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Avalon River Cruise Review – 14 Things To Must Know About The Company


I was invited aboard Avalon waterways for a 7-night cruise along the Rhine River as part of Avalon cruise’s recent ceremony. Now, I’m back and ready to give an Avalon river cruise review about everything that happened on our vacation. Not only this, but these Avalon Waterways reviews will include everything about the different cruise ships the company operates.

When you pick the Avalon waterways, you’ll be sailing on the most modern and welcoming fleet on the rivers. This award-winning fleet was created specifically for Freestyle, giving you more freedom and flexibility. Choose your ship, your destination, and get ready to go on the perfect vacation.

You’ll find answers to practically every question that comes up in your mind about the cruise in these Avalon river cruises reviews. Plus, you’ll learn a lot about the ships in this Avalon waterways review that you didn’t know before. So let’s delve deeper to know:

About Avalon River Cruise
Avalon Waterways Cruises Destinations – Found In Every Corner Of The European Rivers
Avalon Cruises Review – Available Cruise Fleet
Avalon Waterways Cruises Reviews- Facilities In The Ships
Facilities Available On The cruises- Avalon Artistry Cruise Reviews
Onboard Amenities Include- Avalon River Cruises Review
Amenities Included In Deals And Fares- Avalon European River Cruises Reviews
Food Reviews Of Avalon Waterways River Cruises – Taste The World’s Regional Flavors
Beverages Reviews Avalon River Cruises
Romantic Rhine River – Avalon Rhine River Cruise Reviews
Avalon Danube River Cruise Reviews- The Second Longest River In Europe
Avalon Mekong River Cruise Reviews
Avalon River Cruise Europe- Avalon Waterways European River Cruises Reviews
Avalon River Cruises France Reviews

About Avalon River Cruise

Despite its name, Avalon Waterways is a multi-award-winning private cruise company that offers some of the most cutting-edge ships at rivers.

In 2004, Avalon Waterways began operations with just one ship, the Avalon Artistry. The Avalon Poetry was added to the company’s fleet the following year.

The Avalon View is the newest ship in the Avalon Suite Ship line for 2020. With the View, Avalon Waterways continues its unmatched dedication to comfortable luxury and excellence on Europe’s rivers, with the youngest fleet of ships on the waterways.

With a 17-years history of pushing the boundaries of traditional cruising, Avalon river cruise pioneered the introduction of Freestyle Cruising, transforming the cruise industry and providing guests with unprecedented levels of freedom and flexibility.

Whether it’s delicious cuisine, lively entertainment, or luxurious cabins, the Avalon cruise line applies its freestyle concept to every part of the cruising experience.

Well, I think that’s enough of the company’s intro, it’s time to go deeper and dissect some other things.

Avalon Waterways Cruises Destinations - Found In Every Corner Of The European Rivers

Even though Avalon is not the oldest river cruise line, it does have a large fleet. They are an ever-growing company. It is not ultra-luxury, as it works at the top end of river cruising. It’s a high-end product.

The Globus family of brands owns Avalon Waterways, which offers river cruises across Europe, China, Southeast Asia, South America, India, and the Galápagos Islands. In August 2009, the company joined the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA).


As of 2022, the cruise company operates ships on the Danube, Rhine, Moselle, Rhone, Seine, and Saone rivers in Europe; the Mekong River in Southeast Asia; and the Yangtze, Ganges, and Amazon rivers in China, India, and Brazil (in Peru).

Avalon River Cruise Reviews - Awards The Company Has Won

Avalon river cruise line has won multi awards due to Avalon waterways reviews. These awards are:

  • 2019- Best European River Line
  • 2020- Readers Choice Best Luxury River Cruise Line

Avalon Cruises Review - Available Cruise Fleet

Avalon cruise line reviews show that you’re in good hands the moment you step aboard one of the sophisticated, award-winning Avalon cruise ships. The cruise line has, in reality, one of the newest fleets on European waterways.


