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American Cruise Lines Reviews 2022 | Everything To Know About It


Wanna go cruising? But the most frustrating thing is to choose the cruising company. We’ve seen people struggling to find a good cruising company and waste their money. But we are here to make the job easier for you by reviewing a popular cruise line. We are here with the American Cruise Lines reviews to disclose everything we know about this popular company.

From checking the customer satisfaction to doing an American Cruise Lines job review, you are going to learn everything about this cruise line. Let’s have a look at what we are going to write about.

What is the American Cruise Line?

American Cruise Lines Reviews

What’s Good About The American Cruise Line?

What The Customers Complain About?

American Cruise Lines Job Reviews

FAQs For The American Cruise Line


Let’s start from the nitty-gritty.

What is the American Cruise Line?

American Cruise Line, aka ACL in short term, was established in 1991. It is a small-ship cruise line that is headquartered in Guilford, Connecticut, United States. It’s a pretty popular small cruise company in the US and for some good reasons.

The company is operating 12 U.S. flagged cruise ships not only in the Eastern and Western Seaboard but also in Mississippi-Ohio and Columbia-Snake river systems of the US.

American Cruise Lines Reviews

We get hundreds of requests for doing American Cruise Lines Com reviews every month. That’s because it’s a pretty popular American company that has been providing its services for decades. But people are still looking for the American Cruise Lines reviews to decide whether to book this one or not.

That’s what we are here for. We have selected some popular cruise ships here and we are going to review each one separately. Before we start, let’s have a look at the over American Cruise Lines reviews to know the goods and bad about the company based on the data below.

American Cruise Lines Reviews

What’s Good About The American Cruise Line?

Here are a few things that the customers liked as found in the reviews for American Cruise Lines.

1) Good Dining Options

For dinner during the cruise, you can sample local cuisine from the ports, and the restaurant caters to the special culinary needs of guests. Start the day with fresh bread and muffins, and at night enjoy boiled lobster, beef, and lamb. Lunch includes delicious pies for sandwiches, soups, salads, and desserts. Cold red and white wine is served daily for lunch and dinner. The dress code is informal with no seating.

Dining options are also discussed in Avalon River Cruise & Nickelodeon Cruise, have a look to find more food options.

2) Voluminous Lounge Areas

The lounge on the American cruise line is pretty spacious and that’s what you need when going on a cruise. You can relax, play games, and even socialize with others. The lounges have a library and have an internet connection. The good thing is that the wi-fi is free for all guests so that they never get bored. Guests can also bring visitors onboard.

3) Safety and Security

American Cruise Lines, Inc. Equipped with safety, navigation, and communication systems such as marine defibrillators and oxygen. Many onboard systems are backed up for added safety and convenience. American Cruise Lines, Inc. All cruises are labeled, certified, and regularly inspected by the US Coast Guard, US Public Health Service, and the FCC.

4) Some Other Popular Features

According to the American Cruise Line reviews, the company has spacious staterooms with more than 220 square feet each. Here are the popular features that your rooms have.

  • Stateroom service twice a day
  • Twin or King-sized bed
  • Remote-controlled satellite TV w/DVD player
  • Voluminous closet, dual night tables, and four-drawer dresser
  • Internet access
  • Writing desk with stationery
  • Individual climate control system
  • Hairdryer

All these facilities make the ACL cruises pretty popular.

What Do The Customers Complaint About?

But there’s the other side of the story as well. Children are particularly not happy with the cruise. Let’s have a look at what’s bad about the ship.

1) Too Many Offshore Excursions

The ship leaves twice a day: in the morning and the afternoon. The rest of the time the ship is docked for an excursion to the open sea. International tours are relatively affordable, however, options are limited and consist mainly of tours, walks with local historians, and bus tours to museums. The cost of such trips ranges from $ 20 to $ 75.

2) Children Get Bored

American Cruise Lines have been designed specifically for adults. So if you’re looking for the types of cruises for adults, then you should go for it. However, kids don’t prefer it because there are no activities for them on it. So if you’re planning a trip with your kids, think twice before hiring the American Cruise line.

3) Deposit

A deposit of $500 per person is required to confirm reservations for travel less than 9 days. A deposit of $900 per person is required for all trips of 10 days or more. The total number of booked trips must be paid 90 days before the start date. Individual travelers are also welcome. Beach excursions usually cost $ 20- $ 70, payable on board.

Now, it’s time to get started with the American Cruise Lines customer reviews.

1) American Queen Steamboat Company Reviews

The American Steamboat Company reviews are pretty bland because they are a mixture of positive and negative feedback. Like this one is showing some positive feedback about the company.

