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A Complete Guide To Book A Cruise To Jamaica


When it comes to the Caribbean, Jamaica is the third-largest island. Not only this but it is also the most populous English-speaking island in the entire Caribbean. You should cruise to Jamaica if you love to go on a Southern Caribbean cruise. This beautiful island is home to the blue mountains and it’s surrounded by a narrow coastal plain. Like other islands, most of its population lives near coastal areas. The most popular Jamaican cities include Portmore, Spanish Town, capital Kingston, Mandeville, Port Antonio, Ocho Rios, and Montego Bay.

When it comes to cruising in Jamaica, you may have plenty of questions such as how much does it cost to cruise in Jamaica. What are the best cruise deals in Jamaica? In this post, I am going to share with you everything you need to know about cruising on this beautiful island. Let’s get started from the basics.

Best Islands for Cruising In Jamaica

Whether the idea of ​​a fun boating holiday means tranquil sunsets or a luxury Thomson-style yacht cruise, Jamaica is almost perfect for all your sailing needs. Jamaica isn’t exactly heaven, but the country offers great hot springs, perfect breezes, beautiful harbors, and islands. Let’s have a look at the best sailing in Jamaica.

1) The Errol Flynn Marina

Anchor off Errol Flynn Pier in Port Antonio for scenic views on relatively calm waters. Errol Flynn’s shipyard and marina are owned by the Jamaica Port Authority. They are controlled by Dale Westin. In other words, marine equipment no longer exists. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations for a 3 days cruise to Jamaica.

2) Ocho Rios

Continue west to Ocho Rios resort. Discovery Bay or St. Stop at Anna’s Bay. You will be amazed at life here as cruise ships regularly dock and leave ships full of tourists and visitors. There are also many luxury hotels to explore. When it comes to cruising in Jamaica, Ocho Rios is one of the most popular tourist attractions.

3) The Black River

The Jamaican expedition is never completed unless you visit the Back River. It is one of the best cruise destinations in Jamaica. It is one of the longest Jamaican rivers with a length of around 53.4 km. It’s called the black river because of its dark color because of the thick layers of decomposing vegetation.

4) Port Morant

In the Far East, south of Jamaica, is Port Moran, a beautiful place surrounded by beautiful mountains. The Coast Guard and Maritime Police have a small marina that offers free sleep and water if you love nature and tend to explore and make use of the country’s natural wonders. It is a small town near Saint Thomas Parish.

5) Montego Bay

Go to Montego Bay from Ocho Rios. Here, you will find The Montego Bay Yacht Club, one of the most famous Yacht clubs. The Montego Bay Yacht Club has plenty of activities to make your day exciting. It is very accommodating and has a lot of facilities in it. Negril on the west coast of Jamaica to Montego Bay sails westward, there are a lot of worth-seeing spots to visit.

Best Cruise Lines To Jamaica

When it comes to going to Jamaica, looking for the best cruise lines to Jamaica gets inevitable. You should look for the best deals to travel to Jamaica. If you don’t know, no worries. I am here to help you out. I’ve got for you the best cruises lines from the US to Jamaica. Let’s check’em out.

1) Budget Cruise

Legal Bahamas Cruise is offering a two-day cruise to Nassau from Fort Lauderdale. The cruise offers basic facilities such as a late evening casino, deck bath, buffet, and nightclub buffet. It has plenty of activities for kids such as a small playroom for kids who are 3 to 12 years old. It is one of the most affordable cruises to Jamaica.

Not only this but the cruise line is also offering you accommodation thanks to its partnership with Nassau Hotel. For that, you will have to get the Accommodation Cruise package. If you’re looking for a cruise to Jamaica and the Bahamas, this one is a suitable option for you.

2) Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean is one of the most famous cruise lines in the world. Royal Caribbean is recognized for its extensive line of island itineraries in the Southern Caribbean. One of the most prominent stops of the ship is in Jamaica. The cruise has everything to make your journey unforgettable.

From Scuba diving to zip lines and a range of other adventurous activities, Royal Caribbean cruise gives you one of the best cruising experiences in Jamaica. You can also relax on the beach if you don’t wanna explore the sea.

3) Disney Cruise Line

Be it the Disney Alaska Cruise or Caribbean Disney holds the mark for being the best one in its line. They have a variety of ports all across the Caribbean. In their itineraries, Jamaica is one of the most popular destinations. If you’re looking for a cruise to Jamaica from NY or any other city, it’s not preferable to go for the Disney cruise as they are pretty expensive because of their impeccable services. So if you are tight on budget, I would recommend you looking for some other cruise lines. Look for one from the next ones on our list.

4) Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity cruises are offering a five-night cruise including a day in Ochos Rios. The cruise departs from Miami and docks in Ochos after spending a day at sea. Then it continues to Georgetown for a day before going to sea and coming back to Miami. When you are in Ocho Rios, you can participate in over 40 available excursions. Some of the most famous ones include deep-sea fishing, horseback riding, a 65-feet catamaran, or a dog sled ride.

There are several restaurants, piano and martini bars, and Internet stations on the cruise. Most famous meals and beverages are available for you at the cruise price. However, you will have to pay for the meals purchased in specialty restaurants, certain drinks, and excursions.

5) Norwegian Cruise Line

When it comes to hiring the best cruise to Jamaica, Norwegian Cruise Line also stands among the best ones. They have over 13 ships sailing dozens of Caribbean islands. Among them, Jamaica is one of the most famous ones. It has an extensive line of activities like parasailing, swimming with dolphins, and submarine rides. Choose the one that you enjoy the most. Whether you are looking for a cruise to Jamaica from Galveston or any other city, Norwegian Cruise Line would give you the best experience.

How To Find The Cheapest Cruise To Jamaica?

Finding the cheapest cruise to Jamaica should be your goal if you are on a budget and looking for an amazing cruising experience, you should know what time of the year is best to cruise to Jamaica. If you are looking for the best cruise deals at the cheapest possible price, try to go cruising in the non-peak season.

Late August and early November are some of the best months to find the most affordable cruise deals in Jamaica. Don’t go in July if you want to get the best experience at the best possible prices. In the off-season, you will find an all-inclusive cruise to Jamaica at the best rates.

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