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Best Cruise Lines For 2022 | Everything To Know About It


Taking a cruise, the freedom, excitement, and pure thrill of plunging into the oceans to explore the world is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

For an enjoyable cruise holiday, it’s critical to choose the ideal cruise line. With so many cruise lines to choose from, it’s difficult to know which one is the best cruise fit for your cruise vacation needs. This is especially true if you’ve never been on a cruise before and are unfamiliar with the experience.


Some people cruise on big ships. Some people own and operate small ships. Some people only go sailing in North America. Others sail around the globe. Some ships are specifically intended for family fun. Others refuse to take children on board.


Choosing an ideal cruise line depends on a variety of criteria, including your age, your preferences, your marital status, the time of year you want to cruise, and the types of places you wish to visit. 


Different types of ships are available on different cruise lines, the companies themselves might differ in a variety of ways. We’ll go over everything you need to know in order to pick the best cruise lines for your ideal cruise vacation in this blog.

Let’s dive in!

How To Choose The Cruise
Best Cruise Lines In The World
       1. Luxury Cruise Lines
       2. Cruise Lines For Singles
       3. Cruise Lines For Adults
       4. Cruise Lines For Kids
       5. Cruise Lines For Family
       6. Cruise Lines For Couples
       7. Cruise Lines For Teens
       8. Cruise Lines For Food
       9. Cruise Lines For Formal Meetings
      10. Cruise Lines For Parties
      11. Cruise Lines For Rivers
      12. Cruise Lines For Entertainment
      13. Best Destinations For Cruising
      14. Cruise Lines For Adventure
      15. Pets Friendly Cruise Lines
Final Thoughts

How To Choose The Cruise?

“What is the best cruise line?” Before talking about which cruise line is the best in the world, let’s discuss how to choose the best cruise ships. 

How To Choose The CruiseHere, 

We’ve gathered information to assist you in getting started.

  • Choose Your Category
  • Determine Your Budget
  • Take A Look At What’s Included
  • Choose A Cruise That Is Focused On The Itinerary
  • The All-Around Luxury
  • Opt For The Food
Choose Your CategoryWhen it comes to cruise liners, there are a few different sizes to consider.

  • Large Ships 
  • Mid-sized Ships
  • Small Ships
Determine Your BudgetThe cost of a cruise is determined by a number of factors, including the destination and time of year. Each ship has its own collection of features, incentives, and luxuries that you may choose from.

When it comes to your budget, 

  • Mid-size and larger ships offer excellent value, but they may lack the personal touches
  • Higher level of service found on smaller ships.
Take A Look At What’s IncludedEveryone looks for what a cruise line offers while cruising.


  • The cost of your stateroom, 
  • Food in the main dining rooms, and buffet
  • Basic drinks

A few cruise lines provide an all-inclusive package that goes far beyond the fundamentals.

Choose A Cruise That Is Focused On The ItineraryThe schedule is one of the most crucial things to consider before booking a cruise, whether you’re searching for an activity-packed itinerary or a selection of well-curated on-shore offers. 


when it comes to cultural attractions, some cruises are very strong.

The All-Around LuxuryWhen it comes to luxury, there are numerous things to consider. Luxury, of all, is in the eye of the beholder.


When it comes to the best cruise line, it’s necessary to read between the lines.

Opt For The FoodFood options are also one of the key factors when choosing a cruise ship for vacations. Top cruise lines spend a huge amount of budget on food in their services. 

Best Cruise Lines In The World

There are over a dozen cruise lines that sail throughout the world, catering to a wide range of interests. These cruise lines operate out of ports all over the globe. Some cruise lines cater to families, while others focus on providing a more opulent experience.

Best Cruise Lines In The WorldIn this blog, we’ve made different categories to help make it easy for you to choose according to your interest. 

Let’s begin!

1. Luxury Cruise Lines

If being pampered at every opportunity is your idea of a holiday and you have a lot of cash to spend, you should start your search for a cruise line among the luxury cruise operators.

Many companies also want to be able to provide the maximum level of luxury, making it possible to enjoy a day at sea every day. They offer exceptional services and make you feel like a VIP.

In comparison to mass-market ships, luxury ships often have a lot more onboard room per passenger. The “space ratio” of passenger space to interior space can be twice as high. This means you’ll have plenty of space to stretch out and won’t have to deal with crowds. 

