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Kastle MX83 Ski Review For 2023


Winter sports enthusiasts know the importance of having the right equipment for their adventures. Whether you are a seasoned skier or a beginner, you need a reliable and high-quality ski that can provide you with the best experience on the mountain. Kastle, a company that has been in the business of making skis for over 90 years, is known for producing some of the best skis in the world. In this review, we will be taking a closer look at one of their most popular skis, the Kastle MX83.

Kastle MX83

The Kastle MX83 is a high-performance ski that is designed for advanced skiers who enjoy carving down the slopes. It is a versatile ski that can handle a wide range of terrain and conditions, including groomed runs, moguls, and even powder. The ski features a traditional camber profile that provides excellent edge grip and stability, making it ideal for carving turns on hard-packed snow. It also has a slight rocker in the tip and tail, which makes it easier to initiate turns and provides a smoother ride in variable conditions.

The Kastle MX83 is made with a full wood core, which gives it a lively and responsive feel. It also has a layer of titanal that runs the length of the ski, providing additional stability and dampening. The ski’s sidewalls are made with sandwich construction, which helps to distribute pressure evenly along the edge and provides a consistent flex pattern. The Kastle MX83 comes in lengths ranging from 153cm to 183cm and has a sidecut of 123/83/109mm.

Our Verdict

After testing the Kastle MX83 on the mountain, we were thoroughly impressed with its performance. The ski is incredibly stable at high speeds and can handle even the steepest of terrain with ease. It provides an excellent edge grip, allowing you to carve down the slopes with precision and control. The ski’s slight rocker in the tip and tail makes it more forgiving in variable conditions and helps to prevent tip dive in deeper snow. Overall, we highly recommend the Kastle MX83 to advanced skiers who are looking for a high-performance ski that can handle a variety of conditions.


The Kastle MX83 is not a cheap ski, with a retail price of around $1,299. However, for skiers who demand the best performance and quality, the MX83 is worth every penny. The ski is made with top-of-the-line materials and construction techniques, ensuring that it will last for many seasons of skiing.

Why Choose Kastle MX83

Here are eight reasons why you should choose the Kastle MX83 for your next ski adventure:

Versatility: The Kastle MX83 is a versatile ski that performs well in a variety of conditions. From groomed runs to powder and everything in between, this ski can handle it all.

Stability: This ski is known for its exceptional stability, which makes it a great choice for skiers who want a smooth and controlled ride. It absorbs vibrations and allows for precise turns even at high speeds.

Maneuverability: Despite its stability, the Kastle MX83 is also highly maneuverable. It features a slight rocker in the tip and tail, which makes it easy to turn and pivot, even in tight spaces.

Control: The Kastle MX83 is designed for skiers who want to be in control of their movements. Its precise edge control and responsive handling make it a great choice for advanced skiers who want to push themselves to the limit.

Durability: This ski is built to last, with a sandwich construction that includes a wood core, titanium layers, and a fiberglass wrap. It’s a tough and durable ski that can handle whatever you throw at it.

Edge-to-Edge Transition: The Kastle MX83 features a relatively narrow waist, which makes for quick edge-to-edge transition. This means that you can make turns easily and quickly without sacrificing stability or control.

Comfort: The Kastle MX83 is designed with comfort in mind. Its lightweight construction and comfortable grip make it easy to carry, while its easy-to-use bindings allow for quick and hassle-free adjustments.

Performance: Perhaps the most important reason to choose the Kastle MX83 is its outstanding performance. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert skier, this ski is designed to give you the performance you need to take your skiing to the next level. It’s a ski that can handle anything you throw at it and make you feel confident and in control on the mountain.

Issues to Look Out For

Here are 5 issues to look out for when reviewing the Kastle MX83 skis:

Steep price point: The Kastle MX83 skis come at a premium price point, so it’s important to consider whether they are worth the investment. While the skis offer excellent performance and quality construction, they may not be the best option for those on a budget.

Stiff flex: The Kastle MX83 skis are designed for advanced and expert skiers, with a stiff flex that requires a certain level of skill and technique to handle. Intermediate or beginner skiers may struggle to get the most out of these skis.

Narrow waist: With a waist width of 83mm, the Kastle MX83 skis are best suited for groomed runs and hard-packed snow conditions. Skiers who prefer off-piste skiing or deep powder may find these skis less versatile.

Heavy weight: The Kastle MX83 skis are built with high-quality materials and a durable construction, which makes them heavier than some other skis on the market. This can be a consideration for skiers who prioritize lightweight gear for ease of use and maneuverability.

Limited length options: The Kastle MX83 skis are available in a limited range of lengths, which may not be suitable for all skiers. It’s important to consider whether the available lengths will meet your specific needs and preferences, particularly if you are taller or shorter than average.

Final Words

In conclusion, the Kastle MX83 is a top-performing frontside ski that excels on groomed runs and hardpack snow. Its powerful construction, with a metal laminate and full sidewalls, delivers impressive stability and edge grip, while the tip rocker and camber underfoot provide versatility and agility. Whether you’re a recreational skier or a more advanced one, the MX83 offers a smooth and responsive ride that makes carving effortless and fun. Overall, this ski is a great choice for those who prioritize precision and performance on firm snow.


Here are five potential questions that readers might have about these skis:

Q: Who is the Kastle MX83 ski designed for?

Ans: The Kastle MX83 ski is designed for advanced to expert skiers who are looking for a high-performance ski that can handle a variety of conditions, including hard-packed snow and groomed runs.

Q: What sets the Kastle MX83 apart from other skis?

Ans: One of the key features that set the Kastle MX83 apart from other skis is its construction. The ski is made with a wood core and two layers of metal, which give it excellent stability and edge control. Additionally, the ski has a slightly tapered shape, which allows it to easily transition from edge to edge.

Q: What level of Experience Do You Need to Ski on the Kastle MX83?

Ans: The Kastle MX83 is best suited for advanced to expert skiers who are comfortable skiing at higher speeds and tackling steeper terrain. If you’re a beginner or intermediate skier, this ski might be too challenging.

Q: Can the Kastle MX83 ski handle powder or off-piste terrain?

Ans: While the Kastle MX83 is primarily designed for groomed runs and hard-packed snow, it can handle light powder and off-piste terrain. However, if you’re looking for a ski that’s specifically designed for deep powder, you might want to consider a different ski.

Q: How Does the Kastle MX83 Perform on Icy or Hard-Packed Snow?

Ans: The Kastle MX83 performs exceptionally well on icy or hard-packed snow, thanks to its metal construction and powerful edge control. If you ski on a lot of hard-packed runs or icy conditions, this ski is an excellent choice.

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