Avalon cruise line has curated your itinerary to include the largest accommodations, most cutting-edge technologies, imaginative design, and exceptional service available on their fleet. The fleet of Avalon Waterways is as follows:

Europe River CruisesSouth America River CruisesAsia River CruisesAfrica River Cruises
Artistry IITreasure of GalapagosSiem ReapFarah
EnvisionDelfin IIIGanges Voyager
Imagery II
Oberammergau V
Oberammergau IV
Poetry II
Tranquility II
Tapestry II

The majority of these cruises are available for European itineraries.

Avalon Waterways Cruises Reviews - Facilities In The Ships

Step aboard one of Avalon’s Suite Ships, which feature the largest opening windows in river cruising, blurring the lines between inside and out. The decor is the first thing you’ll notice when you board the ship. Avalon cruises provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to wake up to beautiful scenery and cool breezes.


Facilities Available On The Cruises - Avalon Artistry Cruise Reviews

The Avalon Artistry II features two full decks of suites with Wall-to-Wall Panoramic Windows that turn the living space into a distinctive Open-AirSM Balcony, as well as an intimate environment. Panorama Suites are more than 30% larger than the industry standard at 200 square feet.


An Internet corner, complimentary Wi-Fi access, an expanded fitness center, and a spacious Sky Deck with premium lounge chairs, a shade system, a whirlpool, and the delightful open-air bistro are just a few of the onboard amenities.

Avalon River Cruise Reviews - Staterooms on Avalon Waterways Ships

No matter who you cruise with, there’s nothing quite like river cruising, although there are some significant distinctions between services. Starting with their perceptions of staterooms.

And Avalon Waterways’ one-of-a-kind Panorama Suite exemplifies the company’s creativity, vision, and ambition to make better use of space. And, as a result, our guests will have a better experience.

Avalon Waterways is delighted to boast that, on average, all river cruise lines offer the largest staterooms to their passengers. The majority of suites on their Suite Ships include panoramic French balconies.

Most river cruise accommodations are 30 percent smaller than these rooms. Avalon Waterways’ staterooms are not only huge but also pleasant, with specialty bedding and L’Occitane en Provence products.

Avalon Waterways have:

  • Deluxe Staterooms
  • Royal Suites
  • Panorama Suites

Deluxe Staterooms - Avalon Waterways Cruise Reviews

When your room is as lovely as the Deluxe Staterooms on an Avalon Waterways ship, it may be difficult to leave. These rooms come with:

  • Egyptian cotton sheets
  • Memory foam mattress toppers
  • A spacious bathroom with a shower
  • Luxury bath products

Enjoy Your Royal Suite Room With Your Fellow Passengers - Avalon River Cruise Reviews

Invite your fellow passengers inside your Royal Suite, which offers seats for six people in front of a sliding glass panoramic window, for an after-dinner drink or afternoon tea. After your visitors have left, you’ll have the entire room to yourself to relax in your luxury bed and shower in your marble bathroom.

Panorama Suites - Avalon Cruises Reviews

You can see the countryside from the comfort of your bed because it faces the sliding glass windows. A table with two chairs is located in front of the French balcony, allowing you to enjoy a meal, a snack, or simply a nice chat while taking in the breathtaking views.

Similarly , have a look to find out luxury suites in Paul Gauguin Cruises & Carnival Wedding Cruise

Onboard Amenities Include - Avalon River Cruises Review

  • The Panorama Lounge has comfortable seating, panoramic windows, and a dance floor
  • The Dining Room has wide panoramic windows
  • Club Lounge Library
  • Observation lounge
  • Lounge with self-serve beverage station
  • Sky Deck with whirlpool, game area, and luxury lounge chairs
  • A fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment


Amenities Included In Deals And Fares - Avalon European River Cruises Reviews

Before purchasing a ticket, it’s critical to understand what amenities are included and what will cost you extra money. In general, river cruising in Europe is rather all-inclusive. However, depending on the brand, there are a few changes.

However, we’re doing Avalon river cruises Europe reviews right now. So, what precisely is the situation when it comes to this cruise line? When looking at the Avalon ticket, it’s crucial to know what you’re getting because many customers, especially those coming from ocean cruises, don’t know what to expect. They provide a variety of deals like Marella Cruises  & Silversea Cruises provide.