On the other hand,

Luxury ships are often much smaller than mass-market ships. This creates a much more personal experience.


All of the luxury lines have one thing in common: they may be rather costly. A luxury cruise can easily cost several times as much as a mass-market trip.

There is more than half-dozen best luxury cruise lines, including:

  1. Viking Cruises
  2. Seabourn
  3. Hapag-Lloyd Cruises.
  4. Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection
  5. Ponant
  6. Regent Seven Seas
  7. Crystal Cruises
  8. Silversea Cruises
  9. Star Clippers
  10. Marella Cruises
  11. SeaDream Yacht Club

2. Cruise Lines For Singles

There are a lot of reasons why a single person might want to take a cruise. Maybe you’ve just broken up with your partner and want to meet new and fascinating individuals in a welcoming setting.

Singles prefer solo cruises to make their journey joyful. Solo cruises combine pleasant relaxation with the freedom to do what you want when you want. 


Happily, single traveler cruises are becoming more common. Some of the leading cruise companies have made a bigger effort to appeal to solitary travelers in recent years.

The following are the more than half dozen best cruises for singles that we discovered.

  1. Silversea Solo Cruises
  2. Virgin’s Cruise Line (Virgin Voyages)
  3. Royal Caribbean Solo Cruises
  4. Solo Cruises on Norwegian Cruise Line
  5. Holland America Cruises
  6. Blue Horizon Casino Cruise 
  7. Seabourn Cruises
  8. Cunard Solo Cruises

3. Cruise Lines For Adults

Cruising attracts people from many walks of life, including families, couples, and retirees.


Cruising is ideal for people of all ages, some cruise companies appeal to adults more than others. These cruise lines will provide an upgraded experience for adults, depending on your budget and travel style. 

Consider world-class cuisine, first-rate entertainment, and attentive, individualized service.

Take a look at these six best cruises for adults that cater primarily to a specific age.

  1. P&O Cruises
  2. Holland America Line
  3. Viking Ocean Cruises
  4. Oceania Cruises
  5. Seabourn Cruise Line
  6. SeaDream

4. Cruise Lines For Kids

Your family cruise can make or break you. It used to be difficult to discover cruises that were suitable for kids. The task now is to sort through the wide variety of activities, kids’ clubs, family rooms, and “kids sail free” cruise bargains to identify the finest cruises for kids.

If parents choose the incorrect cruise ship, they will feel as if they are left on a deserted island with biting crabs underfoot.

The best cruises for kids take advantage of ships that offer endless entertainment for children under the age of 18, plentiful 

  • Dining options
  • Family-friendly accommodations
  • Ship services
  • Opportunities to meet
  • Hang out with peers 

Whatever your family size or budget, here are some best cruises for kids and you can find the perfect ship for your next vacation. 

Kid-Friendly Cruises on 

  1. Nickelodeon Cruises 
  2. MSC Cruises
  3. Royal Caribbean International
  4. Disney Dream Cruise Line
  5. Sky Princess Cruises
  6. Norwegian Cruise Line
  7. Carnival Cruise Line
  8. Disney Alaska Cruise

5. Cruise Lines For Family

Are you looking to arrange the ideal family vacation? Onboard a family cruise line, there are delights for everyone.


It’s not always easy to plan the ideal family vacation, especially when you’re catering to a variety of ages and preferences.

It might be difficult to find a cruise holiday that fulfills the demands of everyone in the family. While you may be looking for some peace and quiet, your children will most likely be eager to play. 


The best cruise lines for families allow parents and children to enjoy time together as well as separately while removing the burden of group travel.

Your family may be content anywhere there’s a beach or a pool, but if you want a memorable at-sea family vacation, book sailing on one of our top five cruise lines for families.

Here are some of the best cruise lines for families, regardless of your family size or budget, so you can select the perfect ship for your next vacation.

  1. Disney Cruise Line
  2. Royal Caribbean International
  3. Carnival Cruise Line
  4. Norwegian Cruise Line
  5. MSC Cruises
  6. Costa Cruises

6. Cruise Lines For Couples

If you’ve seen any of the cruise lines’ commercials, you’ve probably seen photographs of couples snuggling at the bow at sunset, drinking Champagne in bathrobes on their private veranda, or even spending time alone on a secluded beach with their ship bobbing away serenely in the backdrop.


