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Celestyal Cruises Reviews – 8 Facts You Didn’t Know


Are you looking for some traditional Greek hospitality, food and entertainment whilst traveling in the comfort of a beautiful mid-sized all-inclusive cruise ship? Because we’re here to know some amazing facts about a similar ship while doing Celestyal Cruises Reviews.

In this detailed Celestyal cruises review, we will cover everything you need to know about it. From the fleet of the cruise to its different packages and positive and negative Celestyal cruise reviews, we will give you a true picture of whether it’s worth going on this cruise or not.

Let’s get started from the basics and know:

About Celestyal Cruises

Celestyal Cruises is a cruise company that is based in Cyprus. It is the only cruise company based in Greece which is a subsidiary of Louis plc, which was founded in 1935 as the first Cyprus-based travel agency.

About Celestyal Cruises

Currently, there are a total of two ships under Celestyal’s operation. Celestyal cruises offer cozy mid-size cruise ships that offer an enjoyable and entertaining experience both onboard and ashore.

Fleet of the Cruise
Celestyal Cruise Reviews – What Activities Does It Have?
Food and Beverage
Celestyal Crystal Review – How Are The Cabins?
How Much Does It Cost?
Celestyal Crystal Reviews
Celestyal Olympia Reviews
Most Popular Excursion

1) Fleet of the Cruise

The cruise has two main ships: Celestyal Olympia and Celestyal Crystal. We will cover both of these ships when doing reviews of celestyal cruises down below. Let’s now have a look at the fleet of this cruise ship.

Fleet of the Cruise

  • Celestyal Olympia

So first, we take a look at the Celestyal’s larger ship of the fleet: the Cylestyal olympia which has a capacity of 1,664 passengers. Cylestyal Olympya is a cozy mid-sized ship that can sail to ports inaccessible by larger ships.

Life onboard buzzes with Greek authenticity and warm hospitality. It offers a unique and unforgettable cruise holiday experience with distinctive Greek influences. This fabulous flagship offers stylish and comfortable cruises to the Mediterranean and promises good times both on and off the ship.

  • Celestyal Crystal

They also have Celestyal Crystal in their fleet. This can carry upto 1,200 passengers and provides travelers with an intimate opportunity to cruise the Mediterranean for the summer season. As Celestyal Crystal is a small cruise ship, you will experience the Greek hospitality service from start to finish, making you completely welcome from start to finish.

2) Celestyal Cruise Reviews - What Activities Does It Have?

When it comes to doing the review of celestyal cruises, the first thing that comes to mind is the activities onboard. No one would like to go on a cruise ship that’s not offering much for entertainment. In this Celestyal Cruise review, we’re going to have a look at the onboard entertainment options like we described in Avalon River Cruise & Paul Gauguin Cruise. So let’s get started.

  • Cirque Fantastic

The company provides you with some superb entertainment on board by highlighting Cirque Fantastic which was founded in 1998. The troupe of acrobats and circus artists thrills hundreds of thousands of guests each year in a spectacular and popular show.

  • Casino

Love casinos? Then try out your luck in the casino. There’s a casino where you will find classic games such as Poker, Roulette and Blackjack. Play these games along with the latest Vegas-style slot machines…

  • Exercise Classes & Sporting Tournaments

Why skip fitness whether you are at home or sea? The cruise ship has a lot of activities on its sports deck where you can play basketball or take Zumba classes. According to the Celestyal Crystal reviews, the ship also arranges several different tournaments for competitive types. So pit against your fellow guests.

  • Arts & Crafts

The ship has complimentary art and crafts sessions that are a great way to discover your creativity. It has several interactive workshops enlisted in the Daily Program. So if you’re interested in making rope bracelets or fancy learning origami art, you can polish your skills here.

