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Cruises From San Diego To Hawaii – A Travel Guide


The Hawaiian island, located in the North Pacific and surrounded by sparkling blue waters, appears to be designed for cruising. A Hawaiian cruise may be the greatest option for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. It is a destination that is almost universally on everyone’s bucket list. 

However, organizing a Hawaii cruise is more difficult than it appears. Due to its remote location and strict regulations, only a few cruises to this Polynesian paradise are available. 

If you are looking for cruises from San Diego to Hawaii, you’ve come to the right place. We provide a huge selection and information on different cruise and vacation packages to Hawaii in this blog.


Vaccinate Yourself. Get a Booster. Put on a Mask. Take a Test, And Travel Well!

Please check the most recent travel restrictions before arranging any cruising adventure towards Hawaii during COVID-19, and always follow the Travel Guideline regarding COVID-19. Things may alter.

While deciding to cruise from San Diego to Hawaii, review our travel guide and book your trip as soon as you’ve discovered a match.

Perks Of Cruises To Hawaii From San Diego

  1. One of the considerable advantages of a Hawaii cruise is the possibility to see four islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Hawaii Island in a week. To explore all these 4 islands, the land travelers would require several flights which takes more time and more money.

    Cruising is also a cost-effective method to experience Hawaii, which is known for being an expensive tourist destination.
  1. Last but not least, Each of Hawaii’s islands offers travelers unique and memorable experiences, such as cascading waterfalls, famed volcanoes, teeming marine life, and postcard-perfect beaches. This natural beauty of the islands is what attracts almost nine million people each year.

Perks Of Cruises To Hawaii From San Diego

Cruises Out Of San Diego to Hawaii

In the fall, winter, and spring, you can take a cruise from San Diego to the Hawaiian Islands. They’re luxury cruise lines that focus on longer journeys to exotic locations.

The cruises are offered by both casual and premium cruise lines. San Diego to Hawaii cruises are available on a round-trip basis. Some of the cruise lines also provide one-way trips.

Unfortunately, Pandemic Closed Everything!
There was a ban on cruising since the pandemic strongly targeted the world.
Everything is getting normal in the world and cruise ships are sailing towards Hawaii from this year. 

1st Cruise Ship Arrival After Pandemic Ban

The first cruise ship, Princess Cruises’ Grand Princess, with 1,188 passengers and 915 crew members, to arrive in Honolulu, an island of Hawaii in nearly two years docked on January 9, resuming significant sailings in the Hawaiian Islands for the first time since the outbreak.

Carnival Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, and World Residences at Sea are among the cruise lines that have negotiated agreements with the state to resume excursions in the first half of the year.

Active Hawaii Cruises From San Diego

Surprisingly few cruise lines offer Hawaii cruises, given the popularity of this island tourist destination. The main reason for this is that operating routes primarily inside the Hawaiian Islands are subject to stringent regulations. 

Only Norwegian’s Pride of America fits the criterion of having a mostly-American crew and being registered in the United States. As a result, Norwegian is the only cruise line that can offer 7-night Hawaii trips, which it does every week throughout the year.


Due to Covid-19, cruise services are limited towards Hawaii. Right now, there is only one cruise line active that offers to cruise from San Diego to Hawaii. It is Holland America Line and it offers Hawaiian cruise holidays departing from San Diego that last between 15 to 45 days and include at least eight nights on the ocean.

In short, Holland America offers day and night cruises from San Diego to Hawaii if you don’t mind being at sea for several days. The majority of these feature a stop in Lahaina, Maui’s most attractive town. In addition, many round-trip San Diego itineraries include a bonus stop in Ensenada, Mexico, the origin of the Margarita, and home to some of the country’s best vineyards!

Holland America Line

From San Diego, Holland America Line offers cruises to Hawaii. These mid-size luxury cruise ships are noted for their attentive service, great food, and fun activities.

AwardsIt was named “best mid-sized cruise ship” and received an award. 
Live Music Venues
  • The Rolling Stone Rock Room
  • BB King’s Blues Club
  • Cantare
  • Lincoln Center Stage
  • World Stage
  • Billboard Onboard
Other Attractions
  • BBC Earth in Concert
  • Microsoft Studio
  • Greenhouse Spa
  • The casino
  • The main dining area
  • Lido Market
  • Dive-In Grill
  • New York Pizza
  • Pinnacle Grill
  • Canaletto
  • Tamarind
  • Nama Sushi
  • Rudi’s Sel De Mer
  • Club Orange


The Koningsdam ship departs from San Diego on a regular basis. Schedule 2022will be discussed later in this blog. 

Holland America Line Touches Hawaii's Ports

Following are the ports Holland America Lines may visit.

