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Moment Wildcat Ski Review For 2023


​​As a skier, choosing the right pair of skis is crucial to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience on the slopes. Moment Wildcat is a popular skier choice, with its reliable performance and versatile design. This blog will review the Moment Wildcat ski, including its specifications, pros and cons, and why it may be the right choice for your next skiing adventure.

Moment Wildcat

The Moment Wildcat ski comes in three sizes – 101, 108, and 116 – and is designed for all-mountain skiing. The Moment Wildcat 101 is perfect for those who enjoy skiing on groomed runs, while the Moment Wildcat 108 is ideal for off-piste adventures. The Moment Wildcat 116 is a broader ski best suited for powder skiing. Additionally, the Moment Wildcat Tour 108 is an excellent option for those who enjoy backcountry skiing.

Our Verdict

Overall, the Moment Wildcat ski series offers exceptional performance and versatility, making it an excellent choice for skiers of all levels. The skis are stable, easy to maneuver, and provide a smooth ride on any terrain. They also have excellent edge control, allowing for precise turns and control at high speeds. However, they may not be suitable for beginners as they require some skill and technique.


The Moment Wildcat skis are priced in a premium range, varying depending on the size and design. The Moment Wildcat 101 and 108 retail for around $799, while the Moment Wildcat Tour 108 is priced at $899. The Moment Wildcat 116 is priced at $849.

Why Choose Moment Wildcat

Here are 8 reasons why you should choose the Moment Wildcat Ski for your next ski trip:

Versatility: The Moment Wildcat Ski is designed to perform well in all conditions, from hard-packed snow to deep powder. This means you can take it out on any terrain and feel confident in handling it.

Control: The ski’s shape and construction make it easy to control, allowing you to make precise turns and maneuvers. This makes it an ideal choice for intermediate and advanced skiers who want to improve their skills.

Stability: The Moment Wildcat Ski provides excellent stability, even at high speeds. This means you can push yourself to go faster and tackle steeper terrain without feeling like you’ll lose control.

Durability: The ski is made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the wear and tear of regular use. This means you can count on it to last for many seasons to come.

Responsiveness: The Moment Wildcat Ski is highly responsive, meaning that it quickly responds to your movements and allows you to adjust your speed and trajectory with ease.

Playfulness: This ski is also known for its playfulness, making it a fun choice for skiers who like to hit jumps and rails. It has a lively feel that encourages you to experiment and try new things on the slopes.

Sustainability: Moment is committed to sustainability, and the Wildcat Ski is made with eco-friendly materials and manufacturing practices. This means you can feel good about your purchase and its environmental impact.

Aesthetics: Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the Moment Wildcat Ski is also a beautiful ski to look at. It comes in a range of eye-catching designs that will make you stand out on the slopes and add some fun to your skiing experience.

Issues to Look Out For

Here are 5 issues to look out for in a Moment Wildcat ski review:

Edge Hold: The Moment Wildcat is a powerful ski built to handle high speeds and aggressive turns. However, some skiers have reported issues with edge hold on hard-packed snow and ice. If you like to ski on groomers or in icy conditions, it’s important to pay attention to reviews that mention the Wildcat’s edge hold capabilities.

Stiffness: The Wildcat is a stiff ski, which can make it challenging to maneuver for some skiers. If you prefer a more playful ski that’s easier to flex and bend, the Wildcat is not the best choice for you. Pay attention to reviews that discuss the ski’s stiffness and how it affects the skiing experience.

Weight: The Wildcat is a heavy ski, making it difficult to carry and maneuver, especially if you like to hike or skin to access backcountry terrain. Be sure to pay attention to reviews that discuss the ski’s weight and how it affects the overall skiing experience.

Versatility: The Wildcat is marketed as an all-mountain ski, but some skiers have reported that it performs best in specific conditions, such as deep powder or steep terrain. If you’re looking for a ski that can handle various situations, read reviews discussing the Wildcat’s versatility.

Price: The Moment Wildcat is a high-end ski with a hefty price tag. If you’re someone who’s budget-conscious, it’s essential to consider whether the Wildcat is worth the investment. Look for reviews that discuss the ski’s value for money, and consider whether other skis offer similar performance at a lower price point.

Final Words

Overall, the Moment Wildcat ski series is an excellent choice for skiers looking for a versatile, high-performance powder ski. Its stability, control, and durability offer a smooth and enjoyable skiing experience on any terrain. However, skiers should be aware of its premium pricing and potential issues with the top sheet peeling off.


Q: How Does the Moment Wildcat Ski Compare to the Moment Deathwish Ski?

A: The Moment Deathwish ski is designed for more aggressive skiing and is better suited for advanced skiers. The Moment Wildcat ski is more versatile and suitable for skiers of all levels.

Q: What Bindings Should I Use with the Moment Wildcat Skis?

A: The Moment Wildcat skis are compatible with most bindings, but checking the manufacturer’s specifications is essential to ensure a proper fit.

Q: Are the Moment Wildcat Skis Suitable for Backcountry Skiing?

A: The Moment Wildcat Tour 108 is designed specifically for backcountry skiing and performs excellently on off-piste terrain.


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