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This Is How Scammers Cheat People When Finding Accommodation


Toronto man allegedly misled at least 20 individuals who wanted to book a room in the North York apartment.

Ever since the news broke out, the Toronto police are looking for a man who supposedly misled more than a dozen individuals trying to rent a room at a North York apartment.

This has become quite a news in the city and the citizens are beginning to raise questions over the authority of the Police. However, the police are not letting this get in the way of investigation. The accommodation in north york toronto is without a doubt one of the best in Canada. But this incident has damaged the reputation of North York in the eyes of the tourists.

The police have revealed that they were contacted by 20 individuals who revealed being scammed by an individual. He was renting a room at 30 Greenfield Avenue, situated close to Sheppard Avenue and Yonge Street.

According to police, between April 27 and May 2, the numerous individuals reacted to an ad on the application Casmo, which was offering a place for rent.

Police say a portion of the victims met with the suspect. Some of them had the option to see the room while others were told they could not see the place because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The victims have recorded their statements to the police. According to police, victims transferred the first two month’s rent in advance. What they did not know was that he did not have permission to rent the room.

Investigations have shown that the 37-year-old Toronto Sungjin Kim, who is presently needed for various crimes that include fraud. The suspect has already left the country ut it is unknown where he is right now. Investigations of the case are still going on.

Police say that there might be more victims who have not yet contacted the police. Police are asking people to anonymously contact officials at 32 Division or Crime Stoppers if they have any information related to the case.

The rental market in North York is extremely competitive due to its tourist attraction from around the globe. So it is quite difficult to find a place to stay there. This incident has been a nightmare for the victims. But there is a solution.

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So no need to worry. You have still got great options. So what are you waiting for? Book your room right now in any of these hotels and enjoy these complimentary facilities.

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