American Queen Streammboat Company Reviews

American Queen Steamboat Company Excursion

“When we docked in Baton Rouge we were right next to the USS Kidd. It is a Navy Destroyer. It is super interesting to tour through the ship and imagine what life must have been like for the sailors. Baton Rouge dock for the American Queen Steamboat Company is well designed with a levee for walking, riding bikes or just sunning. Just past the USS Kidd is a casino on the River.

Baton Rouge is more beautiful than I ever thought it would be!”

When assessing the American Queen Steamboat reviews, here is one customer that wasn’t quite satisfied with the performance of the cruise.

Yelp Review

“Granted this was their first post Covid cruise and they couldn’t help the wildfires in the Pacific Northwest, but this was the worst trip we ever took. We kept singing “Sloop John B”. Dinner could take 2 hours for food to arrive after bread and drinks were served. They were short staffed everywhere. The excursions were canceled/ not their fault but they had no backup plan at all. One entertainer was great. House band was good. House singer not so much. Riverlorian was great but not over and over. Everything seemed tired. The staff they did have really tried but it wasn’t enough. Would never recommend. They never acknowledged our issues either.”

2) American Cruise Lines Mississippi River Cruise Reviews

The Mississippi River has been a hub of cruising for years. It is around 2,340 miles long, making it the third-longest river in North America. ACL has been providing cruise services for a very long time. Let’s have a look at the American Cruise Lines Mississippi river reviews to know the company’s performance.

American Cruise Lines Mississippi River Cruise

Mostly the reviews are positive and most customers were happy with the staff because of their exceptional services. For reference, we have added a review here.

American Cruise Lines Mississippi reviews

“We took their Mississippi River Cruise and I would highly recommend it. The boat is small enough that you get to know your fellow passengers. Each suite has its balcony. The crew is amazingly helpful and polite. They go the extra mile to accommodate your wishes. We loved it so much that we booked one of their Alaska cruises. You won’t be sorry if you choose this cruise line.”

3) American Cruise Lines New England Islands Reviews

American Cruise Line has been providing cruising services in New England. From visiting the historic towns in Martha’s Vineyard to stopping at a local gingerbread house for a lemonade, there are plenty of things to do when cruising in the New England Islands. Hudson River Cruises and The Cape Codder Cruise are some of the most popular cruises in the New England Islands.

American Cruise Lines New England Islands Reviews

It’s time to move to the American Cruise Lines New England reviews. When going through the reviews, we found some people complaining about the cruise being costly for a mediocre. Some found it better than they had expected. Mostly, the reviews were positive except for a few ones. Here’s a review talking about the cost of the cruise.

Costly for a mediocre experience

“Would not recommend to others. Food and service are only fair. Overall rating on a scale of 1-10 would be seven (7).The cruise director was attractive and friendly but inefficient. Made several mistakes for our group on the excursion schedule. The hotel director was inexperienced as was the entire crew. The cabin service was ok but not great. On two occasions room was not made up until the afternoon and then only ….”

The customer has rated everything so that you can get an idea of how the cruise was in different aspects. Here’s the screenshot.

american cruise lines reviews

4) American Cruise Lines Alaska Reviews

When doing the reviews of American Cruise Lines, how can we forget the ACL Alaska cruise? worth mentioning the FoodserviceAmericanex-employers understaffed Disney Alaska cruise reviews, people are searching for the American Cruise Lines Alaska review.

American Cruise Lines Alaska Reviews

From all the American Cruise Lines reviews we have seen, this one is the most detailed one. We couldn’t find a bunch of positive feedback for it. This one is worth-mentioning but it’s so long that we can’t fit it here. So we will put some chunks here with a link to the source.

An Expensive and Terrible Cruise

“To begin with, some of the problems which I describe below came from trying to run a ship with about 80% of the hotel staff and about 50% of that 80% hotel staff trained, and lots of shifting around of the hotel management……

Decor: Although a new ship the decor seemed faded and old-fashioned. It reminded me of a summer house at the shore (that’s Philadelphian for beach) in the 70s….

Housekeeping: Off to a very bad start as laundry from the last guest was left on the floor.

Food service: Very, very poor all the way through. Portions for all meals on the first few days were tiny. Food often served cold.…..

Essentially no internet access via the ship. Zero, zilch, none. Use your own data on your own cell phone or get nothing….

So that was it. You can bet I’ll never be on ACL again particularly as it cost as much or more than Seabourn!…..”