 What is it about high-seas sailing that makes it so romantic? Intimate dinners, relaxing spa treatments, fascinating cultural programs, and beautiful sunsets are all part of the tranquil surroundings. 


A cruise can be a terrific alternative for couples wishing to get away because it offers endless views, new adventures every day, romantic dining options, and the ability to just unwind together.

Here are the best cruises for couples. 

  1. Princess Cruises (Traditional Romance)
  2. Carnival Cruise Line (Couples on a Budget)
  3. Virgin Voyages ( Young Couples)
  4. Holland America Line (Foodie Couples)
  5. Celebrity Cruises (Hip-Yet-Casual Couples)
  6. Royal Caribbean International (Thrill-Seeking Couples)
  7. Norwegian Cruise Line (Go-With-The-Flow Couples)

7. Cruise Lines For Teens

On a cruise ship, there’s something for everyone, including selective teenagers. Teens can enjoy everything from dedicated teen clubs with virtual reality games to adult-free offshore excursions on today’s cruise ships. 

  • Water slides
  • Race tracks
  • Gigantic open-air laser tag stadiums
  • First-ever roller coasters at sea are all on the itinerary. 

There are a variety of ocean cruises available that will appeal to even the most seasoned teenagers. 


Here, we’ve produced a list of the best cruise ships for teens and sails that will have teenagers unable to stop themselves from having a wonderful time.

  1. Carnival Cruise Line
  2. Royal Caribbean
  3. Star Clippers
  4. Norwegian Cruise Line
  5. Princess Cruises
  6. Disney Cruise Line

8. Cruise Lines For Food

“Which cruise line has the best food?” is a common query that cruisers look at before cruising. Cruise ships have a horrible reputation when it comes to dining. There’s a popular belief that cruises are nothing more than gorge events and festivals, with quantity taking priority over quality.


times have changed, and the current advancements in cruise ship cuisine are focused on quality rather than quantity. 


Cruise lines are changing and updating their offerings to appeal to even the most jaded palate, from the top chefs in the world to cutting-edge culinary styles to gourmet tours ashore. 

Restaurants designed and supervised by some of the world’s most well-known chefs are now available on high-end cruise liners.

Here are more than half a dozen of the best cruise lines for foodies.

  1. Carnival Cruise Line
  2. Disney Cruise Line
  3. Norwegian Cruise Line
  4. Princess Cruises
  5. Celestyal Cruises
  6. Holland America Line
  7. Celebrity Cruises
  8. Royal Caribbean
  9. Regent Seven Seas Cruises

9. Cruise Lines For Formal Meetings

All cruise ships are not made equal when it comes to holding meetings, conferences, workshops, and other activities at sea. 

In fact,

Many of them can be really difficult to work with. Some are simply not intended to foster a productive business atmosphere for your event.

These cruise lines consistently provide great quality and value, making them a wise investment of your event money.

While you book many major cruise lines, our experts recommend the cruise lines listed below by category based on their own experiences holding meetings, conferences, and seminars on these ships and customer comments. 

Here are a few of the top-rated cruise lines for formal meetings.

  1. Carnival Cruise Line
  2. Royal Caribbean
  3. Norwegian Cruise Line
  4. Celebrity Cruise
  5. MSC

Best Cruise Lines In The World

10. Cruise Lines For Parties

There are two categories of holidaymakers: those who prefer to be in bed by 9 p.m. and those who are ready to party until 9 a.m. You might believe that a cruise isn’t for you if your vision of a good night out concludes with breakfast the next morning — after all, ships don’t have nightclubs, do they? Actually, some of them do!


Long weekends are becoming increasingly popular as a way for individuals to leave their worries at the dock and enjoy the ideal party weekend onboard a cruise ship.


if you’re a night owl who can’t leave the house without a stockpile of glow sticks, here are 6 of the top cruise ships for party animals:

  1. Carnival Fantasy – Carnival Cruise Line
  2. Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady
  3. Bahamas Paradise’s Grand Celebration
  4. Norwegian Breakaway
  5. Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas
  6. Carnival Imagination

11. Cruise Lines For Rivers

If you want to go on a cruise but don’t want to deal with the crowds or the hustle and bustle of a large ocean liner, a river cruise might be for you. 


