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Head Supershape E-Rally 2023 Review


As winter approaches, skiing enthusiasts worldwide are gearing up for an exciting season on the slopes. However, choosing the right ski equipment is essential to ensure maximum enjoyment and safety before hitting the mountains. In this review, we will look closer at the Head Supershape e-Rally ski, a popular choice among intermediate and advanced skiers.

Head Supershape e-Rally

The Head Supershape e-Rally is a high-performance ski for carving on hard-packed snow. The ski boasts several advanced features, including a lightweight Graphene Worldcup Sandwich Cap construction, KERS technology for added energy and rebound, and ERA 3.0 technology for enhanced control and stability.

Our Verdict

After putting the Head Supershape e-Rally to the test, we can confidently say that it lives up to its reputation as a top-performing ski. The ski is incredibly responsive and easy to control, making it an excellent choice for intermediate to advanced skiers looking to improve their carving technique. Additionally, the KERS technology provides an extra burst of energy with each turn, making for an exhilarating ride down the mountain.

Why Choose Head Supershape e-Rally

As a traveler and skiing enthusiast, I understand the importance of choosing the right equipment for hitting the slopes. When it comes to skis, there are a lot of options on the market, but the Head Supershape e-Rally stands out for a number of reasons. Here are eight reasons why you should consider choosing the Head Supershape e-Rally for your next ski trip:

Advanced technology: The Head Supershape e-Rally uses advanced technology to provide an unparalleled skiing experience. The ski features a graphene construction, which makes it strong, light, and responsive. Additionally, the ski’s ERA 3.0 technology combines rocker, radius, and rebound to create a ski that’s easy to control and provides excellent edge grip.

All-mountain performance: The Head Supershape e-Rally is designed to perform well on all types of terrain. Whether you’re skiing on groomed runs, in powder, or on icy slopes, this ski will give you the control and stability you need to tackle any conditions.

Easy turning: The ski’s ERA 3.0 technology also makes it easy to turn, even for less experienced skiers. The ski’s rocker and radius work together to initiate turns quickly and smoothly, while the rebound provides energy and pop when exiting turns.

Stable at high speeds: The Head Supershape e-Rally is a high-performance ski that can handle high speeds with ease. The ski’s construction and shape provide excellent stability, so you can confidently ski at top speeds without feeling like you’re losing control.

Lightweight: Despite its high-performance capabilities, the Head Supershape e-Rally is surprisingly lightweight. This makes it easy to carry around the resort and reduces fatigue during long days of skiing.

Versatile: The ski’s all-mountain performance and easy turning make it a great choice for skiers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your skills or an advanced skier looking for a versatile ski, the Head Supershape e-Rally is a great option.

Durable: The graphene construction of the Head Supershape e-Rally makes it incredibly strong and durable. This means you won’t have to worry about your skis getting damaged easily, even if you’re skiing on rough terrain or taking on challenging runs.

Stylish design: Finally, the Head Supershape e-Rally looks great on the slopes. With its bold colors and sleek design, this ski is sure to turn heads and make you feel confident and stylish as you carve down the mountain.

Issues to Look Out For

However, choosing the right ski equipment can be a daunting task. The Head Supershape e-Rally is one of the most advanced skis on the market, but before you take to the slopes, here are five key issues to look out for:

Ski length: It’s important to choose the correct ski length, as it can significantly affect your performance. The Head Supershape e-Rally comes in various lengths, and you should select the one that is appropriate for your height, weight, and skiing ability. A ski that is too short can result in a lack of control, while a ski that is too long can be difficult to maneuver.

Ski width: The width of the ski also affects its performance. The Head Supershape e-Rally has a relatively narrow waist, making it ideal for carving turns on groomed runs. However, if you plan to ski in deep powder or off-piste terrain, you may want to consider a wider ski.

Ski shape: The Head Supershape e-Rally is designed with a unique shape that enhances its performance. The ski features a “radius rocker” profile that makes turning easier and more fluid. However, this design may take some getting used to if you’re used to skiing on traditional skis.

Ski binding: The binding is an essential component of the ski that connects your boot to the ski. It’s important to ensure that the binding is correctly adjusted to your boot size and release settings. Failure to do so can result in injuries in the event of a fall.

Skill level: The Head Supershape e-Rally is an advanced frontside ski that is designed for experienced skiers. If you’re a beginner or intermediate skier, this ski may not be suitable for you. It’s important to choose a ski that matches your skill level to ensure a safe and enjoyable skiing experience.

Final Words

Overall, the Head Supershape e-Rally is an excellent choice for intermediate to advanced skiers looking for a high-performance ski that can handle a variety of terrain. It’s advanced technologies and responsive design make it a top-performing ski that will impress even the most experienced skiers.


Q: What is the Head Supershape e-Rally’s Waist Width?

A: The Head Supershape e-Rally has a waist width of 68mm.

Q: What Level of Skier is the Head Supershape e-Rally Best Suited For?

A: The Head Supershape e-Rally is best suited for intermediate to advanced skiers.

Q: What is KERS Technology?

A: KERS technology is a system that stores and releases energy during turns, providing an extra burst of power and rebound.


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