Here’s a screenshot of how the customer has rated the services mentioned in the reviews.

american cruise lines reviews

5) American Cruise Lines Job Reviews

If you’re not going for a cruise on the American Cruise line, you may be wondering if you can do a job there or not. From work environment to employee satisfaction, you may have a lot of questions in your mind. For that, you should go for the reviews for American Cruise Lines.

American Cruise Lines Job Reviews

We have got for you some of the best American Cruise Lines employee reviews to let you decide whether to work there or not.

When going through the American cruise lines jobs reviews, we found these reviews to be pretty bland. Some ex employees were greatly praising the company while others were calling it an awful experience. We’ve selected some reviews for you with the link to them. Let’s mention them here.

Travel and growth opportunities (5 Star Review)

“Love working here! You meet different people who help you grow in different ways. You have the opportunity to move up in the work field and getting paid while doing it, saving almost all of your earnings.”

Totally without corporate guidance. Managers are not trained. Short staff (1 Star Review)

“Horrible job. Low p a y hard work. No training. Managers don’t help or guide. Under staffed. Food is horrible and nasty.. and staff in the kitchen reuse food.

Nothing is first class. Rooms are not properly cleaned. Chairs and carpets soiled. Couldn’t wait to get off. 9 staff bailed during the last cruise

  • Pros


  • Cons


Friendly coworkers, but little opportunity for shore (3 Star Review)

This one is an American Cruise Lines deckhand review. Have a look at what he says.

“Friendly coworkers to work with but some struggling problems with one being out for themselves. Some safety concerns occurred during the operations of mooring and an injury caused by a higher-up associate to a fellow deckhand. This prompted his resignation.

  • Pros

Teamwork, friendly environment.

  • Cons

Safety concerns, liars, decreasing care of coworkers.”

As you can see from the American Cruise Lines Career reviews, some workers are satisfied with the company while others have a list of complaints. So have a look at these American Cruise reviews and decide accordingly.

FAQs For The American Cruise Line

We’ve almost covered everything in our American Cruise Line review. But you may have some questions in your mind. That’s why we have selected some of the most frequently asked questions about the cruise line and are going to answer them. So get ready for the answers.

1) How Much Does An American Cruise Cost?

The answer depends on several factors that play a crucial role in deciding the price. From the type of cruise you choose to the package you select, price changes with everything. The price also depends on the month you decide to go on the cruise.

For instance, a Complete Mississippi River Cruise of 22 Days and 21 Nights will cost you from $13,880 to $15,650.

A Music Cities Cruise trip or 8 Days and 7 Nights $4,295 to $4,605 per trip.

2) Is American Cruise Lines All Inclusive?

American Cruise Line Itinerary offers a private all-inclusive cruise with delicious food, free evening cocktails, free beer and wine for lunch and dinner, free entertainment, free beach excursions and free Wi-Fi. Most cruises also include free pre-cruise hotels and transportation packages. American Cruise Lines is ideal for the mature and discerning traveler looking for a rich and culturally unique American experience.

3) How Many Ships Are In The American Cruise Lines Fleet?

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular cruises in the fleet of ACL cruises.

Coastal Cruise Ships

  • American Spirit (2005)
  • American Star (2007)
  • Independence (2010)
  • American Constellation (2017)
  • American Constitution (2018)

Columbia Riverboats

  • Queen of the West (1995)
  • American Pride (2012)

Mississippi Riverboats

  • Queen of the Mississippi (2015)
  • America (2016)

Modern Riverboats

  • American Song (2018)
  • American Harmony (2019)
  • American Jazz (2020)
  • American Melody (2021)
  • Unnamed Riverboat #5 (2021)


  • American Eagle (2000) – permanently moored at Chesapeake Shipbuilding as housing for contractors.
  • American Glory (2002) – scuttled off coast of Delaware on November 4, 2019, for artificial reef.

4) Are Masks Required on American Cruise Lines?

Not only the masks but the American Cruise Line strongly recommends the COVID-19 vaccine for all eligible guests. The guests are asked to show proof of their vaccination. During the itinerary, the guests may be tested for COVID-19 every 3 to 4 days as part of a routine testing program. Read more about the COVID-19 operating protocols of the American Cruise.

5) What Is The Best Time To Go On An American Cruise Line?

If you want to avoid overcrowded ships, cruise in early May or late August. April, September, early January. Some lines extend the billing deferral until May and September. If you can save time, this is the best travel product. From December to February there is high temperature and little rainfall.


We’ve analyzed the American Cruise Lines reviews in detail. Starting from the American Queen Steamboat Company reviews to the FAQs about the cruise line, we’ve told you about everything to know about the cruise company.

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