Because of the modest size and flexibility of the vessels, river cruises allow passengers to explore lesser-known destinations all over the world. 


These ships rarely have more than 200 visitors at a time, they can typically deliver great, customized service. 


because most sites along the canals are quite close together, you’ll spend most of your journey exploring a different port each day.

Our experts, 

Reviewed cruisers and professional evaluations to find the best river cruise line for you and described the onboard facilities, shore excursion options, price points, different itineraries, and overall experience to expect below.

Following are the 10 best small cruise ships for rivers.

  1. Viking River Cruises
  2. Crystal River Cruises
  3. Avalon Waterways
  4. Uniworld River Cruises
  5. American Cruise Lines
  6. Tauck
  7. American Queen Voyages
  8. AmaWaterways
  9. Windstar Cruises
  10. Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours
  11. Emerald Cruises

12. Cruise Lines For Entertainment

Some cruise lines continue to the old entertainment mainstays, such as musical revues and poolside bands, while others have raised the bar by providing innovative and imaginative events and performance areas. 


Diverse entertainment is part of cruise lines. Stunning stage sets, international artists, current songs, and timeless classics all come together on board to produce spectacular production shows like 5-SKIES, Rock Opera, and Bravo, which can only be seen in the cruise lines’ theaters!

Other than these, 

Rock concerts, aerial acts, big-name lecturers, Minnie Mouse meet ‘n’ greets, and performances by Julliard-trained musicians are just a few of the entertainment options available to cruise passengers.

Following are the best cruise lines for onboard entertainment.

  1. U River Cruise
  2. Virgin Voyages
  3. Celebrity Cruises
  4. Paul Gauguin Cruises
  5. Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas
  6. Crystal Cruises’ Stardust Supper Club
  7. Silversea Cruises
  8. Princess Cruises
  9. Norwegian Cruise Line 
  10. Seabourn
  11. Carnival Cruises

13. Best Destinations For Cruising

If you are tired from Covid-19 and you’ve already begun fantasizing about your next trip to the sea, now is the time to begin organizing your cruise holiday for this year.

While all of Cruises’ stunning destinations offer unforgettable experiences, there’s always something new and fascinating to try. 


You’ll discover a top cruise destination to visit no matter what style of holiday you’re searching for, from up-and-coming hotspots to new ports of call full of natural treasures.

Here are a few of the best cruise destinations for 2022.

  1. Southern Japan
  2. The Greek Islands
  3. Alaska
  4. The Galapagos Islands
  5. The Caribbean
  6. Mexican Riviera
  7. The Panama Canal
  8. Western Europe
  9. The Great Barrier Reef
  10. Iceland

14. Cruise Lines For Adventure

Days spent resting on the deck, sipping cocktails at happy hour, and watching the waves wash by can make a cruise a very soothing experience. 


A cruise can also be an active adventure, with an exploration of natural areas, wildlife encounters, and a weather-dependent itinerary.

Here are some adventure cruise lines.

  • Disney Cruise – Antarctica and Patagonia Expedition Cruise
  • Hurtigruten – Fjords Expedition Cruise from Dover
  • Columbia River Cruise: Rivers of Adventure and Wine

15. Pets Friendly Cruise Lines

You might be wondering if you are ever allowed to bring your pet along on a cruise. Except for service and working dogs, the answer is usually “NO.” In most cases, therapy and companion animals are also prohibited.


Onboard its Queen Mary 2 ship, Cunard, a British cruise line, is the only passenger liner in the world that allows pets. 


The company’s animal service has been around for more than a century. The pet-friendly policy dates back to 1840 when Britannia’s inaugural trip included a cow to provide passengers with milk.

This cruise line sails from New York to Southampton, England, and it takes seven nights to complete the route.

Final Thoughts

It’s critical to choose the best cruise ship for you because you want to match your interests and situation with the ship you’ll be traveling on.


Most people will be able to choose from a wide range of options. On any cruise line, there are several venues, activities, destinations, and experiences to choose from, and it’s difficult to go wrong unless you have specific requirements.


In this blog, we’ve covered all you need to know about choosing the finest cruise lines for your ideal cruise holiday.

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