Take a look at the river cruising fares and see if you don’t believe they’re too pricey. That’s because there’s a lot of content. The following are the obvious inclusions:

  • Avalon’s unique Comfort Collection Beds in spacious outside premium accommodations
  • Private bathroom with full shower, glass door, hairdryer, and quality L’Occitane bath items
  • Onboard your vessel, complimentary sparkling wine is served with breakfast; wine, beer, or soft drinks are served with lunch and supper
  • Sightseeing with headphones and skilled local guides is included
  • Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the ship
  • A professional cruise director and English-speaking crew who provide exceptional personal attention during your tour

Food Reviews Of Avalon Waterways River Cruises - Taste The World's Regional Flavors

Speaking of meals, one of my favorite aspects of the cruise was the food, which is an aspect of the trip that should not be overlooked. Here are my food reviews for Avalon river cruises as we discussed reviews in Oceania Cruises   & Blue Horizon Cruise. Don’t worry if you’ve ever been on an ocean cruise and have nightmares about massive crowds vying over large buffets of mass-produced food trays; this is the polar opposite.


The main meal of the day is dinner, which is a four-course sit-down meal. This is included in everyone’s price. There’s a menu with options for appetizers, soups, main courses, and desserts and it’s all of the high quality you’d expect from a top restaurant in the city you’re visiting.

One of the goals is to make it appear as if you’re in a local restaurant. The food is tailored to the ship’s current location, with regional ingredients used in regional specialties.

Breakfast is a buffet with a good assortment of hot and cold alternatives, including local influences as well as the conventional fare found in any worldwide hotel brand.

Another appealing feature of the meals is that beer and wine are complimentary at lunch and dinner. They don’t hold back when it comes to refilling your glass!

Beverages Reviews Avalon River Cruises

Let me tell you a little about the bar on the Avalon Envision, because we’re talking about drinking in food reviews of the Avalon waterways river cruises section.

Let’s start with bar reviews of Avalon river cruises. Don’t worry if you had poor experiences on ocean cruises. The Avalon ships do not offer beverages packages, and this is not a booze cruise. But that doesn’t mean people don’t want to relax with a drink in the evening, and that’s exactly how the system is set up.


The bar is located in the spacious lounge area at the ship’s front where passengers congregate and where daily ship briefings are provided. It is available to individuals who require it, but it is not a central feature of the common space.

Before dinner, there is a happy hour where drinks are half price. It’s a terrific way to accomplish things because you can listen to the material while sipping a cheap cocktail or glass of wine.

A pint of beer costs around €4.50, a glass of wine costs about €5, and a gin and tonic costs around €8. It makes happy hour at half-price a lot more affordable!

Romantic Rhine River - Avalon Rhine River Cruise Reviews

Any Rhine river trip, from the famed canals of Amsterdam to the German Black Forest of fairy tales, will enchant and thrill. Our Rhine river cruises include stops in some of Central Europe’s cultural hotspots, including art galleries, exquisite cuisine, and historic monuments.

Choose a unique Rhine cruise through northern Holland’s blossoming tulip fields. Glide across the Rhine Valley’s magnificent vineyards. Alternatively, choose a Christmas river cruise that includes trips to lovely seasonal markets.

Romantic-Rhine-River-Avalon-Rhine-River-Cruise-ReviewsAlso Read: Viking River Cruises Reviews


Begin your journey in Amsterdam and end in Basel! The River Cruise tour Romantic Rhine (Southbound) 2022 is an 8-day travel package that takes you to Amsterdam, Netherlands, as well as 8 other European sites. Accommodation, an expert guide, food, transportation, and more are included in the Romantic Rhine (Southbound) 2022 package.