  • Fun & Games

If you’re a quiz or games lover, then you have plenty of things to enjoy there. There are a lot of onboard games. The cruise ship hosts a daily quiz, general knowledge, music, and a cruise quiz. You can also play certain games such as Pictionary, Men vs Women, Guess the Celebrity, Name That Tune, and Stop the Bus. You can also play Wii Sports for something energetic.

  • Language Sessions

While cruising in the Mediterranean and Greece, why not improve your language and immerse yourself in their culture. As per the Celestyal Cruises reviews, the hip provides you with an excellent opportunity to learn some local lingo to talk to the locals onshore. You’ll learn to greet people and order at the bar.

  • Dancing Lessons

Who doesn’t love dance? So why not polish your dance moves by adding some Greek dance moves to them? You can learn some traditional Greek dances. So grab your partner and try out Hasapiko, Kalamatianos, and Sirtaki. You may also be interested in Rock & Roll classes for something different.

  • Cooking Demos

Interested in cooking? The onboard chefs aren’t only experts in the kitchen but also good at tutoring. You can join them in Cooking demos where you can learn how to make scrumptious delicacies that everyone loves. You will learn to make a buffet from a La Carte menu.

  • Kids Club

If you’re looking for a cruise ship for kids, then it’s worth going for this cruise. It has a separate kids club to keep them entertained. A lot of Celestyal Cruise reviews in Greece show how much kids love cruising this ship.

3) Food and Beverage

An all-inclusive Mediterranean holiday trip on a Celestial cruise isn’t just an adventure to a romantic destination. It is also a dazzling gastronomic journey. A team of highly trained chefs lovingly prepare a variety of excellent and delicious recipes, using fresh local ingredients collected during the trip.

Celestyal Cruises reviews in Greece also show how people love their cuisines. The cruise line has also introduced an international cuisine that mixes Greek gastronomy. Enjoy the highest standards of healthy eating three times a day and order specific dietary requirements from staff.

Food and Beverage

4) Celestyal Crystal Review - How Are The Cabins?

Celestyal Cruises’ cabins are luxurious as in Oceania Cruises & Silversea Cruise. There are four main types of cabins available on the ship. They include:

Celestyal Crystal Review How Are The Cabins

1) Inside Cabin

Straddling different decks, there are two types of interior cabins that are smaller than modern industry standards. The 23 “deluxe” interiors range in size from unacceptably small 75 sq ft to 125 sq ft. The former is dark and small so the beds are rectangular to each other and he has to breathe to accompany someone in the room. There is a small bathroom with a shower.

2) Outside Cabin

Deck 2 and 5 have 21 standard outdoor cabins (129 sq ft each). Let’s have a look at the superior, premium, and deluxe outside cabins.

  • Superiors Outsides

Located on decks 3 and 6. The one on Deck 3 is a bit larger, 136 sq ft. Of the total of 73 ships, 42 on the deck have six views blocked by lifeboats. Every cabin has 3 beds (2 twins and a fold-out bed), large panoramic windows, a small desk and closet, a flat-screen TV, limited storage space and a small bathroom. There is no minibar.

  • Premium Outside

These are 126 on decks 3 and 4 and are 97-118 square feet in size. Same as the deluxe look, but with an older TV. Above all premium exteriors, there is also an empty minibar (except 53 on Deck 3).

  • Deluxe Outside

Deck 6 and 7 have luxurious outdoor cabins. There are 40 ships, each with an area of ​​170 square meters. Amenities include 2 beds. A small lounge with sofas, chairs and tables. A desk with a TV. Plenty of closet space.

  • Balcony

Celestyal Crystals balcony huts are located on decks 6 and 7. The balcony itself is rather large and square, rather than the narrow rectangle found on most modern ships. Includes two dining room-style chairs and a small cocktail table.

  • Suite

Six suites are ranging from 258 sq ft to 463 sq ft, all located in the front of the Nave on Deck 6. Each room consists of one large room with a sitting area with a sofa bed, table and chairs. Dresser with a flat-screen TV. Two single beds can be pushed together to form a double bed as in Marella Cruises.