Honolulu (Oahu)Hawaii’s capital city, as well as the island group’s largest, is possibly the most cosmopolitan urban center. 

Here you’ll find the widest range of food, entertainment, and activities, but don’t limit yourself to the nighttime. 

Honolulu has a long history as a trading port, initially for explorers and then for ships traveling between North America and Asia. 

Hilo (Big Island)Volcanoes National Park, famed for its black and green lava fields, is Hilo’s most popular destination. 

Keep an eye out for lava tubes and steam vents no matter how you explore them, from walking to helicopter excursions.

Kona (Big Island)Kona, located in Kailua and close to Hilo, draws visitors for two reasons: 

some of the best surfing beaches in the world and some of the best coffee in the world. 

While you’re in port, make sure to spend some time getting to know each of them.

Lahaina (Maui)Although your ship docks at Lahaina, you have the entire island to yourselves. 

Make time for a snorkeling trip, whale-watching excursion, or a tour of Maui’s natural beauties. 

Sunrises from Haleakala National Park are a favorite lure for this latter location, while the Road to Hana takes you past rainforests and waterfalls.

Cruise Ship From San Diego To Hawaii 2022-23

In this section, I am gonna discuss the cruise from San Diego to Hawaii 2022 schedules and cruising information regarding the cruise ship and all activities on board.

17-Day Cruise To Hawaii - Holland America Line

Sailing Date: 3rd October 2022 & 14th January 2023

  • Name: Ms. Koningsdam – Launched in 2016
  • Passengers: 2650
  • Crew: 1036
  • Passenger to Crew: 2.55:1
Cruise TypeType It is a cruise to Hawaii from San Diego round trip. 
Time 17 Nights
  • 8 Days at Destinations & 10 Days at Sea
  • Kauai (Hawaii)
  • Honolulu (Hawaii)
  • Maui (Hawaii)
  • Hilo (Hawaii)
  • Kona (Hawaii)
  • Ensenada (Mexico)
Travel InformationDay1: Departs From San Diego
Day 2-6: Cruising
Day 7: Honolulu
Day 8: Kauai
Day 9: Maui
Day 10: Hilo
Day 11:  Kona (Kailua Bay)
Day 12-16: Cruising
Day 17: Ensenada
Day 18: San Diego

35-Day Cruise To Hawaii - Holland America Cruise To Hawaii From San Diego

Sailing Date: 8th October 2022

  • Name: Noordam – Launched in 2006
  • Passengers: 1924
  • Crew: 800
  • Ship Speed: 24.00
Cruise TypeOne-way Cruise to Hawaii from San Diego
  • Kauai (Hawaii)
  • Honolulu (Hawaii)
  • Maui (Hawaii)
  • Hilo (Hawaii)
  • Kona (Hawaii)
  • Ensenada (Mexico)
  • Bora Bora
  • Sydney
Travel InformationDay 1 San Diego, California
Day 2-6 At Sea
Day 7 Honolulu, Hawaii
Day 8 Lahaina, Hawaii
Day 8 Scenic Cruising Kilauea Volcano
Day 9 Kona, Hawaii
Day 10 Hilo, Hawaii
Day 11 Cross International Dateline
Day 12&13 At Sea
Day 14 Cross International Dateline
Day 15 At Sea
Day 16 Kiritimati (Christmas Island), Kiribati
Day 17 Crossing The Equator
Day 18 Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Day 19 Moorea, French Polynesia
Day 20 Papeete, French Polynesia
Day 21 At Sea
Day 22 Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Day 23 Cross International Dateline
Day 24 &25 At Sea
Day 26 Vava’U, Tonga
Day 27 Nukualofa, Tonga
Day 28 & 29 At Sea
Day 30 Caracas, Venezuela
Day 31 & 32 At Sea
Day 33 Brisbane, Australia
Day 34 At Sea
Day 35 Sydney, Australia

35-Day-Cruise-To-Hawaii-Holland-America-Cruise-To-Hawaii-From-San Diego

Best Time To Cruise To Hawaii From San Diego

There is never a bad time to visit Hawaii islands because it has perfect weather all year. Between December and April, the islands have the greatest visitors either by land or cruise, however this period also coincides with the “wet season.” But don’t worry, it never rains heavily or for long periods of time. 

April, May, September, and October have the most constant fine weather, and you might be able to locate a decent offer on a repositioning cruise during those months.

Wrap Up - San Diego To Hawaii Cruises

Cruising is getting normal after the pandemic hit. Similarly, cruising towards Hawaii is also coming back to normal life. Currently, Holland America Line is offering cruising services from San Diego to Hawaii. 3 schedules are shared in this blog. Find the suitable one.

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