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Packing hacks – The best ways to pack a suitcase


Thrilled to finally leave for the vacation you had been planning for so long? For many, this excitement can turn into anxiety attacks and headaches in no time when it comes to packing. But packing can be fun if you are familiar with some of the best ways to pack a suitcase. A bunch of cool packing hacks can turn this exhausting task into something fun. Read on to know some of the best ways to pack a suitcase. If you want to know what are Essentials to pack when backpacking.

Have a Checklist

One of the best ways to pack a suitcase is, to begin with, a checklist. As you go on struggling through the process, you may forget various essentials. To avoid it sit down, search the weather conditions of your destination, and organize a list accordingly. This way you also save yourself from the hassle of deciding what to take or leave. Divide your list into various sections: tops, bottoms, undies, shoes, toiletries, medicines, and accessories. Once your list is made, half of the task is already done!


Choose a suitcase which is durable, spacious, and convenient for you. You wanna get one with sturdy wheels and straps. Also, do ensure that your suitcase is not too hefty. Obviously, you don’t wanna utilize all your energy in struggling with it.

Packing Hacks: Best Ways to Pack A Suitcase

Begin by putting heavier things at the bottom. This will help with the balance of your suitcase. Put all the clothes on one side, shoes in the other corner, and the accessories in the spaces left. The bag of toiletries goes in the pocket on the top lid of the suitcase along with medicines and cables.

Folding Your Clothes

One life-saving hack in packing is to roll your clothes instead of traditionally folding them. It has certain perks. First, it keeps your clothes wrinkle-free, second, it will take up less space, and third, it will look much more organized. Roll all the tops and pile them in layers in a corner. Roll your undies and bottoms together and layer them on top of the shirts. Say it takes half the space in the suitcase, you still got a lot of room.


One thing you must mind while packing is: DO NOT OVERPACK! You don’t have to take everything in your wardrobe. Just pack one or two pairs of shoes which are comfortable. Be practical. You definitely don’t need to pack flip-flops if you are going on a vacation to some hilly area. Likewise, you are not gonna need running shoes if going to the beach. This is why planning is necessary. Just take the things you really want and not what you ‘might want’. Trust me, it’s gonna save you a lot of room for your essential stuff.


Big shampoo bottles, conditioners, and moisturizer packs are too space consuming. Rather get small plastic bottles from the dollar store and carry your moisturizers, shampoo, conditioner, foundation, and all such stuff in them. If such containers are unavailable, take straws. Yes, straws can be handy. Pinch the tip of the straw and seal it by pressing against a hot iron. Fill it with the contents and seal the other tip too. With permanent marker put name tags.

If you are a die-hard makeup lover, get yourself a customized palette. Get a compact one having 3-4 eye shadows, a nice blush on, and your favorite lip colors. Avoid carrying a lot of makeup. You probably just wanna take products required for your everyday routine.


You don’t wanna carry big bags with you. Rather take a little bag, a spacious pouch, or a semi-formal clutch that you can carry everywhere. If you choose a small bag or a pouch, put your jewelry in it. Put your credit card, keys, money in it too.

And there you go. You just caged all those beasts in one little suitcase. And now its time for BONUS TIPS on the best ways to pack a suitcase!

  • Put your charging cable and earpieces in your shoes. Use up space to your advantage. Weird, but a quite handy hack!
  • Clothes that may take too much space like jackets can be carried. Instead of packing them in the suitcase, just put em on your shoulders (if the weather allows it). Or you may wanna put it in the hand carry. There are lesser things that you put in the hand-carry and it is mostly free.
  • Take a little cloth bag (and not plastic one if you are an eco lover) for the dirty laundry. You might not wanna mix up dirty clothes with the fresh ones.
  • Put a plastic cover around your liquid containing containers. In case something bursts open, it will not create a lot of mess.
  • On the return trip, your shoes might be dirty and you don’t wanna pack them with clothes. One quick hack is to grab a shower cap and put the shoes in it, this way they won’t mess up your clothes.

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