  • Day 1: Amsterdam, Holland (Embarkation)
  • Day 2: Amsterdam
  • Day 3: Cologne, Germany
  • Day 4: Rüdesheim
  • Day 5: Mainz. Excursion to Heidelberg
  • Day 6: Strasbourg, France
  • Day 7: Breisach, Germany. Excursion to black forest
  • Day 8: Basel, Switzerland (Disembarkation)

On the morning of day 8, your cruise comes to a close with breakfast. Flights should depart Zürich airport no earlier than 10 a.m. and Basel airport no earlier than 8 a.m.

Avalon Romantic Rhine Cruise Reviews - Is It Best To Travel?

Is the trek, however, worthwhile? Is it a indeed good idea for you to go? Let’s take a look at the Avalon Rhine river cruises reviews to find out more.

I would give them 6 stars if I could

“I’ll explain extraordinary circumstances and why that rating at end of review. First, overall it’s simply a lovely way to travel: wonderful room with a comfortable bed, ample closets and nicely appointed bathroom; large, sliding glass doors that make the entire room a “balcony”, if desired; extraordinary service from absolutely everyone;….
….So, I would travel again on any Avalon cruise!”

However, not all Avalon Rhine cruise reviews show customer satisfaction. Have a look at one of such reviews below.

Scenic Cruise Have Gone A Bit Downhill

“Just got off the Scenic Opal 10/11/2021. Well Scenic is not all inclusive anymore this was our 4th cruise with them. No transfers were provided as a matter of fact we were told that a car. ………… We also wish they would incorporate more local cuisine in their meal plans, one lunch they did a German day and it was a big hit, wish they would do more of that.”

Avalon Danube River Cruise Reviews - The Second Longest River In Europe

From the Black Forest to the Black Sea, it runs through much of Southeastern and Central Europe. Do you want to know more about it?

This opportunity is provided by Avalon Waterways. As a result, let’s take a closer look at the Avalon Danube river cruises reviews.

Travel through Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, and Germany on the Danube River, stopping in some of Central Europe’s most beautiful capitals and quaint towns along the way. You’ll also be our guests in Oberammergau, Bavaria, for the world-famous “Passion Play once-in-a-decade “‘s performance season.

Begin your timeless European river cruise in Budapest, where you’ll be led around the highlights of Hungary’s colorfulbe capital. Set sail on the Danube, stopping in Budapest to photograph the majestic Parliament Building before heading to Bratislava, Slovakia’s capital.


With Avalon Danube River Cruise, you can:

  • Enjoy guided tours in Munich, including Nymphenburg Palace, the Marienplatz, and the gothic Frauenkirche
  • Seats and lodgings in the heart of Oberammergau for the “Passion Play.”
CountriesHungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic
MealsBreakfast:11, Lunch:6, Dinner:8
TransportState-of-the-art, luxurious river cruise vessels with modern services and amenities
AccommodationDeluxe outside accommodations with Avalon’s exclusive Comfort Collection Beds

Avalon Danube Cruise Reviews

It’s time to have a look at the Avalon Danube cruise reviews to know what people think about their journey.

Awesome Views of Budapest from the Danube

“Seeing the river every day from my hotel room, and later cruising this river, I could see beautiful Budapest in its glory both day and night. Many of its major landmark buildings can been see along the Danube. I cannot not wait to sail the Danube again.”

Avalon Mekong River Cruise Reviews

The Mekong, often known as the Mekong River, is a transboundary river that runs through East and Southeast Asia. It is the twelfth longest river in the world and Asia’s sixth-longest. Cruising through this river would be a wonderful experience. Let’s have a look at one of the Avalon Mekong cruise reviews.


Avalon Angkor Mekong River Cruise

“Avalon Angkor Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh City. We have just returned from the most amazing adventure with Avalon Waterways Our journey began in Siem Reap Cambodia where we stayed in a boutique hotel Shinta Mani Club for 3 Nights 5 star service and accomodation. ……….If anyone wants to know more we are happy to answer any questions 10/10”

Avalon River Cruise Europe - Avalon Waterways European River Cruises Reviews

The gentle slopes and tiny towns that you’ll see on an Avalon European river trip arose along the main rivers of Europe, just as the world’s great cities did. The treasures of the Danube River beckon us, from Budapest’s rich legacy to Bucharest’s unusual haunts, and from German castles to Vienna’s masterpieces.

