked your cruise.

What’s The Alternative?

As mentioned earlier, Nickelodeon cruises may be hard to find as the agreement between both cruises have come to an end. So you may be wondering about what’s the option for you. Can you still attend Nick based theme parties? The answer is, yes. There are several Nickelodeon resorts and hotels that are offering Nick themed parties and everything. So you can enjoy all these activities in hotels and resorts. You can also hire:

Whats The Alternative

Nickelodeon Disney Cruise

It’s not basically a Nickelodeon cruise. However, it’s the most favorite, when it comes to the best cruises for kids. This company is one of the few companies in the industry, especially for families with small children. For children, Disney Alaska Cruise Line offered the best facilities, amenities, food and programs for the whole family. Here are the most prominent features that make it the best cruise for kids.

Nickelodeon Disney Cruise

  • Kids Clubs (separated by age)
  • Flounder’s Reef Nursery for babies
  • Goofy’s Pool designed for families
  • Walt Disney Theater featuring shows and movies
  • Mickey’s Pool only designed for kids
  • Studio Sea representing interactive activities for parents and kids
  • Character breakfasts
  • Parades
  • Group games
  • Teen dances
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Story time and sing-a-longs

If you’re looking for a spongebob cruise ship or cruises for other types of cruises for kids, go for Nickelodeon.

Bottom Line

Nickelodeon cruise is indeed a great holiday trip for kids. For years, NCL provided the best cruising services for kids that were loved by kids. But it all came to an end in 2015 after the agreement between Nick and NCL came to an end. In this post, we have told you everything you need to know about Nickelodeon cruise.

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