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Complete Volkl Mantra m6 Review For 2023


Volkl Mantra m6 is a top-rated ski designed for advanced and expert skiers. It is an all-mountain ski that can perform well in different conditions, including groomed slopes, powder, and even on icy terrain. The Volkl Mantra m6 is a favorite among skiers who like to challenge themselves and want to explore different landscapes.

This review will examine the Volkl Mantra m6 ski, its features, pros and cons, and why it’s a popular choice among skiers.

Our Verdict

After testing the Volkl Mantra m6, we can confidently say that it’s a high-performance ski that can easily handle different terrains. The ski’s construction, which includes a titanal frame, carbon tips, and a wood core, provides excellent stability and power transfer.

One of the things that impressed us about the Volkl Mantra m6 is its versatility. The ski can perform well in snow conditions, including powder, groomed slopes, and even on icy terrain. The ski’s shape, which includes a rockered tip and tail, provides excellent floatation and maneuverability in powder, while the camber underfoot ensures stability and edge grip on groomed slopes.

The Volkl Mantra m6 also has a responsive and lively feel, which makes it an excellent ski for advanced and expert skiers who like to carve and take on challenging terrain. The ski’s narrow waist (96mm) and stiff flex provide excellent edge control, which allows skiers to make precise turns and navigate through bumps and tight spaces.

Overall, we highly recommend the Volkl Mantra m6 to be advanced and expert skiers who want a versatile, high-performance ski that can handle different terrains.

Why Choose Volkl Mantra m6

If you’re looking for a ski that can easily handle various terrain and conditions, the Volkl Mantra m6 might just be the perfect ski for you. Here are 8 reasons why you should choose the Volkl Mantra m6:

Versatility: The Volkl Mantra m6 is a versatile ski that can handle anything from groomers to deep powder. With a 96mm waist, it’s wide enough to float in deep snow, but not so wide that it feels cumbersome on a hardpack.

Stability: The Mantra m6 is built with a full wood core and Volkl’s Titanal Frame technology, which gives it a solid, stable feel underfoot. Whether you’re carving turns on a hardpack or blasting through crud, the Mantra m6 will stay stable and predictable.

Power: The Mantra m6 has plenty of power for aggressive skiers. Its full sidewall construction and carbon tips and tails help to transfer energy directly to the snow, giving you a responsive and powerful feel.

Control: Despite its power, the Mantra m6 is easy to control. Its rocker-camber-rocker profile gives it a forgiving feel, while its flat tail allows you to release your turns cleanly.

Agility: The Mantra m6 is surprisingly agile for a ski of its size. Its multi-layer wood core and carbon tips and tails help to keep it light and nimble, making it easy to navigate through tight trees or bumps.

Durability: Volkl is known for making durable skis, and the Mantra m6 is no exception. Its complete sidewall construction and rigid sintered base can handle whatever abuse you throw at it.

Edge hold: The Mantra m6 has excellent edge hold, thanks to its full sidewall construction and multi-layer wood core. Whether carving on hardpack or ice, you can count on the Mantra m6 to hold an edge.

Style: Last but not least, the Mantra m6 looks great. With its sleek graphics and bold colors, it will turn heads on the mountain.

Issues To Look Out For

As a passionate skier, I was excited to hit the slopes with the Volkl Mantra m6 skis. After spending a few days testing them out, I’ve identified some potential issues that skiers should be aware of before purchasing these skis. Here are eight things to look out for:

Stiffness: The Volkl Mantra m6 skis are quite stiff, which can challenge beginner or intermediate skiers still developing their technique. This stiffness can make the skis feel unresponsive and difficult to control, particularly on softer snow or in variable conditions.

Weight: These skis are relatively heavy compared to some other models on the market, making them feel cumbersome and tiring to ski on, particularly over long distances or in deep powder.

Turning radius: The turning radius on the Volkl Mantra m6 skis is fairly large, which can make them less maneuverable in tight spaces or on narrow runs. Skiers who prefer quick, agile turns may find these skis frustrating.

Edge hold: While the Volkl Mantra m6 skis offer excellent edge hold on hard-packed snow and groomed runs, they can struggle in deeper or softer snow. Skiers who plan to ski primarily off-piste may want to look for a different model.

Speed: These skis are designed for speed and stability at high velocities, but they may feel less responsive at slower speeds or when making quick, sudden turns.

Flex: The Volkl Mantra m6 skis have a fairly stiff flex pattern, which can make them challenging to ski on in bumpy or choppy terrain. Skiers who prefer a more forgiving flex may want to consider a different model.

Price: These skis are relatively expensive compared to some other models on the market, which may make them inaccessible to skiers on a budget.

Style: The graphics on the Volkl Mantra m6 skis may not appeal to all skiers, particularly those who prefer a more understated look.

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