It’s up to you how you spend your time on an Avalon European river cruise, from energetic pastimes like biking or hiking in Burgundy to discoveries like painting classes in Amsterdam or the cherished classic attractions of Paris. From start to finish, your captain, cruise director, and attentive crew provide relaxing luxury.


We discovered that Avalon River cruises offer 16 distinct cruise ships for the Grand European tour when researching Avalon cruise ship reviews.

Let’s explore 4 of these ships in our reviews of Avalon river cruises in Europe.

1) Avalon Tranquility Cruise Reviews

Avalon river cruise brings new serenity to the traveler’s soul. However, you’ll also find a lot of different ways to excite yourself during the itinerary.

When onboard, enjoy the intimate setting of the Avalon Tranquility having two full Panorama Suites decks with wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows.

Spanning 200 square feet, the ship’s Panorama Suites are 30% larger than the standard industry size. Let’s have a look at the Avalon Tranquility cruise review.

Fantastic Cruise

“Went on a Fall Rhine River cruise that started in Amsterdam and ended in Basel. It was a fantastic experience. Stopped at many interesting ports where we saw and experienced so much. …..Overall, it was a great experience. If you want to get a taste of multiple cities with well planned excursions and tours, this is a great way to do it.”

2) Avalon Visionary Cruise Reviews

Avalon Visionary is a part of Avalon’s award-winning Suite Ships fleet. It has two full decks of Panorama Suites with floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall panoramic windows transforming your living space into the only Open-Air Balcony in river cruising. Here’s what a customer says in his

Extraordinary on the Visionary

“This was our very first cruise and we chose it because it was short (time-wise) and the boat small (people-wise).…….. But if you want to see the Christmas markets along the Rhine (and so much more) in style, then this is the cruise for you!!”

3) Avalon Panorama Cruise Reviews

Avalon Panorama cruise is one of the most famous ships of Avalon that cruise on the Main, Rhine, and Danube Rivers. It departs from Passau, Amsterdam, Budapest, Prague, and Nurnberg. It is a brand new type of ship which set sail in 2011. It took the company’s ships’ design to a whole new level.

Christmas Markets on The Rhine

“We enjoyed the Avalon Romantic Rhine Cruise for our anniversary four year ago and tried the Christmas Market cruise on the Danube two years ago..……We were pleasantly surprised to have one of our excursion guides again from prior trips. We would definitely cruise on Avalon again. We look forward to taking another cruise next year if not sooner.”

4) Avalon Vista Cruise Reviews

It is one of the famous river cruises throughout Europe. Cruising on Avalon Waterways’ Avalon Vista is an experience that you will rave about. When onboard the ship, your stateroom is turned into a balcony with floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors. Hence, you can enjoy the river views even from your comfortable bed. Here’s a review of the Avalon Vista cruise ship.

Special Diets and Excursions

“I eat Gluten Free for medical reasons and the Chef and his entire staff were very accommodating…..………. We felt the excursions gave us a great variety of site seeing for each country. I would definately choose this cruise line again in the future for another vacation.”

Avalon River Cruises France Reviews

Avalon cruises to France are one-of-a-kind, magnificent, and everlasting excursions. From the burlesque cabarets of Paris to the medieval towns along the seashore, and the stunning landscape in between, France’s river cruises provide the best of urban and rural French culture.

Experience of Avalon cruises to France is:


Reviews of Avalon Waterways Cruises

Here is a review of the Avalon river cruises in France.


“Heard Avalon provided a very good river cruise. Had an excellent cruise director (Gayle Walter) and a very attentive crew. …….. I did not care for the old food caked onto the folding knife provided at the in-room bar. Gross! Seems to be a housekeeping issue. Loved everything about the Paris hotel.”


I covered every aspect of the cruise in our Avalon cruise reviews. I’ve talked about everything from food to rooms, activities to ship types, and the most popular itineraries. Besides, you also came to know about other people’s reviews about Avalon river cruises that show what their consumers think about their excursions.

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