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Best ways to pack a suitcase: the essentials of backpacking


Packing for a vacation can be a real bug-bear. Overpacking and still forgetting that one thing you needed on the trip can be extremely frustrating and a mood killer. But don’t panic and just follow up to know the best ways to pack a suitcase for a vacation. Following is your guide to the essentials of backpacking.

The Best Ways To Pack A Suitcase

First thing first, plan out everything. Make a list of places you will be going to. Now plan accordingly. Pack the stuff essential for the trip and not the whole wardrobe. One of the biggest mistakes people often make when packing is stuffing their suitcases with a lot of outfits. Hello! You don’t need those 3 outfits a day. Just pack the essentials! Let’s take a quick review of essentials to pack in this guide to the best ways to pack a suitcase.

Planning Outfits

It is not necessary to overcrowd your travel bag with ten outfits for a fortnight tour. Just pick 3-4 tops with the same number of bottoms and play the ‘mix n match’ thing. Go with neutral and monochrome dresses as you can carry them in so many different styles. This is where that jewelry, fancy accessories, and vibrant scarves will come in handy. Before leaving, do your homework about your destination. Check the weather details and take them into account when packing. As for the shoes, pack one or two pairs of shoes that can totally compliment your attire. Don’t just keep one pair to save room in the suitcase. Always keep at least two pairs just in case one damages on the way. Also, keep with you some extra bags for the dirty laundry. If you don’t have a cloth bag, instead of opting for a plastic bag you can also use a pillow cover.

The Toilet Essentials

Your essentials include personal hygiene stuff. You must carry a hand/face wash or a sanitizer, toothpaste/ toothbrush, your personal comb/hairbrush, shampoo, and tampons (for females). Don’t take the risk with these. Not carrying this stuff can be troublesome sometimes.

Moreover, add the essential makeup to your bag of toiletries. You may wanna carry a good sunscreen if you don’t want sunburns on your way back. Don’t forget to keep some extra solution with you if you wear a lens. Keep a BB/CC cream. It is good for moisturizing and gives you a glowy look all day. A chapstick or lip color will also come in handy. The rest of the makeup totally depends on your makeup routines/ choice. Just mind is that anything you put in the bag should be compact and not take a lot of room.


The best ways to pack a suitcase ensure that you are always well-prepared. You can never be sure if you can get everything from the place you are going to. It is better to be prepared than sorry. If there are any supplements or medicines that you take regularly, keep them. Pack a little extra amount just in case. Prepare a separate bag of medicines. You can get medicine containers from any dollar shop. Get one of those!

Your Hand-Carry

The next important step in backpacking after being done with the suitcase is packing your hand-carry. Always keep in it a travel guide with you. Travel guides become particularly handy if you are visiting someplace for the first time. Along with your headphones and charger, you should also carry a power bank. Don’t miss out on your sunglasses. Keep your passport and wallet safely in your hand-carry. Carrying a water bottle with you is always the best idea. Do keep in a water bottle. The rest mainly depends on you and the type of destination. Just remember that the best ways to pack a suitcase are which are planned ahead. Make a checklist before starting. This way you won’t forget anything.

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