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Benefits of Hiring Tour Guides


Some people like to venture out alone when traveling but there are times when it is better to rely on someone. If you are going to a foreign country you would face various problems like language barriers and a lack of knowledge. It does not matter if you have a travel guidebook with you, things would be quite different when you reach your destination.

Planning a tour requires expertise and time. It requires suppliers like airlines, restaurants, bus companies, all have various services. Managing all of these things can be a daunting task. An experienced tour guide can coordinate these things without extra work for you. They allow you to enjoy your trip without worrying about the arrangements. So, here are some reasons why should hire a tour guide for your next trip.

Friendly And Cooperative

One of the qualities that every tour guide has is that they are good at listening to people and finding common ground. They are quite good at carrying out a conversation. Being friendly also means being non-judgmental and having empathy towards others. They make sure that everyone in the group is included and nobody feels left out. At a restaurant, you know how a good waiter anticipates your needs, the same holds for tour guides. They need to make sure there is plenty of restroom breaks. If you are inside a tour bus, they need to make sure that the temperature is right. They do this by looking outside themselves and anticipating the needs of other people.


Tour guides know how to have fun. They have a positive attitude and even if you are feeling a little down, they will cheer you up. They have a lust for life and they share that feeling with you. Giving you information about buildings and monuments is just a small part of their jobs. They make sure that the tour is living up to your expectations. They make jokes or share fascinating experiences in their lives.

Good Photographers

Photos are a big part of any tour. They can serve as a great memory and you can also post them on social media sites to share your experience with your friends. Tour guides point out where the best photo spots are, they encourage photography. Tour guides know how to frame a shot if someone hands them their camera and ask them to take their picture. They also not shy to say ‘hey give me your camera I can take a good picture of you here’.

Good Stories

Tour guides know how to tell a good story. They are not intimidated to speak in front of the group. They can read a crowd and see they have everybody’s attention. The most important part is that they know the difference between a good story and a corny joke. If a story or a joke is not working, they can cut it out of the tour. Tour guides are trained to tell stories and facts of the places you visit on your tour. Now you may think that you can check out the facts on Wikipedia by yourself. Well, you can but not in a way that these guides tell you. You would feel like you are reliving the history of that place. It would make your trip more intriguing and interesting if you have a travel guide with you.


Food is an important part of any tour. Many people travel countries like Italy and Mexico just to taste their delicious food. Hiring a tour guide guarantees that you would eat the best dishes in that place. It is their responsibility to make sure that everyone is satisfied. They suggest you one of the best restaurants in the city without digging holes in your pockets. If there are no restaurants nearby then they make arrangements at the sightseeing for some kind of meal. They will even help serve and clear dirty dishes to make sure everything runs smoothly. Almost every tour guide has a basic understanding of how restaurants work including how to our water from a pitcher or how to serve food from the platter.

They Live In The Moment

It is the foundation of the many qualities of tour guides lifted above. Whether it is a 3-day trip or a week-long trip, the tour guide will be right there with you. Being present is where fun and happiness flourishes, it’s where authenticity lives, it’s where the magic happens. The only way to feel these things is by being present. Along the same lines, tour guides are always alert and on the lookout for safety. They try their best to avoid the situation that will negatively affect your trip. Just like a good athlete their head is always in the game.

So, if you hire a tour guide you would get many things in the package as well. A tour guide is a part-leader, part-host, part-waiter, part-real estate agent. So, it is highly recommended to hire a tour guide for your next trip.

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