5) How Much Does It Cost?

As always, I would say that it depends on a lot of factors. Among these factors, the time of your booking, the type of room you book, and the duration of your cruise excursions play the most crucial role.

Typically, you may find the prices starting from $699 per person.

How Much Does A Celestyal Cruise Cost

6) Celestyal Crystal Reviews

Celestyal Crystal is one of the most famous ships on this cruise line. The ship primarily sails to the Greek islands. The ship’s itinerary also includes at least one stop in another country like Turkey or Egypt. It’s time to get started with the Celestyal Crystal cruises reviews.

Celestyal Crystal Reviews

What’s Good About The Ship?

Its high-quality shore excursions pair well with port-intensive itineraries.
What’s Not Good About The Ship?

The ship is visibly worn and doesn’t have many dining options. It also lacks some other modern amenities.

Celestyal Crystal Cabin Reviews

Being an old ship, the Celestial Crystal cabin is full of character. This ship does not have a copy cabin, but it comes in a variety of styles and sizes, from those with windows and floor-to-ceiling windows to front-facing suites with balcony baths and built-in inside balconies. Celestyal Crystal cruise ship reviews show that people often love its cabins.

Each cabin has a bed, closet (number depends on cabin size), safe, desk and a flat-screen TV. The outer and upper huts also have bedside cabinets, coffee tables and chairs. All bathrooms have a common shampoo and shower gel dispenser. All non-suite showers also have shower curtains, which usually stick together during use.

Celestyal Crystal Greece Reviews
Celestyal Crystal cruise reviews are incomplete without having a look at what people think about this ship. So it’s time to check the Celestyal Cruises Crystal reviews.

Very nice trip despite restrictions

“Great itinerary, staff, food and ship. Despite the COVID nonsense, we had a good time. We enjoyed the schedule and especially the service and quality in the dining room. The COVID trackers they issued us were left in the room. The pre-boarding testing was stupid given our vaccinations.

Patmos was an unexpected gem. We had wanted to visit Ephesus again but Patmos was a nice alternative.“

No correspondence after cancelling cruise

“We booked the 7 days 3 continent, 5 country cruise in November 2021. The cruise Company changed the ship twice downgrading us each time. Then finally cancelling the trip total but giving us a 120% cruise credit on any further booking. So we rebooked a year later, the same cruise, the same ship only not to hear anything back from the Celestyal. So right now we don’t even know if we have secured a cabin on the delayed cruise. And to top it off according to their website the ship has changed again!!!!”

7) Celestyal Olympia Reviews

Life in Olympia is more than just a cruise. An experience to enjoy the Greek tradition. Relax with a refreshing drink in the atmospheric lounge, enjoy delicious authentic cuisine, or take advantage of the excellent facilities on board. Never miss something to do.

Celestial Olympia’s friendly team promises a fun, memorable and exciting time with extensive facilities that combine Greek hospitality with attentive service. Having these facilities have attracted a lot of celestyal Olympia cruise ship reviews. We’re going to discuss them in a bit. So let’s get started with the Celestyal Olympia review.

Celestyal Olympia Reviews

What’s Good About The Ship?
Immerse yourself in all things Greek with the ship’s Hellenistic itinerary that’s focused destination-intensive.

What’s Not Good About The Ship?
The ship’s cabins are outdated, and there are limited options of entertainment available on it.

Celestyal Cruises Olympia Reviews
To know how well the ship is performing, it’s crucial to look at what other people think about it. So let’s have a look at a few Celestyal Cruise Greece reviews to get a transparent picture of the ship’s current standing.

A well organised, efficient, pleasant, friendly, smooth cruise experience

“We chose this cruise because I had never visited the Greek islands. We only had 3-4 days to spare, so I chose the Iconic Aegean cruise. I’ve seen some negative reviews of Celestyal Olympia, but we had a great time. The food was good, the service was excellent, and the staff were pleasant, attentive and efficient. We chose a suite and we had ample space. The bed was comfortable and the AC …”

Not all the Celestyal Olympia cruise reviews show satisfied customers. Some even have a bad experience with this ship. Let’s have a look at one of them.


