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Blue Horizon Casino Cruise Reviews. Is It Worth Trying?


Blue Horizon Casino Cruises is regarded as one of the most prestigious cruise lines in the world. But today, I’m going to look into Blue Horizon Cruises to see what the facts are. You’ve come to the perfect site if you’re looking for Blue Horizon Casino Cruise reviews.

About Blue Horizon Casino Cruise
Size And Space Of The Blue Horizons Cruises
Activities On The Blue Horizon Casino Ship
Food At The Blue Horizon Casino, A Meal
The Blue Horizon Casino Cruise Has Penny Slots
The Blue Horizon Casino Ship Has High-Stakes Tables
Was The Blue Horizon Casino Boat Hosting Any Poker, Blackjack, Or Slot Tournaments
Was Casino Opened In The Blue Horizon Casino Cruise All The Time
What do People Say About The Blue Horizon Casino Cruise – Reviews

Before we get into the Blue Horizon Casino Cruise reviews, it’s important to understand the following:

About Blue Horizon Casino Cruise

Blue Horizon Casino Cruise was founded in 2009 and is owned by Deckmedia NV. Blue Horizon, a remodeled version of the former Island Breeze II, offers slot and blackjack tournaments, table games, bingo and electronic bingo, and other forms of gaming. The Blue Horizons Cruises Palm Beach, which is located at 1 East 11th Street in West Palm Beach (Riviera Beach), Florida.

Blue chip Casino boat is the sixth Palm Beach day cruise. This 15-year-old cruise, which was previously known as Island Breeze, was refurbished by its owners PB Gaming LLC to add new and old gaming favorites. The tables haven’t changed, but the slots have. The Blue Horizon cruises Palm Beach which has a five-year deal with PB Gaming LLC.

The Blue Horizon Casino Boat is South Florida’s only full-scale casino where you can play all casino games with live dealers. The Blue Horizons Cruises are the Port of Palm Beach’s third casino ship. It’s a premium cruise ship that’s been developed specifically for cruising around the Port of Palm Beach.

Size And Space Of The Blue Horizons Cruises

The ship, which is 160 feet long and has three decks, can accommodate up to 600 passengers. More than 250 slots, craps, blackjack, roulette, bingo, and a sports book await your activity – the only legal craps, roulette, and sports betting location in South Florida.

Activities On The Blue Horizon Casino Ship

The Blue Chip Casino Boat review would be incomplete without mentioning the activities. So, if you’re curious about what The Blue Horizon ship has to offer, have a peek.

  • Casino

Do you enjoy gambling? Then go to a casino and try your luck. There is a casino with traditional games like blackjack, craps, roulette, and a sports book, as well as bingo. These games are available to play alongside the most recent Vegas-style slot machines…

  • Drinks while gambling on a Cruise

At the cruise, the blue horizon casino ship provided double service. On the cruise, refreshments were served while gambling. While playing at the casino, people can enjoy refreshments. In bottles, you may purchase French champagne as well as wines from California, Washington, Oregon, France, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, and Chile.

  • Bar with a Piano

Grab a drink at a Piano Bar and enjoy a night of lovely musical performance. Enjoy the music, have a few drinks, and spend time with your loved ones. The Piano Bar is suitable for everyone, whether you are going with your girlfriend, wife, or friends. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

  • Coffee, Tea, And Soft Drinks Are Available At No Cost

Nothing beats sitting on a cruise ship in the middle of the sea with a cup of tea in your hand. The sensation is indescribable. On a The Blue Horizon Casino ship, you can have that experience. In the afternoon, relax with a cup of tea while taking in the sea wind. During the journey, the blue horizon casino ship provided limitless coffee, tea, and soft beverages. This offer was freely accepted by the public.

  • Games and Laughter

If you appreciate quizzes and games, you will find much to enjoy there. There are numerous games available onboard. A daily quiz, general knowledge, music, and a cruise quiz are all available on the cruise ship. Pictionary, Men vs. Women, Guess the Celebrity, Name That Tune, and Stop the Bus are among the games available. You can also get some exercise by playing Wii Sports.

  • Cafe With Internet

We can’t picture life without the internet, whether on vacation or otherwise. This is something that The Blue Horizons Cruises are well aware of. That is why, on the trip, there is an internet café where you can keep connected to everyone. In the cruise’s Café, there are numerous state-of-the-art cameras. You can also check your email and send a message to your family and friends by logging into your account.

  • The Blue Horizon Casino Offered Valet Parking

Valet parking is a type of parking service that some restaurants, retailers, and other businesses provide. Clients’ automobiles are parked for them by a valet, as opposed to “self-parking,” where customers find a parking space on their own. The Blue Chip Casino Boat offered valet parking for $7 per car.

