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Do Cruise Ships Have Jail Cells? | Cruise Ship’s Secrets


Cruise ships look like small self-contained cities in many ways. These ships are similar to floating towns. They have their own houses, entertainment, stores, restaurants, spas, and swimming pools, among other amenities, which enable people to live on the sea.

While food and supplies are brought on board at the port of embarkation, cruise ships have a few surprises hidden beneath the deck.

So, most cruisers are aware that cruise ships have doctor’s offices on board in case guests become ill.

But, It’s less well known that cruise ships also have jails. And these jails are what the majority of passengers will never see. And it is really surprising if cruise ships have Briggs.


Although the brig is not referred to as a jail on a ship, I will use the terms brig and jail interchangeably in this blog.

Do Cruise Ships Have Jails?

It’s possible that the issue is caused by passengers on board. 

So, A straight YESSS! 

Many cruise ships have jails onboard. During a voyage around the world, cruise ships may meet a variety of issues, ranging from dangerous storms to pirate attacks. With almost 2,000 passengers on board, it is unavoidable that one of them will end up endangering other passengers or committing a crime.

Brig - Cruise Ship Jails

A brig is the name for a ship’s jail. Brig simply refers to a prison, particularly one on board a ship, and is defined as a location for ‘temporary incarceration.’

They usually consist of only one small room with sparse furniture. This room has a bed and a toilet. 

It can be sealed from the outside to keep a rowdy passenger from escaping if he or she is too drunk or dangerous to be out and about. Members of the ship’s security staff oversee the jail, which is required for a variety of reasons.

Despite the fact that

Brigs are regular equipment on cruise ships, we’ve been assured that they’re rarely used. Cruisers are frequently restricted to their rooms, with a security officer stationed outside the door.

These steel rooms are normally found on one of the ship’s lower decks, near the security office. You won’t be staying there for the remainder of the voyage if you end up down there.

Who Gets In The Brig?

Many people wonder if cruise ships have jails on board and what happens to law-breaking guests.

The answer is,These law-breaking guests are held in these Briggs until they are either handed over to port authorities at the next landing site or until the trip is completed.

Do They Kick Off The Cruise Ship?

“Wait a moment. Is it possible to get removed off a cruise ship?”


These law-breaking guests have kicked off the cruise and handed over to port authorities at the next landing site.

Why They Get In The Brig

If you’re wondering how to get kicked off a cruise ship, we’ve put together a list to help you out. ALERT

Be aware that some of them may result in criminal charges as well as the cancellation of your vacation:

Here is the list,

  • Getting into an argument with other passengers or staff members
  • Purchasing alcohol on behalf of a minor
  • Developing a terrible illness
  • Bringing illegal substances on board

Frequently asked Questions

What If Jail On A Cruise Ship Is Full?

In addition, keep in mind that if the brig is full or there are none on board, security will stand outside the offender’s stateroom until the ship arrives at the next port of call, where he will be escorted off and either arrested by local authorities or left to return home on his own.

What Happens If A Crime Occurs On Board A Cruise Ship?

It is determined by the nature of the offense. If the crime is very serious, the culprit is handed over to the local authorities in the next port. If the offense is small, the perpetrator may be dismissed from the ship and way back home with their own expenses.

How Do Cruise Ships Deal With Onboard Crime?

Each cruise ship has its own security team that is extremely efficient. There are small prisons mostly known as Briggs and cruise staff is there for investigation. 

Will I Get Arrested If I Commit A Crime Aboard A Cruise Ship In The Middle Of The Ocean?

Depending on what you do, the ship’s security team may keep you until the ship arrives at the next port. You will be hauled off the ship and handed over to the local authorities once you arrive at the next port. If you are able to return home at that moment, it will be up to you to travel back home.

Wrapping Up - Do Cruise Ships Have Jail Cells?

To keep things safe and under control on a cruise for all cruisers, there are small jails called Briggs on the cruise ships. Cruise ships may encounter a range of challenges on their journey around the world. 

With over 2,000 people on board, it’s unavoidable that one of them will endanger other passengers or conduct a crime. So, cruise authorities catch law-breaking guests and put them in Briggs. These lawbreakers are escorted off the ship and turned over to port authorities at the next port of call. 

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