“Booked and paid in full for a cruise which is fully refundable. Have tried over and over to cancel and sent multiple messages. Staff do not respond mostly and when they do simply say they will get to it when they can. …… – SLOW AND DISHONEST. Spoke to another Celestyal client today online who advised they have been waiting over 2 months for a refund and are also being ignored by Celestyal staff.…. Choose another cruise line.”

According to the Celestyal Cruises reviews, one of the most popular excursions of the cruise line is to Havana, Cuba. Cuba’s capital has been one of the best cities in Latin America.

Havana, its culture and history are impressive compared to the many Caribbean ports where historic buildings are limited to a handful of rusty churches and museums.

Celestyal cruises are also operating in Cuba. So it’s time to have a look at the Celestyal Crystal Cuba reviews.

Most Popular Excursion of Celestyal Cruises

Celestyal Cruises Cuba Reviews
To know how well the company is performing in Cuban waters, we should know about other people’s opinions. So let’s get started to know about the Celestyal Cruises Cuba reviews.

A review from a non-cruiser

“We wanted a short cruise at the end of our two-week vacation in Greece. This one fit the bill perfectly. First, I am NOT a cruiser. However, as the fates would have it, I ended up on three cruises this year. The first two were on major cruise lines, the third on Celestyal. The Celestyal cruise gets my prize for the least annoying cruise. First, the ship is run like a finely tuned machine, and when you … “

But not all Celestyal Cuba cruise reviews are showing happy faces. Some customers weren’t satisfied with their itinerary.

Very Unhappy

“This ship is a refurbished Royal Caribbean ship that needs more refurbishment. My trip felt like more of a ferry ride, with passengers embarking and disembarking at many of the ports. There were very few Americans on board. While the cabin attendants were excellent, the rest of the service was lacking. It was difficult to have our bread and water refilled in the dining room, …”

Celestyal Cruises Reviews - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Celestyal Cruises.

1) Are Celestyal Cruises Still Sailing?

Celestyal Cruises has decided to postpone its fall and winter departures. The company says it will resume operations in March 2022 according to the scheduled program. As per the vessel, this decision was made because of ongoing travel restrictions and additional restrictions that work in most resource markets.

2) Are Celestyal Cruises All Inclusive?

Celestyal Cruises is an all-inclusive cruise line. That’s a big headline and really for you to understand and a big bonus. But the question is, what does it include in an all-inclusive offer. It includes all meals onboard and all-inclusive drinks packages selected shore excursions, great genuine Greek entertainment and gratuities, which again is a big bonus.

3) What Are The Items That Are Not Allowed on Celestyal Cruises?

The company advises all the passengers not to bring anything illegal like drugs, knives, weapons, articles of inflammable, firearms. Also, don’t bring anything dangerous.

4) What Is The Dress Code on Celestyal Cruises?

For your comfort and safety onboard, the company suggests sports or flat shoes with low heels. Wearing this type of footwear will make it easier for you to walk in the stairwells and outside decks. For some functions, you may need formal attire such as a cocktail dress or something smart for the ladies, a tie and a jacket for men. During the cruise, there is a Greek night. For that, you may need to wear blue and white attire.

5) Is There a Medical Center on A Celestyal Cruise?

There is a well-equipped medical centre and a doctor on standby for your first aid, in case you need one. Anytime during your cruise, the ship’s doctor schedules appointments, unless there is any sort of emergency.

Final Words

We’ve reviewed the Celestyal cruise ship from every possible angle. From foods and beverages to cabin details and Celestyal Cruises reviews of other people, we’ve shared with you everything about the ship. So now make your decision whether you want to go with the ship or spending your money somewhere else.

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