  • Medical Facility

There is also a medical Centre there. So, if you have any health issues, you can address them. On the sea, some people get headaches and nausea, which is rather typical. So there’s a medical centre nearby to assist you.
Aside from these, there are a variety of other amenities available on board. Some of the notable features that draw positive feedback for Paul Gauguin cruises include:

  • Casino
  • Guest hosts
  • Crew Show
  • Local Entertainment
  • Internet Cafe
  • Nightly Live Music
  • Marina
  • Cultural Performances
  • Deep Nature Spa
  • Enrichment Lectures
  • Guest Hosts
  • Local Entertainment
  • Polynesian Activities

Food At The Blue Horizon Casino, A Meal

The Blue Horizons Cruises offers a delicious supper as well as a casino. During the cruise, the crew supplied a variety of foods. A new international cuisine has also been launched by the cruise line. Three times a day, enjoy the highest standards of healthy dining and request particular dietary preferences from the staff. Using fresh local ingredients obtained during the journey, a team of highly educated chefs prepares a variety of superb and delectable meals.

The Blue Horizon Casino Cruise Has Penny Slots

The Blue Horizon Casino Boat, like every other cruise ship casino, includes penny slots. However, there are so many different ways to win that a one-cent stake might easily end up costing you more than $2.

Only a small number of cruise ships provide true high-stakes gambling. One of them is the Blue Horizon Casino ship.

Was The Blue Horizon Casino Boat Hosting Any Poker, Blackjack, Or Slot Tournaments

Tournaments are available on most cruise ships with a casino. The most popular games are slot machines and blackjack. The Blue Horizon Casino Cruises organized such tournaments. The majority of tournaments are buy-ins, in which you pay a fee to enter and then don’t spend any money during the event. Because certain cruise lines enable you to rebuy during blackjack and poker tournaments, the winners are usually the players who are willing to keep rebuying.

Was Casino Opened In The Blue Horizon Casino Cruise All The Time

Casinos on certain cruise ships are also closed throughout the day, even when the ship is at sea, because cruise lines know that most guests are busy during the day. In the Blue chip casino boat, only the casino was only opened when the cruise was at sea.

What do People Say About The Blue Horizon Casino Cruise - Reviews

What better way to get an honest perspective of a cruise ship than to read what other people have to say about it? That’s when reading reviews of The Blue Horizon Casino Cruise palm beach comes in handy. We gathered reviews about The Blue Horizon Casino boat from some of the most renowned review sites. Let’s have a look at them.

1) TripAdvisor Reviews Of The Blue Horizon Casino Cruise

According to TripAdvisor reviews, the ship has an average rating of 2.5. Let’s look at the Blue Horizon Casino Voyage reviews to see how happy or unsatisfied people are with this cruise.

It’s A Great Way To Spend A Day For Almost Free
“6 of us went on March 10 for the Thursday brunch. I’d recommend an afternoon trip unless you are going strictly for the gambling. There was a decent musician on top deck. Although seas were choppy it was a warm afternoon and only one of our group felt seasick and was able to rest on the top deck couch area. (Where other seasick people tend to go also). I’d suggest you bring some non drowsy Dramamine. I did and it helped. But We were able to sit outside on the deck and enjoy the sun. If you’re a nonsmoker you will have to sit carefully to avoid the smoke and flying ash from those that do…… My family had a nice time especially since we all returned winners! I’d go again.”

It’s Only Worth The Gambling
“Their “fine dining” buffet was terrible, a selection of dry chicken or sad looking fish, with a tiny salad. As soon as they saw you finish your dinner, they immediately kicked you out of the dining area. …….. Their only savings grace was the table games and dealers were great. Go only for the gambling, but definitely eat first!”

2) The Blue Horizon Casino Cruises Reviews – Yelp

The company did not receive positive feedback from its customers on Yelp. There are just six reviews for the Blue Horizon Casino ship, and the majority of them are unfavourable. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Review 1- Happy Customer
“The cruise is very good. Can definitely try once. The crowd is 90% old people. The weather was really good in the day we went. Don’t expect too much with food……. The gambling games are good. It is good for the price.”

Review 2- Unsatisfied Customer
“Somehow, the ship didn’t look anything like the picture or the TV commercials. It wasn’t that nice looking at all. This day, the waves were rough and the ship rocked a lot. Several people got seasick.

On the plus side, there were a nice assortment of slot machines.

On the minus side, the brunch buffet was just not great. The cruise is from 11-4 and they close the buffet at 12:30. You’re only allowed to go through the buffet line one time, which means piling all your food together…….There were desserts too. Could be much better.”

Review 3- Unhappy Traveler
“ugh do I have to review this, really? Let me think on it and get back to you. Don’t go hungry, not a lot of deck space and the little there is is filled with smokers. $10 up black jack tables and only 2 were open at $10. We went in the evening, the 40 minutes back in, after gambling was cut off, was miserable. People just lined up, drunk, and sick. They need to come up with a filler activity during that time.”

3) The Blue Horizon Casino Cruise Reviews - Groupon

According to Groupon reviews, the ship has an average rating of 4.4. The company received positive feedback from its customers on Groupon.

Review 1
“It was lovely. I wanted to go again,but it is ashamed that they are closing shop for good.”

Review 2
“Great service with people committed to ensure guests have a great time!”


The Blue Horizon Casino Cruise has been thoroughly examined from every viewpoint. Everything on the ship has been shared with you, from activities, cuisine, and beverages to stateroom specifics and other people’s reviews. Now is the time to decide if you want to take the ship or spend your money elsewhere.

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